Fire targeting Polish center back

With a flurry of activity yesterday at the SuperDraft the Fire strengthened their defense but General Manager Nelson Rodriguez has alluded to additional reinforcements on the way. The club has come to an agreement with one center back from outside of MLS and is pursuing another. The deal for the first player technically hasn't been finalized, so the announcement hasn't been made. Rodriguez is optimistic about the chances of signing the second player, who he described as an individual also being pursued by Champion's League clubs.

Sources indicate that the second player is Lech Poznan defender Marcin Kaminski. The 24 year old, 6'-3" center back is working under a contract that expires in June and reportedly has several suitors in Poland, Holland, and Belgium.

Lech Poznan finished first in the Elkstraklasa 2014-15 season and qualified for Champion's League play and indications are they would like to keep Kaminski. He has played his entire professional career with Lech Poznan and has been capped four times by the Polish National Team.

The Fire apparently also have several other possible options in the works if a deal for Kaminski doesn't materialize.

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  • If we get him, can we convince him to shout "IS NOT PICNIC!!" all the time?

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  • If the video is an accurate picture, Kaminski would be an awesome catch! Very comfortable on the ball! Can't believe that some other Euro team won't pick him up!

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    Good to see them going back to their roots and trying to get eastern european players and not only looking at S. American and African players....i mean it only won them the championship the last time they tried this.

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    I don't remember winning anything when they had Ristic, Mikulic and Husidic.

    Unless there was a prize for collecting a player from 3 major former Yugoslavian countries and not having them hate each other.

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    He said Eastern European, not Balkan ;)

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    Mikulic was great at fouling. He missed a lot of potential yellows.

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    Indeed. The 1930's called and they want their ideology back.

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    Then how about Novak, Podbrozny, Kosecki, and Kubik?

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    That team was fun to watch! Downtown on the lakefront, those were the days...

  • Any idea when they'll announce the other centerback that they've already come to terms with? I find it a little odd that we hear the name of the cb that we haven't come to terms with rather than the one already with an agreement. Kaminski seems like he would be a really good addition though. Also, one thing that I found interesting after the draft is that it might be possible that brandon vincent goes up against jack harrison in the first game of the season this year at toyota park.

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    Probably next week.

    There are several signings that haven't been announced pending paperwork.

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    What have they been using Man United's fax machine to complete the paperwork or maybe they are using pony express?

  • Guys after thinking about the draft and the projection of the two new center backs , the fire might have been a lot better in keeping Harrison. The one position on the field were we projected a decent starter and back up in dowdy is exactly where placed our draft. A soccer team has to be strong right up the middle. We have a very brittle center forward in Gilberto. No real cleaver FAST center mid and only a rookie and some hopeful center backs that might be coming. The center of the fire is very weak.

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    I know this is a huge IF, but if we sign this Kaminski and Vidic as our CB's with Cambell as their backup, how could that be very weak. We are already better than we were last season at CB. That pick means that we are one player closer to not having to see Gehrig as a starter. We already dont have to see Big Red starting EVERY game for us. We have improved 100% this off season by losing Big Red and getting Campbell. Kaminski and Campbell is infinitely better than Gehrig and Big Red. Campbell and nobody is better than Gehrig and Big Red.

    New coach and new young players, try to look at the positives. This coming from one of the most negative supporters around.

  • Rubber the jump from college is huge rarely and I mean rarely do you see someone from college jump to the pros and immediately be successful. Campbell was a bit lower in the draft because he had a HORRIBLE combine. Nelson better pray that his first first first rounder is better than a seasoned pro that played incredibly for his countries game. Staying with Harrison
    would have been a much beytter move.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    Im not sure how much grading a player on the combine vs a body of work in college makes sense. Combine is pretty much an All-star game with a bunch of kids who won't see a minute of first team pro soccer ever.

    I mean I agree in principle about the leap from college to pro. But playing next to a seasoned professional makes a third rtate CB win rookie of the year, amirite?

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    If the people who are evaluating players are only looking at the combine, then we are in trouble. Both Vincent and Campbell were All-Americans this year. Vincent looks like he is built to bomb up and down the line. Campbell played on the right side of a 3 man defense. Vincent looks like he has the better chance to be a great defender. I dont know about you, but I like my defenders to be able to defend first. I would rather have Vincent and Campbell instead of Harrison and Jones.

  • Guys there is where we disagree. All the power of a team comes from the middle. The fire haven't had a decent middle man since grazxini( real bad spelling) hopefully they get someone other that talented but slow ship to handle the studies. Weven if all comes together I can't see them better than any team in the league.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    I very clearly understand that the middle of the field is where the game is won or lost. Look at what we had to put up with the past two seasons. We are already better off this season than we were last season. We wont have to see Gehrig, Watson, Big Red, Adailton, Cyrus, or Ritter as starters anymore. Whoever is brought in can't be any worse than what we have seen for 2 years now. Anyone that can make a 10 yard pass 1 out of every 3 attempts is an upgrade. If they can keep the forward infront of them 1 out of every 5 attacks, that will be an upgrade. Just remember that we won 8 games last year, and that includes a 3 game winning streak.

    You also complain about "slow ship" but then laud Grazzini, who was as slow as Blanco. We could do A LOT worse than Harrison Shipp.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    8 games.

    The men with white jackets almost showed up when you reminded me of that.

  • iF WE SIGN??? did you see the face of the number one pick when he heard he was coming to chicago.chivago needs a huge amount of luck to get past the wall that Hauptman has built. Bringing in a rookie management team will make progress slow and painful. Most business looks for seasoned pros with tons of current success at a similar level of business to keep growing.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    Why would anyone want to come to this team right now? You make it sound like this team and club is the best possible place to be and players should want to be here. That is clearly not the case. 2016 is going to be a miserable season for us again. The only difference being that it will be with younger players. What decent veteran is going to want to play here at the end of his career? This is CLEARLY a rebuilding, rebranding, try and forget about everything that has happened season. There is no single signing that is going to make us good. We have a few good pieces in Accam, Polster, Shipp, and Johnson but everything else is really bad right now. Vincent looks promising. Campbell is a big strong CB. We are still stuck with Iggy and Gilberto up top as DP's. So that gives us, with a good season, 15 total goals from our strikers. You can't win games when you have 3 DP's and 2 of them arent worth a third of what they are paid. Once you get the idea that we should be competing with the other clubs out of your head, we look like we have a decent, albeit very small, core group of young players on the roster. We could start the season with an average age of 24 or 25 as starters.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Absolutely agree about players not wanting to come to Chicago.

    But I don't agree about Gilberto. He didn't get enough minutes to really have an impact on the 2015 season, but his .67 G/90 minutes was up there with the league leaders - Kamara was at .72 and Giovinco was at .71. Who else was on par with Gilbert? David Villa, Fanendo Adi, Jozy Altidore. Not sure if they're good enough to be DPs by their numbers, but if Gilberto puts in 2000 minutes at that rate, he'll have 15 goals by himself in 2016.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    My mistake - his rate was .66 G/90 minutes.

  • Guys they Judt signed Harrington a decent player two years ago with the timbers. They traded him to Colorado who benched him because he lost his speed.

  • Shame on you for rounding ...

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