Igboananike traded to DC

Igboananike traded to DC
Chicago Fire forward Kennedy Igboananike (77) takes off on a fast break against D.C. United at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL on Saturday, April 30, 2016 (Sean King for Chicago Fire Confidential)

It just wouldn't be a Fire soccer season without one or two failed Designated Players. Another DP is moving on from Chicago. First Gilberto was dismissed and now Kennedy Igboananike is on his way to DC United.

Igboananike was traded to DC in exchange for Targeted Allocation Money and DC's third round selection in the 2019 SuperDraft. Since the Fire are apparently picking up a substantial portion of his remaining salary for the year, his DP tag and budget hit will remain on Chicago's books. The Fire will retain a percentage of any transfer fee if Igboananike is moved outside of MLS this season.

"Moves like this are needed in order to execute our plan for roster development," said General Manager Nelson Rodriguez via press release.

Igboananike scored 11 goals and added 4 assists in 49 games with the Fire and was tied with David Accam this season for the team lead with 4 goals. His work rate was usually there even if the quality in the final third always wasn't. He didn't seem to fit into the offense after the addition of Michael de Leeuw since his best position is at striker and he didn't appear comfortable playing wide outside. He'll join a DC side in need of some offense with Chris Rolfe still ailing and Fabian Espindola traded away.

The Fire weren't likely to pick up his option for 2017 so he didn't appear to be in the plans for next year at his current rate. Moving him now doesn't do much for this season but it does open a Designated Player and international roster spot for next year. They also have additional TAM with which to buy down contracts and provide roster flexibility.

With the MLS transfer window closing on Wednesday, the Fire are still in the market for at least one attacker. Sources indicate that a young non-DP forward from overseas is close to being added. A lot can happen in the next few days as the deadline approaches but any hope for a big name DP may have to be postponed until January.

Just another Fire soccer season.

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  • For those asking...the forward referenced above is not the South Korean forward currently on trial.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Will Igbo's replacement be any better or the same level as him?

  • In reply to Firefan5819:

    Let's hope he's better! Gotta figure that $900K should buy more soccer player than Igbo showed us during this last year and a half.

  • This roster move makes me happy. Enough that I'll keep my sarcastic comments about field goals in check.

  • TAM! TAM! TAM!
    Do we got TAM!

  • Where will TAM play in a 4-4-2?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    TAM plays right back, right back pocket that is...

  • Idk why but I had a dream last night that the fire signed Jonas from Benfica

  • Ahh good old TAM. The problem isn't that they traded a player that hasn't been able to impress. It's that they traded a player who isn't going to be replaced by anyone better if by anyone at all. If the Fire are picking up most of his salary and they're only getting a 3rd round pick and some TAM, how does this deal benefit us on the field? It's been obvious that this season has just been about cutting costs.

    Nelson Rodriguez is possibly/probably the dumbest most incompetent, damaging GM to have ever ran this team (into the ground.) Nearly every other team that has previously finished last, rebounded the following year to have a respectable season. Not the Fire, they try to fix their problems by doubling down on their mistakes. This shouldn't be that hard to fix, the reason it is so hard is because the problem is the owner.

  • In reply to john:

    well Igbo doesn't have much value, so getting something for him is a win in my opinion. he clearly wasn't in their future plans and this season is shot, so move on, get some value/assets, and pick up 2 DP's, a top draft pick, etc this offseason to go for the playoffs next year.

    it's been a slow rebuild, and he said that it would be. it sucks and fans deserve more than we've been given, but i'm not writing Rodriguez off yet. Hauptman is another story, but we sadly don't have much hope for change there.

    not that i'm trying to defend this organization - i get the frustration. but being upset over trading Igbo isn't the thing to get upset about.

  • In reply to Tweaky:

    We waste draft picks and don't spend allocation money to improve the team. Igboanike isn't worth his contract but he is tied for most goals scored this year. If we could trade him and dump his salary, that is understandable. If we are trading him but paying most of his salary, why not just keep him for the rest of the season or at least until after the Open Cup?

    This isn't a strategy to improve the team, it's a move to improve the bottom line. How many people were fired and how much TAM/GAM was collected and how much of that money was spent on players? Theyre not spending so I'm not spending a penny on this miserable team.

  • In reply to john:

    Making such a,statement about NR after a half season is foolish.

  • Guys How does the team justify taking peoples money and actually trying to not replace even average MSL players. Has anyone put some thought to the idea that Hauptman might be trying to sell the team. Think of it what did Rodriguez do in the league that stands out.?He managed a failing team that was on the selling block and was able to maintain some sort of respect. Yes the league took over the team and put him in charge but if Hauptman was really making an effort to move up the ladder why would he hire two rookies with no experience? I think that Nelson and Pauno are there to make the team look decent for a new owner. Hopefully I am correct. If not it looks like we have a couple of really long years to come.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    You think that Hauptman wants to sell the team BC if he does then hell yeah. Does he even go to the games and actually care much of the franchise anymore?

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    Yes and this is our only hope at ever being good again.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    Why would he want to sell the club? He doesnt have to do anything and the franchise increases its value every year. It doesnt matter if we win one game or 30 games. This franchise, because of the league, has already quadrupled his investment. I may be mistaken, but I think he bought into the league for 25m. NYC just bought in for 100m last year. With two more franchises to come into large US markets, this club will continue to increase its profits. We are stuck with Hauptman as the owner. So what. The people who are in charge of making this team be successful need to do a better job. There are teams all around this league that are finding better players than us and not paying them as much. We know how bad our DP's are. They are part of the issue here. Not the whole thing. We have a bad ROSTER. The players are not good enough. We are given a salary cap that ALL teams have. Ours may even be bigger than some others because of all of the TAM and GAM we have accumilated of the the past seasons. The people in charge are not good at their job. The players need to be better. They are paid to play soccer. The bare minimum requirements should be able to trap, pass, and run yourself into the ground. I would say we have maybe 5 or 6 players that can do all three of those things pretty well. That is not Hauptmans fault. Sure he could throw more money at better DP's but the rest of the organization needs to figure it out. Iggy wont be missed because he was a good player. He is a very similar player to Quincy and Quincy was terrible for us.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    Hauptmann would be a fool to sell the team.

    The value will only continue to go up.

  • I heard that there is an announcement after the game. Does anyone know if its hauptman found someone to sell the team to or is it transfer related?

  • In reply to Firefan5819:

    I'm not sure where this announcement after the game stuff came from but I don't believe there is any announcement scheduled.

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