Fire add to attack with Arshakyan, Solignac

Two more forwards were added to the roster as the summer transfer window comes to a close. As expected, the Fire acquired 6'-4" Armenian striker David Arshakyan in a transfer move from Lithuanian A Lyga side FK Trakai. He will be available for selection once his Visa and ITC are received. The 21-year old has an impressive scoring mark over the last two season. He tallied 25 goals in 34 league games last season and has 9 goals in 18 total appearances this year. How that translates to MLS will be interesting to watch.

Arshakyan signed a two-year deal with the Fire with club options for a third and fourth year. He is listed as a "Special Discovery Player" which means that he is under 27 years old and the total amount of his acquisition cost is charged against the budget in the year that it is paid. The Fire can amortize that total amount over the term of his contract up to $500,000.00. His total cost does not equate to a DP budget hit.

The other move came via a trade with the Colorado Rapids. The Fire sent General Allocation Money to Colorado in exchange for Argentine forward Luis Solignac. He has scored 3 goals in 33 league matches since joining the Rapids last May. At 25 years old, Solignac has bounced around a bit but isn't an expensive add. According to the latest MLSPU numbers his guaranteed compensation is $85,000.00 this year. He will join the Fire this week and could be available for the game at Real Salt Lake.

The transfer window closes at midnight but that should do it for the Fire for now. Teams can add players who are out of contract up until the roster freeze date on September 15 however.

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  • Arshakyan has the benefit of mystery - can he score in MLS like he has scored in the Lithuanian first division - the 48th ranked league according to the UEFA coefficient, one above Malta and on below Northerrn Ireland.

    Solignac, not so much. 3 goals in 33 games tells me that I don't need to learn his first name. It's like learning the name of the Bears practice squad players - a sign that you need to spend more time interacting with people who do not share your obsession.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    To be fair a bit with Solignac, I believe he played quite a bit (maybe even primarily) on the wing for Colorado. I don't think he's a particular good player, but he also seemed to be a bit more of a link-up guy than a goal scorer. Definitely depth, but shouldn't be judged entirely by his goal stat.

  • In reply to TomazPP:

    So true plus even as a subsitute he scored 3 goals which is almost how much Igbo got (4 goals) as a starter. I don't know if this Fire system will work and help Solignac get goals but you could see even our 2nd top scorer has had almost the same amount of goals as him and it feels like Igbo did more. I could see Solignac be that spark off the bench that we have been lacking and is a better option of a striker to put the second half.

    David A. I will call him is a talent I could see working out. I know this season he had a hat trick where they were all let's say easy to put in but that's what matters, at least he puts them in. His height advantage will bee vital because if Goosens is going to play on the right from now on, we know he is going to want to cross in the middle (just like what we saw him do to give Poster the goal) so with a 6ft 4'' player you know he could easily win aerial battles. Let's just say it again he is 21years old so he has so much to improve. Definitely an upgrade to replace Igbo.

  • In reply to DavidFromChicago:

    Solignac may simply be a player who needs an opportunity. In 1996-97, Ante Razov was mired on the LA Galaxy's bench. He came to the Fire in the expansion draft in 1998 and wound up as the Fire's all-time leading scorer.

    I've seen a few Rapids games and Solignac looks like he knows how to play. If he gets his opportunity, we will see what he does with it.

  • In reply to DavidFromChicago:

    Solignac has 26 starts and 7 substitute appearances with Colorado. All 3 of his goals came this season, as a starter; and 3 of his 4 assists came as a starter. He has not been a substitute with the Rapids, nor does he fit the profile of a player that you bring in as a spark off the bench based on his stats.

    Now, it may be true that he's primarily a winger, and it may also be true that he needed some time to get used to MLS. But tell me - is anyone really excited about the move based on what he's done at Colorado? 8 teams in 8 years = journeyman. Chances are he'll prove to be the same with Chicago.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    I don't expect him to be doing anything much. I just caution against judging someone who hasn't been used as a primary scoring threat solely by his goal scoring record.

    Wing depth and forward depth is never a bad thing, if he can chip in a couple goals and/or assists in the 500-1000 minutes he'll get this season, that's 85k and a tiny part of the mountain of funny money the Fire have well spent. I'd say 50/50 he's gone by January.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Modibo:

    According to some Rapids fans on Reddit, Solignac is really a center forward, and had his most success at that spot while Doyle was out earlier this season. When Doyle came back, Pablo played Solignac on the wing, where he didn't seem to be at his best.

  • In reply to Mark M:

    Guess what? We just got a point man in Arshakyan, and DeLeeuw is the guy to play underneath him. Not sure there's a center forward spot open at this point, except if LS is supposed to come in off the bench which does not seem to be his most productive role.

    NR seems to think he's a target forward option, but VP doesn't seem be sure where he should play - he talked about his energy, spirit, and mentality, and ball skills. That doesn't say s**t about what position he should play. So there's some daylight between NR and VP that may important but has not really been an issue in roster changes to this point.

    Guillermo - VP always defers to NR about player movement - any sense that there's daylight between them on this or other player moves? Are they still "soccer soul mates" (isn't that what one of them called it?) or are there signs that they have different philosopihies?

  • In reply to Modibo:

    It seems they're on the same page on those two to me.

  • I agree with StaryByk3--the little I've seen of Solignac looked good. He just seemed a bit out of sync with the Rapids.

    And Arshakyan looks like potential. Could be great. Could fizzle.

    Neither of these guys are DPs, so it's likely worth taking a flyer on them right now.

  • God, we are the definition of a small market team.

  • In reply to Mac97:

    100%. TAM and GAM = TAM and GAM.

    The difficulty is in taking TAM and GAM and turning it into trophies. Hasn't happened yet, not in Chicago.

    Seems to be that NR's job is to milk as much TAM and GAM out of other teams in order to stretch AH's meager budget. It's smart given the tight-fistedness of the owner, but it doesn't necessarily translate into success on the field. I have to suppose that NR and VP are getting paid well, but their job is to make sure that the player payroll stays low. So, yeah, small market, until they can prove otherwise in the next transfer window. They may be middle market after all - which is a failure in Chicago.

  • Why are plumbing these depths? My thought is that
    1. They've given up on 2016 and are getting ready to go big time in 2017
    2. Guys like Oribe Peralta that would really move the needle in Chicago laugh in their faces when they get a call from the Fire.

  • Arshakyan at 21 years old, 6 4' and with a ton of goals in lower league,is worth a gamble. For the last month the Fire have been worth watching and actually look like they may be building something. Of course, this doesn't excuse writing off yet another season but I'm glad they are making moves.

  • Guys the best trade that we could make is Nelson Rodriguez, Puano and andy hauptman for Ernie Stewart. You have to admire that way Stewart is going about this year. I heard a Stewart Interview he said that he thought that the Philly fans expected the team to win this year not next year. We have been waiting so long for a winner that good Chicago fans are justifying this stupid philosophy of making minor trades as if they were preparing for some dynamite trade next year. The truth of the matter is that Orlando and NYFC two new teams are light years ahead of the Fire.

  • Who is going to start at right wing, Goossens or de Leeuw?

  • Who starts at RW Goossens or de Leeuw?

  • In reply to tomwhitt:

    My guess is Goossens on the right.

  • Neither of those guys are really wing players and should be linking up in the center of the pitch. Maybe Polster has to move outside or move him to RB and put Ramos on the wing. He was a defender in college after all. Improving possession in the midfield has got to be key to finding scoring chances other than long balls to Acaam. They need to feed Goossens and let him create. There still has been little effort by the legacy players to find deLeeuw and you can see he's getting frustrated. That's all on the coach.

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