New podcast - Evan Whitfield reviews the season

It's been a while since the last podcast. Former Fire defender and television analyst Evan Whitfield joined us earlier this season and now he's back to take a look at what's gone wrong in 2015. The topics include the possibility of yet another roster overhaul, supporter discontent, formations and tactics, Hunter Jumper's recent comments, and the possibility of NASL and the Chicago Sting coming to Chicago.

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  • Guillermo

    Thanks for the podcast. I would love to see Evan in charge of the Fire.

  • For those of you who subscribe to the podcast....we are switching over to Last Word On Sports FC as the host site. You can subscribe to the pod from its new location right from here.....

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    So we have to subscribe to all that other junk for the occasional FireConf episode?? No way to just get your eps?

  • Unfortunately no. We'll be part of their roster, which includes 3 other shows at the moment. We'll still be posting to let everyone know when the shows are available as we always have, and will have them available through a number of different avenues. That won't change.

  • Nice Podcast, gents. Evan had a lot of reasonable takes on things and I agree with him on virtually everything. Shipp is a nice player, but not as good as many fans believe. I think he might be best used as he was used at ND. Big Red is being played out of his natural position, and just isn't good enough at CB. He probably makes too much to be the 12-13th guy off the bench...but he'd be a great depth guy for help at CM or CB moving forward, but isn't starter material anymore.

    Finally, and the most interesting thing I heard Evan say without saying it sounds like he is resigned to the fact that Hauptman might not commit the resources necessary to keep up with teams like Orlando and NYFC, not to mention already established eastern conf clubs like Red Bulls & Toronto that will pay the big bucks to bring in the bigger MLS players. So yes, maybe given some more time Yallop can produce a playoff team...but any more than that with the current level of support from ownership and it's unlikely. At least that's how I listened "between the lines" to that section of the podcast.

  • In reply to Tweaky:

    That should probably read Larentowicz as the 1st/2nd guy off the bench or the 12th-13th guy on the field. Having guys like him and Shipp coming off the bench while upgrading the starters would go a long way to making the Fire a high quality team. Not sure if it can be done w/in the confines of the cap though.

  • In reply to Tweaky:

    I think, even without massive overhaul, that there will be a decent amount of cap opening up. Can't imagine Shipp not being at least a sub, but would have to guess that Magee and Larentowizc contracts will be under some considerable evaluation. Also have to wonder what bit role guys are going to be gone- Watson, Cochrane, Ritter, Harden, etc. (and assuming Adailton is 100% gone). And (they've played well together, so maybe this isn't as big of a question mark anymore but) are Igbo and/or Gilberto back next season?

    There's fat to cut without touching the younger talent that one would think the team would be based around (Polster, Shipp, Accam, Jones, Stephens, etc.)

  • Oh yeah. Shipp. Evan's comments were on point, IMO. He has talent, but there's limits.

  • The frank discussion felt good to my ears.

    I like the point about "supplementing" the main players.

    With the evolving discussion on HauptmanOut (there is a good one over on Hot Time,) my views have changed a bit.

    Should the fan base clamor for better? Absolutely.
    Should the message be just "Hauptman Out?" No. Hire a COMPETENT, full time President who "gets it" as far as nurturing organic relationships and build the Club. Invest wisely in its infrastructure and development. Hire competent personnel who can work together. Etc.

  • In reply to BrianC.:

    I agree. We've seen him, finally after years of the same mistakes, commit resources to 3 DP's from the beginning of the season...even if there were no elite DPs in the group. The question is whether AH will make the continued necessary adjustments, such as hiring someone to act as a technical director or will he continue to move ahead w a dual coach/TD. The latter seems short sighted and cheap. For an obviously very smart business man, he sure has made many mistakes as the fire owner.

  • Guys. All anyone has to do to evulate AH is to admit that he has hired the two worst coaches in the league to run his team for the past 5 years.
    What really scares me was even a suggestion that Yallop could be back. Can anyone imagine any Chicago professional team rehiring the worst coach in the league. Heck the Bears fired a coach after just missing a playoff appearance.
    The MLS is developing into a real exciting league for everyone except Chicago.

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