Fire/Impact talks for Didier Drogba continue

The Fire and Montreal Impact continue to work towards an agreement that would allow Montreal to acquire the MLS rights to forward Didier Drogba. Chicago upped its offer to Drogba earlier this week but on Friday, the player expressed that his preference was to play in Montreal.

The current hold-up in completion of the deal lies with the compensation that Chicago would receive. Since the Fire still own "Discovery" rights to Drogba and have made a "genuine, objectively reasonable offer" the league rule stating that a club interested in signing another team's Discovery player can obtain the rights to that player by tendering an offer of $50,000.00 in allocation money does not apply.

According to sources familiar with the negotiations, the Fire are looking for allocation amounts in six figures and possibly a player in return.

It would behoove the Fire, Impact, and MLS to strike a deal reasonably quickly since Drogba reportedly has offers to play elsewhere. Should he decide that the MLS player acquisition rules merry-go-round isn't to his liking, the league could be left without a player that it wants and both Chicago and Montreal lose out.

Stay tuned.


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  • Does this get done? With a player coming over? If so who do we think?

    Attacker like Mapp, Oduro, Duka, JacMack

    Or fullback like Toia, Miller, Mallace? (Fullback depth would help push Gehrig to fulltime backup CB, which would probably be good)

    Regardless Fire still need a forward who can score (like always).

  • I'd like to get Jack McInerney out of it. He's young and skilled, I can see him benefiting from the change of scenery and working for us like Rolfe worked for DC. Even if he's all we got, Montreal would only have the better deal through 2016 (assuming Polster doesn't retire him early) I don't value allocation money because this team doesn't know how to spend it anyway.

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