Nelson Rodriguez roundtable review

Nelson Rodriguez held a roundtable discussion with media members this morning to discuss the team, the Academy, the pursuit of Designated Players, and more. The video is available here.

Highlights of the hour-long conversation include:

  • A discussion of the results this year and continued optimism (5:10)
  • The team's need for leadership in the locker room (7:55)
  • Reports of interest in Bastian Schweinsteiger and Andres Guardado (9:10)
  • Evaluation of the current staff based on results so far (10:25)
  • The resources and support being available for signing big players (12:01)
  • Competing for players with incoming expansion teams (14:00)
  • Interest in David Accam from abroad (16:00)
  • The impact of the Fire's Dutch trio (18:02)
  • Evaluation of the team (22:00)
  • Status of the new Academy Director and the thought process for the hire (24:48)
  • Changes in the Academy system (27:25)
  • The development of Collin Fernandez (29:57)
  • Thoughts on a Fire USL side (33:30)
  • On playing youngsters in the last nine games (36:00)
  • Team consistency (38:30)
  • The needs for results versus the need for minutes for young players (40:47)
  • Expected roster turnover this offseason (42:49)
  • Attainable goals this season (43:50)
  • Homegrown player prospects (44:50)
  • What positions need to be filled this winter (45:50)
  • The process and the three year plan (47:18)
  • Scouting (50:15)
  • Khaly Thiam (51:32)
  • More on the potential transfer of Accam (53:38)
  • Paunovic's impact this year (55:40)
  • Paunovic's input on future player moves (56:50)


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  • fb_avatar

    I fail to believe that he sincerely thinks a Fire-owned USL team wouldn't be beneficial. He has to be covering for ownership's cheapness with the statements in regard to that.

  • In reply to Jimmy Garcia:

    Can you imagine how terrible our USL team would be? We are the worst team in MLS by a lot. We cant even field 11 good enough players. Our 23 man roster is embarrassing. I think we should focus on that right now. We are in no state to be trying to expand the club when we cant even win two games in a row. It takes us 2 years to win one road match. I mean, we are already playing with a USL roster right now. Majority of these players will be in the USL next season. I think you only need USL when you're bursting at the seams with players. I don't see how a USL team clearly makes our MLS team better.

    There are going to be two new expansion teams this off season and I would be shocked if either of them took any of our players. We should leave 90% of the roster open for the taking in January.

  • In reply to Jimmy Garcia:

    I had a hard time with that one, too.

  • Can we now say that the fire will get a good DP and some experienced players in Jan?

  • Looks like our GM has a future in politics...

  • Guillermo, what do you make of the rumors that Accam wants $3 mill to resign? Do you think it's accurate, and how high do you think the Fire might go to keep him in Chicago?

    If AH were looking to sell, what do you think would be the best outcome with Accam before the end of the year - resign him to keep him as a club asset, or sell him and get the cash?

  • In reply to Modibo:

    I don't think he's getting $3m per year. Nantes offered $3m for a transfer fee.
    If they can get somewhere in the neighborhood of $5m-$6m for a transfer fee, I'd sell.

  • Guys Does NR realize that his team is the worst team in the league. When you listen to him i just could not get any sense of urgency from him. Its almost as if he thinks that the team has improved over last year. The recent trades for a hot headed player from senagal and a still unproven player from Armenia are little to give anyone a feeling of optimism. Teams like the Union and New York Fc must think that NR works for them with moves that he has made to improve their teams. Until hauptem sells we are stuck with an endless line of BS that some people actually believe. I watch the games on TV but will not renew my tickets until andy and his set up men are out of the league.

  • Old Fire fan here. Just came back to check if anything has changed. I guess not.

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