Fire to add Spanish midfielder Víctor Pérez

The Fire are set to add Spanish midfielder Victor Perez to the roster within the next week or so. A report by's Nick Sabetti earlier today has been confirmed by two separate sources to Fire Confidential. Perez, whose contract is owned by Spain's Valladolid, was on loan to Levante in La Liga but they removed him from their roster in order to make room for the transfer of midfielder Bryan Ruiz. The transfer for Ruiz did not go through leaving Perez in between clubs due to a rule stipulation. As Sabetti reports, the Fire were able to secure a loan for Perez for non-DP dollars.

Per Sabetti, the initial loan expires on June 30 with options to extend until the end of 2015 and again for another year, or through the end of Perez's current contract with Valladolid. Although the finalization of paperwork hasn't occurred yet, terms have been agreed to and the Fire appear to be getting a 27 year old central midfielder who has had some success in Spain's top flight. Perez will occupy the eighth international spot on the roster but his price will increase with the options. Frank Yallop and Brian Bliss will have some time to maneuver budget dollars if they decide to extend the loan past June. In the meantime the Fire are getting a quality player in his prime who can man the "8" or "6" spot where the club needed an upgrade.

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  • So if Victor works out, another mid will get cut/traded mid-season to make cap space?

  • In reply to BrianC.:

    I would think odd man out would be Cocis. He's been little more than an overpaid journeyman central mid. He's not horrible, but there are 20 CM's just like him in the league.

  • Any idea what Perez' mindset is coming into this?

    Sounds like he's been kind of screwed over by the teams he would be returning to in June, does he even want to go back? Additionally, does he even want to be here, or is it just the only option to play until June?

    Seems like a solid upgrade over the Fire's options in cmid, but if he pulls a Robayo (or a Grazzini) it's just another headache in the long run.

  • In reply to TomazPP:

    Your fear is exactly why I personally like this deal, TomazPP. With the cap hit being minimal for 6 months, it gives the club some time to kick the tires on Perez and see if he's worth keeping around. If they see value in him, they make room in July to keep him through the end of the season. If no, nothing ventured nothing gained.

    I don't see how they lose in this deal, really. It's what they should've done w/ countless other signings who were on the fence in terms of how they'd work out/not work out.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    That's one thing I like about the Yallop-era trades- they've been sensibly structured. The Leon deals always left me scratching my head a little bit.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    The only two ways I don't like it is if -

    1. He doesn't come to play at all and just half asses his way until he can go home (a Robayo)


    2. He plays amazingly and the Fire make room for him, sign his loan extension, but then he flashes a "Thank you, Chicago" t-shirt and buggers off back to Argen... I mean Spain (a Grazzini)

    Now obviously, not being tied to him is a better situation than Robayo was, but I still don't want to watch a player who doesn't want to be here. Hence my question.

  • In reply to TomazPP:

    Off topic but remember when the Fire used to have that question where you would text in the answer and the winner would win a jersey or whatever they were giving away? I was picked and won a stupid Robayo jersey. He was gone 3 weeks later...

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Probably Yallop's fault. ;)

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    It definitely was his fault.

  • It was reported on twitter earlier that the Victor Perez loan is only a two month loan. Does this mean theres no longer the option to extend his loan or option for anther year?

  • In reply to cf97TID:

    It means the option will need to be decided on in June.

    The options for the rest of the year and 2016 still exist.

  • Picks this weekend:

    Houston 1 Orlando 2
    Chicago 2 Vancouver 1
    Columbus 0 Toronto 1
    FC Dallas 1 Sporting 1
    RSL 2 Philadelphia 0
    Seattle 3 San Jose 0
    NYC 1 New England 1
    Portland 1 Los Angeles 2

    last week 3-7

  • hou-orl tie
    chi-van tie
    col-tor tor
    dal-kc tie
    rsl-phi rsl
    sea-sj sea
    nyc-ne nyc
    por-la tie

    2-8 last week. (And I actually made a spreadsheet to keep track this year. No more missed weeks. =) )

  • Well, it looks like it's time to press the panic button. Thoroughly outplayed by a bad team in the home opener on some dreary brown grass. Although pitch seemed fine... They have 2 creative players, shipp and amerikwa, and that is it. Dreadful back line. There was no chance of them scoring, and they were playing for a tie the whole time. Just horrible.

  • I hope this Perez actually brings about some change. Second game in a row where the team looked like they had no clue in the final third. I don't know where the goal scoring is coming from this team. I'm starting to doubt Frank's management of this team. Alex replaces Stephens who had been a better attacking option to that point? Does Alex have photos of Frank or Andy Haumptman in compromising positions? Seriously? Why is he even still on this team? I think one of the training cones would be better!

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