Fire down FC Cincinnati 3-2, remain undefeated in preseason

Being able to carry over preseason success to the regular season is something the Fire haven't been able to do over the last several seasons. With their most difficult test ahead of them against Toronto FC on Saturday, the Fire have managed to emerge victorious from every first team match they started so far. This game didn't feature the scoring binges of the last two wins but they still managed to put three on the board against USL's FC Cincinnati. Fire attackers continue to impress, however.

Luis Solignac gave Chicago the lead in the 31st when he headed in a John Goossens cross for the only goal of the first half.

A complete line-up change to start the second half didn't provide immediate results but the final 5 minutes of the game saw plenty of action. Michael de Leeuw headed in a cross from Patrick Doody in the 70th minute to give the Fire a two goal lead until late. Goalkeeper Stefan Cleveland came too far out of his goal and misjudged a ball, allowing Djiby Fall to get one past him in the 88th.

One minute later, Matej Dekovic converted a pass from de Leeuw following a corner kick to restore the Fire's two-goal lead. Cincinnati's Paul Nicholson converted a free kick from 24 yards out to finish the scoring in the 90th minute.

Fire line-up

Bava; Harrington, Kappelhof, Campbell, Vincent; McCarty, Juninho; Goossens, Solignac, Accam; Nikolic

Second half

Cleveland; Barson, Meira, Dekovic, Doody; Conner, Mihailovic; Alvarez, de Leeuw, Johnson; Arshakyan

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  • In reply to Modibo:

    This was way too good.

  • The impressive aspect of this win was that they didn't blow it as they would have in recent years. Otherwise it was nothing to write home about. Let's see what they muster against Toronto on Saturday.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Hear hear. I think that Pauno achieved what he wanted from the lineups that he put out today.

    I hope we'll truly get to see what sort of mettle this team has on Saturday. If not, then when things become for real real a week following.

  • I heard we are rumoured to be pursuing this dude called Kostas Fortounis and he has 30 goals in 70 games for Olympiacos and he is only 24 and plays cam. I would glfreaking love the business of this team if we got this transfer in.

  • In reply to Firefan5819:

    not happening

  • Looking forward to Saturday's game. Will they start their starting 11 or will this again be two mix and match groups? Any word on Matt Polster's recovery? What about trialists? Will they keep some of them in "camp" after the season starts waiting for a few green cards to come through?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    I'd look for most of the starters to go at least 60 minutes.
    Polster will probably miss the first 3 weeks or so of the season. He's working out but not running yet.

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