Fire Confidential Live podcast - Klopas, Schwarz, and more

The 2016 debut of the Fire Confidential Live podcast features former Fire player, Technical Director, and coach Frank Klopas, the Daily Herald's Orrin Schwarz, match preview writer Martin Tomszak, and new members of the ISA board.

The podcast was recorded live during the ISA/Section 8 Chicago Annual General Meeting. If you can get by the background crowd noise, Klopas had some interesting things to say about his time with the Fire and his dismissal from the Montreal Impact.

Midfield add?

Former San Jose Earthquakes, FC Dallas, and Real Salt Lake midfielder Arturo Alvarez is set to join the Fire in training camp. He most recently played in Hungary with Videoton and is currently looking for a team. He may be able to add some depth and compete for a spot at right midfield if the Fire do sign him. No contract has been agreed to yet, as it appears he'll arrive for a trial.

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  • Fantastic show, great guests, great food for thought. I like especially liked Marty's take on the team.

    That said, two things:
    1- I'm curious to see where Klopas ends up. In a roundabout way it sounded very much like he said, "I'm available." Plus, with that comment that he'd prefer to stay in Chicago...

    2- Frank Yallop from herewith banned from Chicago. FOREVER. God help Arizona.

  • In reply to BrianC.:

    *is banned

  • Klopas, I think, would be a much more valued manager in a league that has promotion and relegation. He's awesome at making a slightly better than awful teams and his tactics are extremely rigid, but his teams always ended up just below mid table. In MLS, no one wants that.

    I'm not sure why Arturo Alvarez seems to be getting a harsh response on twitter. He's experienced, international, knows the league, played for a decent lower tier European team. Seems like a reasonable replacement for Nyarko. Not changing the complexion of the team or anything, but I didn't see them going nuts with the rmid position anyway. They need to throw their money at cb and cmid.

  • Great podcast, sir. Many thanks. First and last sections were the best. Too bad FK's section was a bit hard to follow because of the background noise. (Though it certainly did bring the AGM experience home to those of us who didn't attend!)

    In all this talk of patience, patience, patience, it seems like ownership and NR aren't investing enough in the things they can do to build goodwill short of putting a winning product on the field. Open practices on the North Side are a very nice start, but I'd like to see more upgrades to the stadium experience, marquee league/friendly matches at Soldier Field, better marketing, basic social media competence, etc. After all, it's incredibly hard to win year in and year out in MLS. Winning consistently is great and all, but it's not realistic to expect that to happen anytime soon and even if it does happen, on-the-field success can be fleeting in this league. If they do some of this stuff, I'd come back into the fold even while they are rebuilding the squad.

    One thing: I'd like to subscribe to your podcast on my own reader, but seems this RSS isn't being updated any longer:

    Is there a URL to subscribe directly rather than going through clunky SoundCloud?

  • In reply to schematic1929:

    Thanks! Recording from the AGM is something we plan to do annually but the logistics and sound is always challenging.

    You can subscribe to the pod via Last Word on Sports. You'll get other shows along with that. We're exploring options for making it more available via subscription.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Okay thanks, Last Word on Sports RSS feed also seems to be dormant:

    I'm probably not your only listener who doesn't use iTunes, but I can definitely manage with SoundCloud's app for the time being. All this aside, thanks again for the great content!

  • Pauno not ready to announce a CB...I'll keep my fingers crossed for that to change in the next 3 hr...

  • In reply to AJties:

    Euro transfer window doesn't matter. MLS window open from mid February to beginning of May.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    My bad, definitely misunderstood that rule. I guess it's good news to know that no European teams will be signing Kaminski. Is all hope lost on him after he played those friendlies?

  • Guillermo with the euro window now closed does that mean that some of the CBs that they were chasing are now out of bounds. For example the polish player that is currently under contract? Man that would really alter the projections. If so this could be a very super long season.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    No sir. It just means that his options are closed in Europe for now. Euro teams can still transfer players out to MLS.

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