Fire survive Louisville City, advance in USOC tournament

The Fire averted what could have been an embarrassing US Open Cup disaster by squeaking past USL side Louisville City FC 1-0 in overtime. Quincy Amarikwa, who squandered countless opportunities throughout the night, scored the game winner in the 116th minute. While standing in the way of Guly do Prado’s shot attempt, Amarikwa redirected the ball with his head past goalkeeper Scott Goodwin.

Frank Yallop fielded a combination of available starters and reserve players to start the match. The level of play was considerably below first division quality but the Fire survived to move into the fifth round of the US Open Cup tournament. US Soccer will hold a draw to determine opponents for the remaining clubs in the round of 16 on Thursday at 10am.

“When you play everyone who doesn’t play a lot of minutes and you put it all together. This doesn’t always come out well, we kept going. We won the game and we are into the next round. I’ve got to take the positive and that was, we keep going, we kept fighting, we kept pushing. I know the team we are playing against is a lower league team but I think with the guys we had missing and what we did on Saturday, it was a hard match for us and I think we obviously did enough to win,” said Yallop after the match.

The Fire advanced but this display wasn’t exactly one for the scrapbook.


  • Shaun Maloney left the match with back spasms in overtime. Yallop didn’t seem concerned with the injury. “Probably didn't want to play him tonight but with the lack of guys we had available, we weren't playing particularly well and didn't look dangerous. But obviously with the trip he had, he had a long trip and I hope it is just spasms. When he settles down he should be okay," he said.
  • Kennedy Igboananike was not in the 18 due to a sinus infection.
  • Matt Polster started the game at centerback
  • Sean Johnson returned to the line-up and played well while donning the armband
  • Jeff Larentowicz was on the bench but did not play due to a slight groin issue
  • Matt Fondy was the captain for Louisville City

Fire line-up

S. Johnson

Gehrig, Polster, Adailton, Cochrane

Watson (Maloney 46’, Cocic 97’), Stephens, Ritter, Shipp

Amarikwa, J. Johnson (do Prado 63’)

Subs not used: Busch, Palmer, Larentowicz, Fernandez

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  • Everything Yallop said before the match was a lie. He, once again, is saying what he thinks we want to hear. That lineup yesterday was a disgrace. Shipp was the only starter in the midfield and forwards. Every pass was either sideways, backwards, or a long ball to their keeper. Just when I think the team can't get any worse they go and do things like this. Louisville was the better team yesterday. Their 2 CMs, left CB, LW, and RW were the best players on the field. The only chances we had came from mistakes on their end because they are a third division side. Matt Fondy made Polster and Adailton look awful. Matt Fondy was beating them to the first ball and running in behind them. The same Matt Fondy that could go down as the worst signing in Fire history. Gehrig was getting smoked by their LW and LB all game. Louisville never looked scared of us. They were able to play out of the back, move the ball side to side, and get behind us whenever they wanted.

    Besides Sean Johnson, every player on that field was a Frank Yapyap signing.

  • One of the big issues I had with the game was every time the Fire got the ball in deep on the flanks all of our dangerous players weren't even close to getting in the box. When either back had the ball and went for the cross, there was no one short to play inside, and 2 players too deep (quincy /prado) with the cross not getting to them.

    For a long period of time both Shipp and Maloney were too deep into the midfield trying to move the ball around so any chance we actually did create fell to the feet of less dangerous players. I just feel like somehow you need to get Shipp and Maloney more central and closer to the goal.

    I cant help be feel a few of those shots that Quincy air balled from outside of the the box would have been in good range for Shipp or Maloney.

  • If the Fire had Fondy instead of Quincy we probably win 3-0 in regulation. But, we had Quincy who is....well, just awful. I don't know if you could ask for a better chance than what he had in the 31st minute (Still laughing at the replays). I don't care if he scored the only goal in the game. Trade him (But who would want him?). Send him down to St. Louis. Do something so that he is no where near this team. I could be a more productive forward than him for a much lower price tag. It pains my eyes to watch him make bad decision after bad decision and over-complicate everything he does.

  • I watched this game during and after the USWNT v Nigeria match, and it was striking what a downgrade there was in quality of play between the two.

    Amarikwa just seems too self-conscious when he gets the ball now. He seems to know that everyone is watching him, and he's trying to do something spectacular. It's no wonder that when he finally did score, is was his shortest time with the ball during the whole game (ok, I didn't fact check that, but he had no time to overthink things with his deflection). I would say that maybe this gets him the confidence he needs to calm down, but I don't think so.

    If this was another, better team, fans could overlook the performance, see the score and be satisfied that the Fire did what it took to move on without losing players to injuries or discipline. But with such horrible recent form, even a win feels like a loss.

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