FC Dallas 3 Fire 1 - recap and ratings

The Fire didn't embarrass themselves against the Supporters Shield leaders on the road but they did make it evident that the US Open Cup is taking priority over a regular season road game at the moment. There wasn't much of a chance expected in coming out of Dallas with a result given the home and road records of the respective teams and Veljko Paunovic took a chance at some squad rotation in the midst of a busy stretch with a more important game ahead of them on Wednesday night.

The result was predictable. Although Dallas didn't thoroughly dominate on the scoreboard, one got the feeling that they had the game comfortably under control. There wasn't much to take from this one and Paunovic's decision to leave Sean Johnson, Jonathan Campbell, and David Accam out of the 18 was understandable given what's on the line against Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday.

"I think we started very well. We had a great opportunity from Kennedy Igboananike in the first half that could have changed the game, for sure. Then, unlucky on a mistake on the first goal on a classy play from Castillo and great finishing by Urruti was something that changed the game, and that's the thing that we have to improve. Every time we have this kind of game, we don't take advantage and don't convert the opportunity like we had, the one that can change the game. That's still something need to improve, but we believe things will improve at some point, we will work together, and we will have better results, especially when we play on the road," said Paunovic after the match.

Chicago has slipped back to the bottom of the Eastern Conference by virtue of Columbus' draw on Saturday night and they're still within striking distance of sixth place New England with two games in hand but the realistic hope of post-season play is slim. They'll take their best shot at making something of the 2016 season in US Open Cup play.

They just need to win on Wednesday night.

Player ratings (to follow)

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  • If the Fire were prioritizing the upcoming open cup match, why didn't Pauno give the young players a run out? it would be nice to see once in a while, we here about the upside, but they never see the field. it's not like the team is fighting for the supporters shield this season. At least you could better identify what you have...

  • The passing into the final third had a lot sloppiness. Harrington should have been the second sub, heat aside. He was sluggish all night. I'm not totally shocked at his non-reaction right before the final goal was scored.

    I get why Dallas is at the top of the tables. They had some really good movement into open channels.

  • In reply to BrianC.:

    Loved how Harrington put his hand up for off sides on the last goal. Then when he realized he was last defender back he nonchalantly put it back down and proceeded to give up on the rest of the play.

  • For some reason, Dominic Kinnear has added Brandon Vincent to the MLS All Star roster.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Good for him, I guess?

    Were there any other quotes from Saturday's loss or was Paunovic only asked 2 questions?

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Please don't jump on the hype bandwagon and give Vincent some crazy high rating. It's already obvious that MLS is trying to convince us he's better than he is. From being ranked as a top 5 rookie, named an All-Star and even an honorable mention in MLS power rankings making the argument that the stats show that the Fire are so much better with him starting.

  • fb_avatar

    Maybe all the other left backs he called were too busy chasing Pokemon to pick up.

  • fb_avatar

    Heres a crazy conspiracy theory by me....: Chicago are shopping Vincent around and so Kinnear used the all-star roster as an opportunity to bring him in and take a closer look............

  • In reply to Carl Miller:

    That is crazy.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Yeah that wouldn't make sense. I do think it's strange that there's been a lot of recent hype about him that hasn't been earned. I think it's more likely a tactic to distract that Jack Harrison has been playing very well and is definitely looking like a much better player than Vincent. Vincent being a bust and Harrison being much better takes away from Nelson's draft day shenanigans.

  • In reply to john:

    I wouldn't say he's a bust, he just hasn't been all-star level.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Vincent is definitely not a bust. Far from it. The Fire's defense was TERRIBLE last year. The focus for Rodriguez was to improve that part of the roster. The Fire are FAR better defensively by having drafted Vincent and Campbell. Adding Kappelhof and Ramos were also significant upgrades (although Ramos has not been consistently good).

    Would Harrison have been a more significant upgrade overall to the Fire than Vincent? That's debatable, as Harrison has played just 8 games so far. I would also add that the hype surrounding Harrison is excessive merely because he plays in New York. Getting 3 G and 2 A in 8 games notwithstanding, you might not hear as much about Harrison if he played in Columbus.

  • In reply to StaryByk3:

    To the point of we should have kept Harrison and not taken Vincent, I don't see how Harrison helps the attack currently. I don't think he improves the link up play to the Offense. Vincent on the other hand filled a very important need and has been doing a good job as a rookie. Yes there is room for improvement, but as a long term addition, its a strong addition as he has shown to be very capable of growing.

    If you bring in Harrison instead, I'm not sure he does as well here as in NYCFC just because he doesn't have the supporting cast to help elevate his game.

  • A master class on terrible defending by Harrington on the final goal:

    - First, hang 5-10 yards behind your fellow defenders to make sure you allow all attackers behind your line.
    - Then, when the ball is in fact played behind the line, put your idiot hand up to try and cover up the fact that you were the one keeping him on.
    - If there's one thing you should be marking, it's empty space. This is the most effective way to make room for goal-hungry opponents.
    - When the ball is played to those goal-hungry opponents, make a a half-assed one or two steps in their general direction, but don't bother lunging, sliding, or otherwise attempting to block their shot - after all, at 10 yards out, those strikers need all the help they can get.

  • In reply to manyou07:

    It doesn't help that Ramos was constantly beat on that side. IMO it was his inability to properly defend his man on both goals 1 and 3 that caused both goals. At least try to make it hard for them to get a good cross in.

  • fb_avatar

    hahaha, thanks! It is a very odd inclusion though is it not? Not saying he is a terrible choice, just maybe not a first choice. Do you think it came down to availability of top LB's in the league (although I am struggling to think of any stellar LB's right now)?

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