Fire drop Miami FC 5-2, continue preseason run

The competition so far this preseason may not be of the highest quality, but the Fire continue to show that they are capable of putting away chances with a revamped attack. Chicago handled NASL side Miami FC easily en route to their fourth victory against zero losses in first team games this preseason.

The Fire came away with a 2-1 lead at halftime following a 3rd minute goal from Luis Solignac after capitalizing on a Miami giveaway in the final third, and a John Goossens spot kick in the 42nd. Miami scored their goal in the 38th when a Daniel Johnson turnover led to Dylan Mares getting behind trialist Taylor Peay.

Chicago saved the majority of their impressive work for the second half. Arturo Alvarez worked around defenders to finish an impressive sequence in the 49th to increase the Fire lead shortly after the break. David Arshakyan, yes David Arshakyan, scored on a 52nd minute rebound off a Juninho blast that was initially saved.

The best play of the night, and the preseason so far, came in a beautifully executed team goal that started with goalkeeper Stefan Cleveland and featured a key run from Drew Conner, culminating in a Nemanja Nikolic pass to an open David Accam in the 63rd.

Miami FC scored the final goal of the match in the 71st after a penalty kick was awarded following a video review. The play in question was reviewed after the Fire had already advanced the ball into the opposing half. Cleveland stopped the initial penalty kick attempt but Ariel Pedro Martinez was able to get to the rebound before Fire defenders.

The Fire will next face FC Cincinnati on Wednesday at 3pm.

Line Up

Bava; Peay, Kappelhof, Dekovic, Vincent; McCarty, Bronico; Goossens. Solignac, Johnson; De Leeuw

Second half

Cleveland; Harrington, Campbell, Meira, Doody; Juninho, Conner; Alvarez, Nikolic, Accam; Arshakyan


  • The Fire will have former Newcastle right back Ryan Taylor in camp this week for a trial
  • Matt Lampson missed the game with an MCL injury

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    It's still early to tell but seemingly they look much better at finishing than last year's team. The first half wasn't that outstanding but much improved in the second half. They actually looked like a team out there, can't wait to see the top 11 start, apparently they will have more depth out on the pitch and may not throw away points like they have in the last several seasons and probably will be able to make the playoffs with modest improvements.

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    Ron is so right! We gave up so many points in the final ten minutes last year. If we can even fix that we are at least a playoff team. I am so looking forward to the home opener!

  • Can't believe it's already 2 weeks until the first game and what a way to start at Columbus away. When was the last time we won a season opener tho? What do u guys think the Columbus lineup will look like on that day?

  • fb_avatar

    Two quick points:

    Brandt Bronico needs to be signed on the basis of his name alone.

    Did I really hear Kevin Egan refer to Arshakyan as the "Armenian Ibra"? Wow.

  • In reply to Dan Koev:

    I can assure you Kevin's tongue was firmly planted in cheek.

  • In reply to Dan Koev:

    Mr. Egan is a cheeky one, no?

    Obviously MLS teams will present more problems for the Fire, but we've been complaining for years about finishing and it looks like someone waved fairy dust all over the squad the past two games - 9 goals in 2 games. And from several different players. Even Arshakyan finished on the Juninho rebound - I had to look at the replay a couple of times to confirm that it really was him. To steal a line from Gomer Pyle: "Surprise, surprise, surprise!"

    No guarantee things continue in the regular season as recent history confirms. Guillermo, are you still applying the 10 game rule to the beginning of this season as you have in the past?

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Ten games in is still a good enough amount of time to figure out what you've got and still need.

  • Two things I've yet to see to get a better gauge of this team: how they handle adversity in a tough stretch (identity) and how they fare against a tough opponent on their home turf (like KC in KC) (mental toughness.)

    So far though, they are showing some decent tactical awareness and are showing okay on ball movement.

    Arkashian actually scored. He still needs to up his physical game a lot.

  • I'm super excited about Taylor. He is very good and experienced RB and will definitely boost the squad.

  • In reply to Ahan Jain:

    Taylor hasn't played much since injuring his knee in 2012. At this point, he appears to be a player trying to salvage whatever might be left of his professional career.

    Can't hurt for the Fire to check him out. If he's better than Harrington, then that's a plus.

  • One of the comments that Kevin Egan made that I thought was spot had to do with all of the Fire's wide mids having a tendency to cut inside. Kevin stated that in order for that to be more successful the fullbacks will need to go forward often to keep opposing defenses honest. Both Vincent and Harrington do not make enough runs and over the course of the season this will cause our mids headaches. There are two ways to handle this. One is to have the FBs make strong runs up the side. The other is to have the mids stop cutting inside every time. Accam can take advantage of his speed up the left side. Dax and Juninho will spot his runs and get him the ball. If he makes those runs, it will open the midfield more giving everyone more space including the forwards. If Alavarez and Accam stay tucked in or look to tuck in 90% of the time, the forwards will have trouble getting open looks. So.....I would like to see Accam and Alavarez make more runs and I would like to see Vincent go forward a lot more. He has the ability to make excellent crosses and he can shoot. We need to let him loose.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    Accam taking the ball down the side is a bad thing IMO. He doesn't do well in getting by defenders on the touch line. he needs space to punt the ball and run on to it. He also can't cross the ball well. It would work better if dax / Juninho crossed with the wingers for them to bring the ball down the sides instead of the center and to play Accam in the Center. Alvarez on the other hand is very capable of playing a nice cross and can bring the ball into the corner and put it into the box.

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    In reply to Krasov:

    Yea, would be nice to have more overlapping fullbacks... I went to the Carolina Challenge cup last saturday and was sitting on Seattles attacking half and Jovin Jones was right in front of me for most of the half. I just cant let it go, that was a terrible trade. He and Accam would just dominate that flank now with better support in midfield.

  • In reply to Carl Miller:

    Like JJ trade, the Sean Johnson trade has left the Fire weaker in that position. It does cause doubt as to their professional judgement of talent. Having the number 1 and 4 picks in the draft and getting an underwhelming Vincent at full back doesn't help either.

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