Fire add Harrington, McLain to roster

The Fire continue making additions to the roster with defender Michael Harrington and goalkeeper Patrick McLain officially announced this morning. Harrington, a veteran MLS free agent with nine years under his belt, can play both full back spots. He has played for Sporting Kansas City, Portland, and Colorado over the span of those nine season.

McLain spent two seasons with Chivas USA and was the starting goalkeeper for USL side Sacramento Republic last season.

The additions brings the Fire roster of "signed" players to 17.

GK: Johnson, McLain

DF: Campbell, Doody, Gehrig, Harrington, Vincent

MF: Bryce, Accam, Conner, Fernandez, Polster, Shipp, Stephens

FW: Igboananike, Gilberto, Calistri

The Fire selected three players in last week's SuperDraft, with first round picks Brandon Vincent and Jonathan Campbell already signed to contracts. Andrew Morell brings the total player count to 18. The Fire are expected to add veteran midfielder Nick LaBrocca sometime this week, along with the European center back that Nelson Rodriguez has alluded to upping the total to 20. If they are able to add Marcin Kaminski, the center back position should be set. Midfielder Razvan Cocis is also apparently close to returning.

They also have the 57th and 62nd picks in Rounds 3 and 4 of the SuperDraft to be conducted tomorrow.

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  • Guys labroca was a good player 10 years ago. He was awful last year. Maybe the announcement is wrong and they meant that labroca would be a coach.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    He's 31, came in to the league in 2007. I don't think anyone is looking for him to be a starter.

  • Are these signings actual upgrades over last year's squad?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    Not yet! And I wouldn't hold my breath. The two key centerback signings seem to be fouled up somehow as G told us to expect their announcements back on either January 8th or 11th.

    I still have that niggling suspicion that the Fire may be about to fold. Nothing serious seems to be happening. The draft moves were well executed but didn't involve the use of Andy's wallet in any significant way. Signing Harrington & McLain couldn't have cost much. Until they sign somebody that actually suggests a real financial commitment from Andy, I'm going to be unable to feel any confidence whatsoever.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    I don't think how much they spend really matters.

    The Red Bulls won the Supporters Shield last year with the lowest payroll in the league. A number of other high performing teams had modest payrolls as well.

    Smart signings is the key, not expensive signings.

  • In reply to Charles Jogues:

    You're entitled to your opinion but be careful how you spend your ticket dollars. Andy doesn't strike me as a guy who would offer refunds if he decides to take down his tent and leave town in the night.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Sorry.....Say again...."Fold"? What's the context?

  • In reply to Tconmoney:

    What are you implying? Fire has had movement and action over the last week....

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Timing doesn't really matter in terms of announcing these signings. They don't have to report until January 24. It seems they've held back on some for strategic purposes going into the draft.
    The Fire aren't folding or rebranding.

  • In reply to penapirata:


  • Harrington is similar to Palmer. I mean maybe not directly, but in level of play etc. He could easily be the worst player on the backline, but that would still put the Fire in a better place than last season defensively.

    LaBrocca is who I thought they were going after since the news broke they were looking to sign a veteran free agent. Especially because of his ties to Chivas. I don't mind a veteran used as a depth signing, but I'd much rather resign Cocis and use some of that funny money on a serious upgrade to cmid. NR alluded to being able to after the draft.

    Anyone questioning if the Fire will be better than last year will have to wait and see what the spine of the team looks like going into the season. If they have two new international CBs, a new international Cmid, Polster, Shipp and Gilberto as the spine I think they may be in decent shape. I don't want to see Campbell, Vidic, LaBrocca, Polster, Shipp and Gilberto horribly much, but that STILL might be better than last year...

  • You mentioned Joao Meira as a potential CB, is that the same Joao Meira that was suspended 8 months back in 2012 for failing a drug test?

  • This report says center back Joao Meira is headed to the Fire.

    He seems to match the profile for CB #1.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    28 years old, first division in a decent league. Seems on the surface like a good move.

    Now, how about that drug test penapirata mentions? How does that fit in with all the recent Fire talk about knowing the player, knowing the person?

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Found a few articles (in Portuguese of course) that indicate the drug test was failed because of a fat burner supplement. Don't know the whole story, but sounds a bit more innocuous than what drug tests sometimes imply. It was a few seasons ago and before he played for his most recent team.

    Let's see if it's addressed.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    I'd still take Grazzini back.

  • In reply to BrianC.:

    Amen, brother. That was around the same time the whole thing started to smell bad.

  • I was looking at attendance for Belenenese, and most other Portuguese, clubs once you get past Sporting, Benfica and Porto. Man, his club averages 3,300 a game, which is about average outside the big three. He'll think our low turnouts are impressive.
    How physical is the Portuguese league compared to MLS?

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