Razov to be inducted into Ring of Fire

It's been a long time coming.

The Fire's all-time leading goal scorer will be officially inducted into the club's Ring of Fire during a ceremony on October 3. Razov will join Peter Nowak, Frank Klopas, Lubos Kubik, Peter Wilt, Bob Bradley, Chris Armas, and CJ Brown as the eighth individual to be honored.

Razov is the 4th all-time highest goal scorer in MLS history with 114 (76 while with the Fire), and led the 1998 double-winning Fire team with 10 tallies. He was also a part of two other US Open Cup championship teams aside from the '98 squad. The official announcement acknowledging the induction was made today although existing Ring of Fire members agreed to include him late last summer. The process of formalizing plans for the induction apparently pushed the actual announcement until now.

The ceremony will take place before the October 3 match against the New England Revolution rather than July 11, when the Seattle Sounders are in town. Razov currently works as an assistant for the Sounders. Details pertaining to the date selection and the ceremony have yet to be announced.


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  • As a side note, Fire COO Atul Khosla explained via twitter that the date was selected to be as close as possible to the October 8 anniversary date and they wanted the event to stand on its own and not tied to competing against him with Seattle. After speaking with Razov, 7/11 could have been done but they were able to work out 10/3.

  • After last evenings performance, then seeing the names of those who once donned the red and white, I just get depressed at how far the team has fallen...

    Nice to see Ante finally recognized though.

  • Was anything brought up as to why the club waited for a year to do this when the members selected him last year?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    The members agreed to include him last August after a vote/survey was taken to determine who might be the next inductee. There were other names on the list (Thornton was the other prominent name), but there apparently wasn't unanimous agreement initially over who the next one would be.
    Since the induction is now made by the club "in consultation with current Ring of Fire" members (according to chicago-fire.com), it wasn't as simple as completing the survey and doing something last October in a rush. There was some time taken to address the logistics, planning, and attempt to clarify the terms for induction. That pushed everything into 2015. As you know Razov is now an assistant coach for the Sounders, so much of the scheduling revolved around how and when he would be available.
    Since the Sounders visit Chicago on July 11, that seemed like the logical choice. As Kholsa mentioned in his tweets, they preferred to do something closer to the anniversary date and separate from a competitive day against Razov's current team. They were able to work something out with him and Seattle to get it done on 10/3.
    In speaking with folks at the club, the delay seemed to stem from attempts and efforts to "correct" the way the attitude of the club is perceived by some supporters towards the ROF. Apparently, Logan Pause is involved with working through these details. It could have been announced earlier this season but the date wasn't finalized until recently.

  • In reply to penapirata:

    Should also clarify that the survey/vote conducted last August was part of ongoing dialogue on how to continue adding honorees. There was no underlying reason for pushing into this year other than attempting to get it right.

  • The Fire will host the Charlotte Independence on June 30 at Toyota Park in the next round of USOC.

    If they beat Charlotte, they will host the winner of Columbus/Orlando City.

    Advancing past that round will mean a semi-final road to trip to either Cosmos, NYRB, DC, or Philadelphia.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    The Fire have no excuse not to make it to the semis again, as they will host a USL side and if they win, host again. Orlando in particular would have a long trip to come up for the match, a slight advantage for the Fire in addition to being on their home field. Any decent team should be able to turn that advantage into a win. But, as we know...

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Charlotte's going to be tough. They've been on a good Cup run and their league form has been improving.

    For once, a midweek game will work out in our favor, giving us 5 days rest in between games.

    IMO, roster considerations should prioritize this match over the Houston match that Friday, though my feeling is that FY "will weigh them equally" holding back a few starters as subs.

  • In reply to BrianC.:

    We are playing another USL team in the next round. We got the easiest draw we could possibly get. Anything less than the semis is a failure. Saying that Charlotte will be tough is ridiculous. That is something Yapyap would say.

    If we win, and Columbus wins, we will play them on the 15th, 19th, and 22nd of July.

  • After the last couple of games it is really hard not to start looking towards next year. If they finish up in the place they are in today will Andy stick with Yallop? Hopefully he doesn't get another coach named Frank.

  • weekend picks

    col-dal col
    sea-sj tie
    tor-nyc tor
    nyrb-van nyrb
    mtl-orl tie
    la-phi la
    por-hou por
    dc-ne tie
    rsl-kc tie


  • Weekend picks

    Colorado and FC Dallas draw
    Seattle over San Jose
    Toronto FC over New York City
    New York RB and Vancouver draw
    Montreal over Orlando City
    Los Angeles over Philadelphia
    Portland over Houston
    DC United and New England draw
    Sporting KC over Real Salt Lake


  • fb_avatar

    As of 10pm on 6/20 the Fire are the sole team in last place in the MLS and it might be awhile before we get out of last place, each succeeding week looks worse than the previous week.

  • Remember that weird front office email to season ticket holders late last year saying "now is the time for the Fire to rise"???


  • Guys last night I watched perhaps the best team in the MLS play. The team was the Vancouver Whitecaps coached by perhaps the best young coach in the league Carl Robinson. Could someone tell me why two coaches ( Yallop) and Robinson both started at the same time have one exciting team and one absolutely awful last place team.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    They landed positions with different clubs with different existing situations and different owners? It takes a whole team. There've always been, and remain, questions about Andy's commitment and how that has built the existing landscape that is the Chicago Fire today.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    Now I' don't think Hauptman is the best owner in the league by any stretch but he seems to be willing to sign DP's regularly. He seems to be putting money in and getting no return on it. How many times would you be willing to throw money at something and get terrible returns in it? He gave the green light to 3 DP's this off season. He let soccer guys pick who they were. Unfortunately, that soccer guy is Frank Yallop and now we're on the outside looking in at good DP's on other teams. Hauptman is now stuck with 1 good dp and 2 mediocre players that he has to pay or try and get rid of them again. The real knock on Hauptman has to be his choices in management, IMO.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Your points are well taken. I agree although, up until this year, Andy was also trying to play it on the cheap. I'll agree he's loosened the purse strings somewhat and we've now had 14 games to count our results.

    My point was that comparing Yallop's performance to that of Vancouver's Carl Robinson is unreasonable because they were hired into two different organizations which were in distinctly different circumstances.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    Vancouver is good but not the best team in the league. Seattle at full force has to be number one, imo.

    Vancouver was also a bit fortunate last night. That said, good teams make their luck.

  • Guys at this point in the season one has to say that Yallop is a flop. I hire sales people for my business. Many think sales is easy but it is hard to find someone that can put up with the day day rigors of mean customers that treat sales guys bad. That said we give a new employee enough time to sink or swim. in Yallops case he has had enough time and should be released today. His personnel work is killing the team. If you compare him to almost any coach ( even Klopas) he is bad. Keeping him around just prolongs the misery of another list season.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    Now that players are getting hurt, he is going to use the excuse of not having a full team and all that crap. He is the worst. He has made us worse than we have ever been before and now we are stuck with his players. Maloney and Iggy are not DP level players. They would be great signings as regular signings. As DP signings, they are piss poor. Yallop should have been let go after last season.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    But Yallop never makes excuses. Remember the line of:
    "I never make excuses.....but (insert excuse here)."

  • In reply to penapirata:

    There's a meme for that. No, really.

  • Guys. Iggy has a chance but the Scottish wizard should stay with the national team. If they could only get that trade back and use it for a decent fullback it would help. I personally would like to see Barry back. Yallop never gave him a chance then he got hurt in Philly. I think that he is playing in Japan.

  • In reply to Brokerman:


  • In reply to Arklow:

    2nd division no less.

  • In reply to Brokerman:

    DP players should make the team noticeably better than they were before they arrived. Accam does that. Maloney and Iggy do not. There is no difference between Shipp and Maloney. That is not to say that Maloney and Iggy are bad players. They may even be good players, but DP's need to be great players. They need to make the all of the players around them better because they are on the field. Maloney played the whole second half last Tuesday. The team played the same as when Watson was out there. If both Iggy and Maloney were not DP signings, they would have been good moves. Since they are DP signings, they are bad moves. Now we are stuck with them and to hope they become better players or someone will take them away from us.

    Berry and Anibaba should have never left the club.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Check out the Liverpool blog by Paul Tomkins - http://tomkinstimes.com/2015/01/in-defence-of-fsgs-transfer-policy/. He figures that only 40% of transfers are successful (based on analysis of Premier League data). I'm not saying he's 100% correct, but just because you spend money on someone doesn't mean they're going to work out. I said before the season - based on this guy's analysis - that we could only expect one of the DPs to work out. Sounds like that's the conclusion about trio, though I still think we'll still see more out of Igboananike.

    In another post on his blog, he has this interesting analysis: "What’s interesting is that although the successful clubs have the most expensive squads, they also sign plenty of costly duds; as I’ve been saying for years, it’s this ability to take big losses on high-price failures and not break their stride that increases their odds of winning things."

    One season of spending by AH is NOT enough to reverse a trend of underinvestment. He needs to be willing not only to spend money, but to waste it (if you consider the success of individual player moves, not sheer number of successful moves) in order to succeed.

    Does anyone think AH is willing to do that?

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Sure I/we would all love for him to throw more of HIS money at the club but he hasnt seen any return in YEARS of him spending that money. If anything, AH's biggest failures have been his managerial hires. None of them really seem to work out and ,in return, waste his money on bad players.

    If he did limit the money available for Yallop, could you blame him? Based on the absolute crap he brought in last season, I wouldnt want him spending a dime of my money.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    In the end Andy will always be a vulture capitalist and he will always be looking for the highest return from minimum investment. That is why he could be the worse thing for this club.

  • I'm chomping at the bit to hear the new podcast. There is just sooooo much stuff to chew on.

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