Fire looking to deal on draft day

Holding the first pick in Thursday's MLS SuperDraft gives the Fire several options. The first scenario involves what most draft experts have been alluding to for several months. Go with the presumed number one player available in Georgetown's Josh Yaro and fill a need on the back line. There are questions as to what need Yaro would fill however. The Fire, along with many other MLS teams, project him as a right back at the professional level. He played center back in college and would need to learn the position on the fly. During the Combine this past weekend, Yaro made it clear that he prefers the middle and hopes to play there as a pro. He didn't discount a career as a full back but teams may now be leery of playing him in a position that he's not entirely comfortable in.

That would lead to the second scenario, which seems to be playing out now. The Fire are looking to explore trade possibilities and already have at least one offer on the table. Discussions with other teams interested in making a move for the first overall choice, whether it be Yaro or someone else, are also developing. By dealing the rights for the first selection, Chicago could stand to add an established MLS player and a pick with an eye towards filling a roster that currently only has 14 officially signed players.

Choosing to pass on Yaro would also seem to indicate that Nelson Rodriguez and Veljko Paunovic have other deals for defenders close to being finalized. Playing a rookie out of his natural and preferred position may not be something they're looking to gamble on right now, even with an athlete as talented as Yaro has shown to be.

The Fire have at least one center back contract from outside of MLS close to being finalized and are in the DP market for another. If those deals are closed, Yaro would more than likely be a right back in camp if selected by Chicago.

There are other additions expected to be announced before the end of the week but much of the speculation over the next two days will revolve around what Rodriguez and Paunovic elect to do with the first pick.

Right now, that pick appears to be set to move.

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  • fb_avatar

    If they can trade for another pick in the top 5, great, otherwise I think its a mistake to trade the pick. There are two huge talents, both defenders, available, and Chicago needs starting XI defenders badly.

  • In reply to Carl Miller:

    Agree with that. If they get a deal with a player and a top five pick then consider a move.

    I should note that no deals are close yet. The Fire could well end up taking Yaro.

    All speculation based on discussions at the Combine at this point.

    Some Fire folks also think he can play CB just fine in MLS.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    And, to be honest, it would be a bit lax if the Fire DIDN'T shop around the first pick. There's no reason not to go fishing, especially considering the diminishing talent available in the drafts these days.

  • In reply to TomazPP:

    I tend to agree, but what's weird is that NR's mantra has been "take it slow, do it right", an approach which would seem to favor drafting youngsters, indoctrinating them with his version of CF97 culture (whatever *that* turns out to be) and letting Pauno cultivate their talent. Trading picks for established players would seem to be more out of the Yallop playbook.

    But then again I've happily tuned out during this offseason, which has been so easy since the Fire seem to have actually somehow gotten worse through inaction -- could we even field a squad of players under contract? Yikes.

  • fb_avatar

    Thanks for keeping supporters up to date. You're our only hope (for real information.

  • Per Sam Stejskal....

    He's heard the Fire aren't high on Yaro. Could take Harrison with the first pick.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    wonder if its posturing to get NYFC to up their bid for the first pick.

  • Please keep those updates and especially those rumors coming .... you're our only hope!

  • I'm confident the Fire will get fleeced in any transaction. Their entire technical team at the combine seems to be an executive with no actual game experience and a coach who is, for all practical purposes, new to the league.
    Hope may spring eternal but after 5 years of mediocrity and now needing 11 players 2 weeks from training camp, it's hard to imagine how this will end well in 2016.
    Portland adds jack Mac and Valentin just to tune their squad: both players would be major additions to the Fire and there is no indications the club was interested in either player.

  • By Harrison, does Sam mean Jack Harrison from Wake Forest?

  • In reply to Krasov:


  • Someone please correct me, but didn't NR say something early on about a game plan/5yr plan/road map or something like that? Did I miss when he laid it out and discussed? Or does this wait until the roster is built and other pressing needs?

  • In reply to BrianC.:

    He's discussed a three year plan and went into some explanation of it on the last Fire Confidential Live podcast. He addressed it somewhat today.

  • Nemanja Vidic released by Inter Milan. A Serbian center back may interest Chicago though he would be a DP.

  • I'm all for trading this pick and getting a different first round pick and a player. This team is not going to be any good for at least a year and a half. Anything not last place would be a pretty decent season IMO. Is Yaro our future RB or CB for the next 7-8 years. If the answer is yes, draft him. If we're not sure, trade the pick.

  • Is there any speculation on Brandon Vincent? The guy is a left back, captain of the NCAA champion, and just called into Klinsman's January camp. Why not take him and get what is speculated to be two centerbacks from abroad. Maybe he can be Chicago's version of Yedlin.

    And as long as the discussion is defense I really hope that Polster is not used as an outside back except on an emergency basis.

  • In reply to jlatwell:

    I'd say Harrison and Vincent are in play as possibilities if they're not totally sold on Yaro and don't trade the pick.

  • I have this loop running in my head of a red-haired CB being grabbed and tossed to the ground...

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