Fire 2 Revolution 2 - recap and ratings

The Fire had all three Designated Players available for the first time since May and a renewed sense of optimism courtesy of a mid-week Open Cup win but the final result and post game commentary sounded quite familiar. "Obviously a disappointment to end the game, we looked a bit laggy and not sharp in the first half," said Frank Yallop. ""Maybe, it was because of our game Wednesday."

New England looked like the much better side for most of the first half but the score was level at half time. A questionable call in the Fire's favor led to a penalty kick just before half time. The last forty-five minutes were better but shambolic defending proved to be the team's downfall yet again. More than the lack of finishing, the defensive failings of this team as assembled has contributed greatly to its current standing at the bottom of the league table. Adding a legitimate target striker, of which Kennedy Igboananike certainly is not, will make things entertaining but results won't come if the team continues to defend as shambolically as it does at times. The Fire were also fortunate that a third New England goal was disallowed.

As the Fire and Montreal Impact continue to talk about Didier Drogba, a move for considerable defensive help is necessary not only for league play but for any hope of salvaging this season via the Open Cup. Moving Matt Polster to right back has weakened central midfield while providing marginally better play than Lovel Palmer or Eric Gehrig at the position. If Palmer isn't an option due to "fitness" issues, the Fire will need to address right back as well as center back immediately.

Yallop addressed Drogba briefly during his post game press conference but didn't provide much nformation. "I have no update on that. I just finished the game. I haven't spoken to anybody before the game. There is no real update until there is one," said Yallop. "There might be an update tomorrow (Sunday); right now there isn't one.

Player ratings (to follow)

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  • ESPN reporting that Drogba to Montreal deal is done.

    Fire receive over $100,000.00 in Target Allocation and Regular Allocation Money.

    Total is considerably more than $100k

    Stay tuned

  • When does Yallop give up on Polster at RB? It's absolutely ridiculous. He has no business out there. What other coach would move their best cm to rb when there is a rb on the bench? Absolutely nothing will change unless we bring in 2 new cbs and a rb. It is impossible to play possession soccer with the defenders we have. Every pass is either to another defender or a long ball to a tiny Iggy.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Would have to think once Larentowicz is back, Gehrig moves back over to RB and Polster heads back to CM.

  • Guys how dishearting. How can the third largest market in the U.S. Continuously run into situations like lost lotteries or players perfecting another market over the best town in the U.S.
    It will be interesting to see how the Fire will mis use the $100,000. My bet is they keep the allocation and say it will be better used next season.
    The way Yallop has used his rookie midfielder is a disgrace. He should be playing midfield so that he can develop his skills.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    Polster is better than Cocis and Watson. Palmer is a better right back than Polster. That isn't hard to see. Saying Palmer is out of shape is ridiculous. If you don't think he is good enough then say that, but saying he is out of shape is so Spank Gallop. Polster was constantly out of position and both crosses came from his side. He was pushed way too far up on the first goal and a simple ball in behind took him out of the play. Can't really blame him for the second but it was a cross from his side that led to the goal. If we are going g to suck, like we do, we might as well get our good young players the minutes for next season. The best this team can get from a match is a draw.

  • fb_avatar

    This has been going on for the past five years, trying to find low buck talent, mis judging talent, playing players out of position, failing to obtain top line talent. It's interesting how many teams have lower budgets can obtain a degree of competitive quality talent while the Fire appear clueless. Accam and Polster are quality, new talent, but the rest, outside the possibility of Mahoney, evidently are mediocre.
    This has been a difficult season with injuries, but other teams seem to deal with these issues better than the Fire. Looking at the roster one would expect the team to be more competitive then it is. It's one thing to locate quality talent, but to find quality talent that can blend into a functional unit is another. If the Fire decide to get another coach hopefully it will be one with experience with success and a
    profile that would attract quality players to the team.
    Even though the Drogba affair may be a fiasco, the team ended up
    with a substantial increase in cash, so this venture isn't a complete
    failure and the team has funds to add several quality players.

  • fb_avatar

    Don't think that Gilberto has the quality to make an impact on MLS,
    if he can't make the !st. team in Toronto what is he doing with the Fire? If they can't do better than this, expect a lot of more empty seats next year. Based on his record, his scoring rate is not particularly outstanding. If they can't do better than this they should leave town, they just don't get it.

  • What do you guys make of Quincy Amarikwa scoring with San Jose? He scored again tonight and now has 3 goals in 3 games since being traded. I always thought he was a hard-working player with no finishing ability, which is the most important thing for a forward. I'm surprised about Quincy's play with SJ. Does it make the Fire look that bad or is it just coincidence?

    Also, to Ron Stone: Joevin Jones is pretty good new talent as well to go with Accam and Polster so that's something. As you said the key is getting the talent to mesh (and getting some quality defenders).

  • In reply to Dan Santaromita:

    Let's see where Amarikwa's numbers are at the end of the season.

  • fb_avatar

    It's surprising how well many ex-Fire players turn out after leaving the club. It must be the air.

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