Fire charitable event took a scary turn in April

It's been a difficult year for the Fire on and off the pitch so far. A recent charitable event took a frightening turn last month.

During the Fire's Habitat for Humanity service on April 20 two shootings occurred in the vicinity of the West Pullman site in which the team was working. The incidents occurred within a matter of hours of each other that morning and one person was injured during the first shooting. Although it didn't take place at the site where players and staff were working it was close enough to witness police activity and the sight of the injured individual running and falling over.

Several players expressed concern and one or two apparently decided to depart after the first shooting. Following the second incident, the team boarded buses and departed. Two shootings in the area were reported by the Sun-Times the following day.

There was enough danger felt during the day that players and staff were ushered into the building, where they took shelter while police cleared the area.

Fire Confidential has learned that the players made the incidents known to the MLS Player's Union. The MLSPU has since reviewed the situation and is not pursuing further investigation.

The work with Habitat for Humanity was conducted by the Fire in support of Chicago's spring Green and Clean initiative and Major League Soccer's community outreach initiative, MLS WORKS. The initiative and agreement with MLSPU makes player attendance mandatory and those that do not participate or depart risk fines.

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  • The biggest question here: Why did it take a second shooting before the Fire decided to depart the area?

    Certainly these builds don't occur in the best areas, but if players were expressing concerns and some even left, why did it take another before the Fire decided it was unsafe for their players and staff to be there?

    This really is gross negligence on the part of Rodriguez, Khosla and the club as a whole. It's not just the training staff that won't keep players healthy, the administration won't keep them safe. No one should want to play here.

    Please ask Rodriguez about this today.

  • At this point, I almost don't care what goes on with this club.

    Maybe I just need a cup of coffee.

  • any update on the round table?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    We'll have full audio up later today.

  • Guys

    I just had the opportunity to listen the the NR round table. I am shocked. Does he realize that his team is on the verge of being one of the worst teams in the history of the league. When Hauptman named basically a rookie coach and allowed him to name a rookie MLS coach what did he expect. If I owned the fire I would have fired NR this evening . Sure the defense is better but everything else is a disaster. Its too bad that there was not someone that would have asked more direct questions like do you realize that you have only 25 shots on goal in 10 games or that the only win you have was against a team with a red card. You guys were way to nice. Dan Kelly should never be part of a round table.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    I'm pretty sure he knows the numbers without being told.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Why wouldn't NR then address those issues directly? A lot of corporate speak, but no real comments on what is actually going on. Like you Guillermo, I have been a Chicago soccer fans since I watched the Sting as a kid. The current Fire team has to be the most unexciting and least talented Chicago team that I have followed to date. Does NR think that Chicago soccer fans are stupid? NR's comments are very condescending. He needs to speak to us about what the heck is going on, not giving us a lecture on how great things will be in some undefined future.

  • In reply to westmalle:

    I understand the frustration and the feeling that nothing has changed given the start and some of the decisions so far.
    I'm just not sure why fans of any team would expect a GM or coach to sit down and say, "you know what, the fans are right - we suck and have no idea what we're doing. Fire me now."

    The losses make answers feel like platitudes, I get that. That's not going to change until results do.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    No but how about showing some of that character and integrity he spoke of in preseason and show some accountability. Answer questions without long winded speeches that go nowhere. Speak of what they're going to do to correct some of the problems. Nimrod has to be the most incompetent GM in the league, he's done nothing to help the team and he seems to be clueless.

    Instead of trimming the fat and building from the talent we had, they cut out all the meat sold it and replaced it with more cheap fat. Pauno's "high pressure offense" has produced multiple goal-less games and multiple games without a single SOG.

    The Nimrod and Pauno Process is severely ineffective and they both seem to be in over their head. I have no faith in either of them.

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