Fire add defender Johan Kappelhof

The website for Dutch first division club FC Groningen reported this morning that they have come to an agreement with the Fire on the transfer of defender Johan Kappelhof. The 25 year old Ajax Academy product is mainly a center back but he can play right back if needed. FC Groningen also reports that the 5'-11" defender will sign a multi year agreement with Chicago.

With the European transfer window closing at the end of this month, the Fire are still working on other moves. The addition of Kappelhof and Joao Meira earlier this week bolsters the center back position but there is still one more signing apparently coming at that spot. Marcin Kaminski shouldn't be discounted just yet, even though he played in a match for Lech Poznan on Wednesday. It sounds like there are several options still on the table.

One player who won't be coming to the Fire is Nemanja Vidic. The veteran defender announced his retirement today. He was always a distant option for Chicago with rumors circulating during the SuperDraft about discussions with MLS. He was several choices behind younger possibilities.

The Fire have not released official word on the transfer of Kappelhof but should be soon.


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  • Sounds like he got a handful of games for the Dutch U-21 side. Has a lot of playing time with Groningen over the past few years. Seems like a lateral move for him. I like that he's a genuine CB. Wonder how the Fire got wind of him. Maybe VP saw him while a Serbia YNT?

  • From brief YouTube videos he looks very comfortable with ball at his feet, going forward. Regarding defense, looks like more finesse than physicality. I like his play but worry how well he will handle the WWF aspects of MLS! Again from videos he seems to be a well liked player by his teammates. I certainly hope that the Fire makes his transition to the US as friendly as possible.

  • Seems young enough and big enough (at 5'11'') that he can probably adapt to the thug style of MLS. I like that he seems to have good offensive skills and can play the right FB position. If we get sufficient CB manpower that we can use him at the FB position, he may help make up for the loss of Patrick Nyarko for the right sideline attack.

  • fb_avatar

    Not super pumped about our moves so far this offseason, but like that he's a product of AJAX. They've churned out many good CB's over the years.

  • We'll be recording the first Fire Confidential Live podcast of 2016 at tomorrow's ISA/Section 8 Chicago Annual General Meeting.

    Our guests will be Frank Klopas and Orrin Schwarz.

    The meeting starts at noon at the Trophy Room. 170 W. Ontario in Chicago.

    Stop on by.

  • Guillermo please do the podcast in quite area. I think that you did a podcast a year ago from the same setting and it was really hard to hear.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    Yea....we realize the noise at the last one was an issue.

  • Guillermo the Orrin Schwartz part of your podcast was excellent.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    Thanks! Did what we could with the live recording and it was challenging during the Klopas segment.

  • Guillermo a great podcast would be Orrin and Whitfield. I have to be big time jealous of teams like the galaxy who sign a good player every week while we wait for someone from some place I have never heard of. Even with a decent signing in the defense you have to think that it would be a major feet for Nelson to not repeat last in the league this year. I have heard from a friend in the league office that Nelson is super smart and will do all he can but we are screwed because basically we do not have an owner with equal bucks to the other mls teams. Reality is reality.

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