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The 4-3 loss to the start the season at home was a let down but after an encouraging second half against Vancouver on Wednesday night, this 2-0 defeat may have been the most disappointing effort and result of the season so far. There was an improvement in terms of possession numbers (51-49 to NE) but that meant little because the Fire still couldn't muster one single, solitary shot on goal. In 16 attempts, the Revolution placed 7 on frame. Chicago had a paltry 4 shots on goal, none of which bothered New England 'keeper Bobby Shuttleworth for a save.

In fact, the Fire's best chance came in the second half stoppage time when Andrew Farrell deflected David Accam's free kick attempt toward Shuttleworth. Not even the return of Accam was enough to generate much of anything offensively.

With one quarter of the season in the books, the Fire stand at 1-4-4 and are bordering on the edge of another wasted season. Not many expected this team to compete immediately with an unspoken "rebuilding" process underway but the signs in this match weren't positive.

The look of this squad is all too familiar. The names and the numbers have changed but the results aren't any different at this point.

The Fire added on to the record for consecutive winless games on the road. That remarkable number is at 29 and it won't get any easier against a desperate New York Red Bulls team on Wednesday night.

Player ratings 

GK Matt Lampson (4.5) - Credited with four saves and two were of some quality. Clearing the ball from Kamara in the 31st and the save on Agudelo in the 68th were the highlights. The Revolution's second goal could be attributed to Lampson for unnecessarily charging out to challenge Agudelo when a defender was already in place, leaving the entire goal wide open for an easy conversion.

D Johan Kappelhof (5) - Usually solid but his last two matches haven't been quite as good as his first seven. Switched sides in the 3-5-2 alignment in the first half to help compensate for the horror that is Joao Meira's defending.

D Jonathan Campbell (5.5) - Seemed to be tasked with marking Kamara in his New England debut and did a creditable job although Kamara wasn't totally silent like he was in his match against the Fire while with Columbus this year. Eight interceptions.

D Joao Meira (3) - Giveaways and lackadaisical defending throughout the night put the backline and his teammates scrambling to recover. Caught napping on the Revs first goal when he failed to realize Nguyen was heading toward the net with a free look. An awful turnover in the 31st led directly to Kamara's best chance of the game.

M Michael Harrington (4.5) - Not much significant support going forward from the right side. 27 of 38 passing.

M Matt Polster (4.5) - Nowhere near as effective as he was on Wednesday night in Vancouver. Statistically passing was good at 44/50 but there was no real spark out of  midfield. None of those 44 passes was made into the penalty area.

M Khaly Thiam (5) - 17 of 22 passing and one those was an outlet that started an attack. Difficult to judge what his contribution will be from his debut match.

M Brandon Vincent (5) - Overall passing could have been better at 24/36. Served a decent ball in trying to find Gilberto in the 29th. Started a combination forward that led to a chance in the 45th. Cleared Kamara's header attempt off the goal line in the 53rd.

M Arturo Alvarez (4.5) - Two long distant shot attempts were off target but at least he took a shot. 16 of 23 in passing over 77 minutes in the "playmaker" role. Twenty-three the playmaker role.

F Gilberto (4) - Eight touches in 45 minutes.

F Kennedy Igboananike (5) - A pass in the 45th nearly missed setting Gilberto up for a chance. Nguyen went by him unchallenged to receive the pass for his goal.

M David Accam (5) - Replaced Gilberto after the half as the Fire shifted to a 4-2-3-1. Wasn't really effective as he works back into fitness. Did draw Koffie into what could have been a second yellow. Shot attempt in the 75th was well wide from distance. Followed the game with this gem of a retweet.

M Razvan Cocis (5) - Subbed in for Thiam in the 64th. 11 of 13 passing but the Fire had little production in the final third again.

F Joey Calistri (5) - Came in for Alvarez in the 77th. Attempted more passes in 13 minutes than Gilberto did in 45.

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  • Report out of Holland has de Leeuw deal done. Three years.

  • De Leeuw should help these numbers when he arrives.

    Worst SOG start in team history.....

    Chicago Points/Goals/Shots through 9 games
    Year Pts GF GA GD Shots SOG
    1998 12 14 12 2 139 57
    1999 18 19 11 8 142 73
    2000 13 20 15 5 144 65
    2001 13 15 11 4 112 53
    2002 14 14 9 5 119 58
    2003 15 15 11 4 118 53
    2004 13 9 8 1 135 44
    2005 13 9 13 -4 89 35
    2006 10 10 12 -2 89 40
    2007 11 9 13 -4 105 53
    2008 19 19 6 13 96 52
    2009 15 16 11 5 105 56
    2010 10 12 13 -1 100 46
    2011 8 12 15 -3 128 40
    2012 15 11 10 1 126 48
    2013 7 6 15 -9 104 38
    2014 9 17 16 1 124 44
    2015 10 9 12 -3 135 42
    2016 7 8 12 -4 85 20

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Worst SOG start in team history...and it's not even close.

    Rough start here for the new staff. I know they're preaching patience, but this team is a tire fire right now. Has been for years. That's what you get when you have one of the worst owners in sports.

  • Toothless. This team is just toothless plain and simple. It seems as though there is passion in the play of the team and I believe it is reflection of the FO and the owner.

  • Pauno hasn't made a single change to the way we play the game. We are not good at any part of playing a soccer match. We are not good at passing, dribbling, trapping, crossing, or shooting. We have a group of USL players getting paid MLS money. We will be lucky if we get to the 30 point mark we made last year. They are miserable to watch. The players have zero personality. Fans cannot relate to ANY of the players. The players are all mercenaries and many/most won't be back next year. I love this club but despise this team. Pauno needs to do something because I am losing all faith in his ability to manage a group of players. I think this job is too big for him.

  • I thought the biggest problem was a lack of a midfield. For Alvarez in the playmaker role, that rating is really generous. How are we going to take shots on goal, when we can't get the ball into the attacking third. We had a passing accuracy of 49% in the attacking third. 20% less than New England. I'm just embarrassed after watching that game.

  • There are no more words at this point. The only thing I have left offer is a blank stare.

  • GR, I think that you assign Lampson too much blame for the second goal. When Nguyen sent that ball in for Agudelo, four Fire players were ball watching. No one engaged Agudelo and this lured Lampson off his line. Also, no one tracked Hollinger-Janzen as he waited for the header. There is lots of blame to go around for that goal.

  • In reply to StaryByk3:

    spoken like a goalkeeper ;)

  • Hah, I'm no GK. But I do know that GKs get way more blame than they deserve simply because they are often the very last line of defense.

    If any of the four Fire defenders inside their own 18 had even paid attention to Agudelo as he made his run, Lampson presumably would have stayed put. When it took forever for them to react once Agudelo got the ball, Lampson made a decision to force the issue. The non-marking of Hollinger-Janzen sure didn't help.

  • In reply to StaryByk3:

    Fair enough....I can agree with team breakdown.

  • That quote from FourFourTwo about having a veteran leader and captain that can elevate play, do you think Rodriguez sees de Leeuw as that player?

    Honestly I don't know how much better the team will be with de Leeuw.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    The way he earns yellows (and reds,) he'll probably bring some physicality to pitch.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    I don't think he was referring to de Leeuw.

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