Strike averted - MLS/players agree on new CBA

Strike averted - MLS/players agree on new CBA

There will be soccer this weekend after all. MLS and the Player's Union agreed to a new 5 year collective bargaining agreement tonight which ensures that the season will kick off as scheduled on Friday. The player's union voted to strike late on Wednesday night after reviewing the league's latest proposal yesterday but both sides continued negotiations this morning leading to an accord preventing the first work stoppage in MLS history. Neither side could afford to delay the season or sit through a prolonged stoppage and the deal appears to include concessions from both sides.
According to various reports the known details are as follows:

  • Players that are 28 years of age and with at least 8 years of experience will be eligible for free agency.
  • The raises available to free agents are capped. Players making less than $100,000.00 per year can increase wages by 125%. Players making between $100,00o.00 and $200,000.00 annually can receive an increase up to 120% of their last salary, and players making over $200,000.00 can increase pay by 115%.
  • The minimum salary is raised to $60,000.00 (up from $36,500.00 in 2014).
  • The minimum will increase incrementally over the course of the agreement.
  • The cap/budget will increase with some reports placing it at a 15% hike.

There has been no word yet on changes to Designated Player limits or roster sizes although clubs were of the belief that slots would be reduced to 24 or 25. The Fire currently have 25 players under contract.

GK Johnson, Busch, Kann

D Jones, Palmer, Larentowicz, Adailton, Gehrig, Doody, Polster, Cochrane

M Maloney, Shipp, Cocis, Watson, Ritter, Stephens, Alex, Nyarko, Fernandez

F Magee, Accam, do Prado, Amarikwa, Igboananike

The deal could have been better for players, specifically the age restriction for free agency limits young players, but the ability for any movement is certainly a step in the right direction. I'm sure this will all be revisited come 2020.


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  • It should be noted that the deal has been agreed to "in principle" and details are still being finalized (DPs, roster size, etc).

  • Man, I could watch that celebration gif all day.

    Too bad Klopas never had the opportunity to do that here...

  • In reply to TomazPP:

    Greatest coaching red card ever. ;)

  • Goff reporting that the salary cap will increase incrementally as it did in the last CBA. The cap will only hit $4.2 mill by 2019 though.

  • I think the key was the bump in the minimum salary. That was the biggest change from my viewpoint. Some may say it falls short, but basically the minimum is equivalent to the median teacher's salary in Evanston so I think it seems fairer anyway. What are you hearing from the players etc. Are they happy with these changes?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    I haven't had a chance to speak to many since they're out in LA....I expect some like it and some don't, which seems to be typical of what I'm seeing across the league.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    As much as I want there to be soccer right now, the players should have held out for more. This was the chance for them to do it. 2 expansion teams, a big time tv deal, and the league as big as it has ever been. I think the players should have pushed for more. Can you imagine the hell storm that would happen if there was a strike for that expansion game on Sunday? 60k tickets sold and there would be no game?! That would have had the owners worried. That free agency is not free agency. You have to get screwed by 2 or 3 contracts before you can become a "free agent." This opens the door for the next CBA but what is that going to look like? 27 with 7 years?

    I'm interested to see how many players can be "free agents" after this year. I think only Busch, Magee, and Big Red would be our only "free agents" on our roster. Im glad were playing tomorrow but I would have been completely fine with them striking.

  • Guys the log jam at the forward spot when McGee returns is interesting. I would spot McGee up top and trade Quincy for someone like Boswell from DC. With Johnson sick they desperately need offensive help.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    If they could get Boswell for Amarikwa, Yallop and Bliss should win an award.

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