Fire news and notes - Accam to miss again, Igboananike struggling, more moves to come?

Frank Yallop didn’t indicate that more player personnel changes are on the immediate horizon in his weekly conference call with reporters but did file notice that Designated Players aren’t going to be immune to relocation if necessary. After Sunday’s loss in San Jose, Yallop had this to say about finally having all three DP’s on the field:

“You can’t click your fingers and it’s going to happen. You’re going to have some bad results, you’re going to come up against some adversity. Hopefully this is our spell to get over them early and get our team going and get our team moving. I’m pleased with who we’ve added. Some guys work out, some don’t. We’ll figure that out in June. We’re no different, I thought JJ, did well, Adailton did well, Shaun Maloney did well, David it was his first look. I thought he looked dangerous but I was pleased with everything other than the result.”

The obvious exclusion to those mentions is forward Kennedy Igboananike, who has failed to beat out Quincy Amarikwa for a starting spot. Yallop provided some additional depth to Sunday's comments by addressing some of the issues with the new acquisitons this season.

"Obviously we want everyone to work out that we bring in. It’s not a slight on the guy that we did (bring in)" he said today. "If it’s not going to quite work out and you've got to make changes then you do it. In our league there’s about a fifty percent success rate for everybody. I’m hoping that we have one hundred percent. I said that a few weeks ago but usually there’s some guys that don’t quite (work out) or take a while to get going, which is always a big thing for us."

Yallop commented on David Accam's absence, which will now be extended after receiving a call from Ghana to join them for upcoming friendlies after being left off the initial roster, and Igboananike specifically. "It’s a shame that David gets off again and that’s all he’s had so far. I think we saw enough bright spots that he could be dangerous and good but obviously he’s got to integrate himself. I thought Adailton and JJ (Joevin Jones) have done fine. Kennedy is still feeling his way but not really as well as I think he can," he said.

The Fire were notified last night that Accam would be leaving for Ghanaian camp today and Yallop certainly wasn't thrilled with the prospect of losing a very important piece of the puzzle for another game. “He’s played half a game for us and been injured if not all the time, pretty much all of the time (he’s been with team) so it’s disappointing but it’s the rules and you can’t do anything about it. You’ve just got to swallow it and move on. He’s not going to be here. Get ready for this game to get a result at home and expect him back for the following game against Toronto when he gets back. I’ve been through this as a player and a coach of a national team and there’s no easy solution. Players are half injured and sort of semi-fit but they’ve got to go in. It’s the rules, that’s why they made the rules and we’ve got to abide by them," he said.

If Igboananike, or any other players for that matter fail to pass muster Yallop did open the door for the possibility of even more changes during the summer transfer window. "You usually know after a few months if it’s going to really work out or if you have to maybe look at other options. I want them all to work out. They’re going to get a chance but we do have options coming up that every team looks at anyway. Most teams make a little bit of a move, unless they’re flying, in the next window."

"We’ve got two guys coming back that are important to us as well with Mike (Magee) and Patrick (Nyarko). Hopefully they get healthy soon and that will help us out," said Yallop. Magee has been jogging for several weeks now and has begun some side work while Nyarko started jogging last week and could be available for selection by the end of May if there are no setbacks. Magee could return even sooner.

In the meantime, he knows that positive results need to happen soon in order to avoid the pitfalls of recent seasons past. "It’s only three games in but you have two home games against conference opponents (coming up) so we've got to obviously start winning soon," said Yallop.


  • Yallop wasn't totally down on the team despite the 0-3 start citing some improvement in play in each match.  "Result wise not good. Performance wise not bad," he said of the San Jose game. "In the second half I thought we played well. We had a chance to equalize and didn’t. That’s football. You’ve got to keep going and you’ve got to keep believing that you can get the result."
  • There is no new update yet on midfielder Victor Perez yet. “(Brian Bliss) is checking into it today from the lawyers and see where we’re at,” said Yallop.
  • The Fire announced that they have officially signed draft pick Kingsley Bryce to a contract. There are currently 26 signed players on the roster.

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  • Has there been any update on Razvan Cocis? If he's not ready, it looks like the Fire will have 16 field players available Sunday.

  • In reply to seamuslush:

    May be out a couple more weeks. Plantar fasciitis is tough to diagnose.

  • So after three games, Yallop has already thought about having to try and move a DP at some point. That is not a normal thought that teams have and the fact that he is saying that is a problem. We get three chances to sign a player that will change the match. DP's should not be a shot in the dark like Kennedy.

    "We’ll figure that out in June..." By June, it might already be too late for this season. Our schedule up to June 6: PHI, TFC, NE, MON, NYCFC, SKC, RSL, NYCFC, CREW, MON, DC, OCFC. We would be lucky to win two of those games. Our goal needs to be 17 points this season so we wont be the worst team in the history of the league.

  • *sigh* I'll call it Must-win for Sunday.

    Same as it ever was.

    It's like 2013 never ended.

  • In reply to BrianC.:

    Many good days go by.

    Meanwhile, we waste them watching and talking about the Fire.

  • In reply to TomazPP:

    No one ever said soccer addiction was smooth sailing. =)

  • I finally got around to watching the second half from Sunday. Holy hell they actually had some urgency the first 20 min into the second half. Im not sure if it was just Accam or the team taking some pride. Accam looked to make a difference every time he touched the ball and he did. I look forward to them finally building off of these positive stretches.

    With Accam and Maloney being gone on sunday, Iggy needs a full 90. I would love to see him try to take over the game like Accam did. Use that speed.

  • I am really getting sick and tired of Frank "I don't like to make excuses but" Yallop's excuses. Also the 50% hit rate on a guy you have been scouting for years? Hey I also have a 50% hit rate does that mean I can also get a DP contract? It seems that Frank is the excuse king as to why things are not just working. I'm also getting sick of the gel argument. If they still need time to gel than what was the point of preseason? This is on Frank and his coaching staff for not getting the players ready for when playing actually counts for something.

  • As always, thanks to Guillermo for having the fortitude to so closely follow what must be a pretty discouraging beat.

    Completely agree with Penapirata. Yallop seems to be the king of excuse makers. How would any of us fare in our jobs if we told our boss that only about 50% of our projects will succeed? Maybe bubble-era Silicon Valley and MLS are the only two places where this attitude is not only acceptable but actually rewarded? Lord have mercy on us all.

  • If you look at the rates for big money transfers into the Premier League, there are lots of guys who don't work out. Or don't even look that far - just look in MLS. I think that Yallop is speaking truth on this success rate issue (there are some writers who thinks he's actually being overly optimistic that 50% of guys succeed). I think they tried within their budget to bring in some exciting players, and they're not guys who have 3 years experience in Columbus or Dallas who already know the league. They may never adjust to living in the US, no matter what kind of preparations were made.

    As for other issues, there FY is open to lots of criticism.

    On a side note, I'm actually in Ghana now and when I get away from work for a bit I'm going to see if I can get a sense on the street about David Accam's reputation, thoughts about MLS, etc. If I can, I'll try to report back.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    I tend to agree with you on the hit rate, Modibo. It's not what folks want to hear but sometimes these guys just don't work out. Of course it's incumbent on Yallop to find those that will but I give him credit for answering honestly. If the answer would have been something along the lines of "he needs time to adjust" or something to that effect, there would be equal amounts of indignation. If he can't play to the level they expect- move him out and get an actual top flight forward that won't leave you with a guessing game as to whether or not he will produce. You know, the kind of forward they've needed for the last five years.

    Thoughts from Ghana would be great.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Yallop's success rate is nowhere near 50% though. For every Palmer, there is a Fondy, Watson, Ianni, Hurtado, and Watson. It's sad that he already knows that Iggy isnt good enough after 1 game. Why didn't Yallop go out and "get an actual top flight forward that won't leave you with a guessing game as to whether or not he will produce" in the first place? He had the entire off season to locate and sign that player and didnt do it. He is lost and taking us down with him.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Just to be fair, I believe Yallop was referring to bringing people INTO the league. Fondy, Palmer, Ianni, Hurtado, Watson...and...Watson again...anyway, they were all IN the league already.

    Ianni and Hurtado both had solid careers IN the league. Hurtado was an MLS best defender. They both sucked for the Fire and were crappy transfers and Yallop failed etc. But when they were brought INTO the league (by Seattle on transfer for Hurtado and draft by Houston I believe for Ianni), they were successful. The same could be said for Palmer and Watson, although to a lesser degree. Palmer has bounced around the league and Watson is bad IMO, but the folks in Vancouver seemed to like him fine. Let's all pretend Fondy didn't exist. Anyway, apart from Fondy, those guys had fairly successful careers in the league, despite sucking for the Fire (other than Palmer).

    On the other hand, I think Yallop means guys new to the league: mainly Cocis, Jones, Maloney, Igbo, Adailton, Accam, do Prado, Pongolle. Also, to a lesser extent draftees and homegrowns.

    It's too early to call most of those guys (although Cocis, Jones, Adailton and Accam look set to be decent at least and Igbo, Maloney, do Prado are all disappointing, Pongolle was a fail), but it looks like about 50% are ok and 50% are disappointing/failures.

    Yallop isn't great at anything, but it seems he's far worse at identifying talent WITHIN the league than bringing guys new to the league in. Guys new to the league actually seem close to a 50/50 failure/success rate.

  • In reply to TomazPP:

    He was talking about players coming to a new team, not new to the league. He is in way over his head right now and it is really sad. He was depending on these players to make everyone forget about last season. Things are worse this year and he is scrambling. He is again saying things that he thinks we want to hear. It is working for some, obviously not for me.

    You say Yallop isn't great at anying, but he isnt even GOOD at anything. He has a terrible eye for talent and he is not a good game manager. His formation and lineups are usually strange and his substitutions usually make us perform worse. Literally anyone would be better than him at this point.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    He was referring to new players brought into the team from outside of the league.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Obviously, I was under that impression, but I wasn't sure.

    Not to knock rubberbandman, it's just that misunderstanding quotes doesn't lead to quality arguments...

    ...not to say that it makes Yallop much less of a numpty.

  • It's the Fire's success rate with dp's that skews the mls success rate on dp's! The fire prior to FY and with FY success rate on dp's is dismal at best.
    The Fire have been in a downward spiral since Wilt and Bradley left. Oh there were a few mediocre years in there but the truth is AH hasn't invested in this team to keep it a contender. AH is an embarrassment as an owner. As long as he's not losing money he's satisfied.
    I agree with everyone who labels FY the excuse king.

  • The Revolution have move the 4/15 game against the Fire to 6/13 in order to avoid conflict with USA/Mexico match. June 13 is a FIFA date however.....probably another miss for Maloney and Accam.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Not having Accam injury himself on that turf is probably a blessing anyway.

    It was going to be a lose anyways thanks to the Fire's abysmal record on turf. Although Jermaine Jones (and maybe some other Revs) will be gone too, so, meh.

  • In reply to TomazPP:


  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Hey Guillermo, Can you explain the scheduling rules here a bit? Seems really odd to me that a team can just decide to change the schedule at their whim. I've never heard of this in any other league in my life. You'd never ever read, "The Bulls decided to move their Oct. 17th game to Jan. 3rd..." The game is in 3 weeks...what about people who've bought tickets, made travel plans, etc.? Effin MLS...

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    MLS enters the USOC rounds the following week (6/16-6/17). Here's hoping we get a home game.

  • When I see guys like Marco Pappa and Dan Gargan playing well on top teams in this league, it's pretty disheartening as a fan. Heck, even Justin Mapp continues to see the field from team to team. Jon Busch was solid here and we let him go for a less expensive option who still can't control the area.

    Until they stop running this like a minor league, small market club, the fanbase is screwed. They need a makeover from top to bottom like the Blackhawks and Cubs.

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    Why wouldn't Justin Mapp see the field? I actually think it's more surprising that Gargan is playing for a top team (I liked Gargan alot, but he never struck me as a top talent).

    Did I miss the "lets all hate Justin Mapp" theme a few years back? I always thought he was a quality starter.

    Your point though, I agree with.

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    And Busch was cut for nothing. Nada. Just waived and sent packing. He left and started for 4-5 years for SJ. You telling me he wasn't worth something in a trade?

    How about Gargan? A guy that nearly every single fan wanted back, at a position that needed depth, was left to be signed in the re-entry draft. Yup, another solid piece let go for zilch.

    These are examples of how NOT to run a franchise. No wonder we are in dead last, a sinking franchise with the faintest glimmer of hope for a brighter future.

  • I think the league must be using the Fire as a case study of what not to do as a team.

    1. Don't build a stadium in a hard to get to suburb most people get confused with a neighborhood ion the the city. (sorry Guillermo, I know for you it may be easy to get to, but from a greater Chicago area perspective, it is a major pain in the %&*(%)

    2. Don't hire a series of coaches that cannot inspre their players to perform as a unit.

    3. Don't pay DP money for no-name players from South America, Europe and Africa.

    4. Don't recycle the team every year so there is no consistency on the field.

    5. Don't neglect the practice and training facilities for the players so high caliber players will reject coming to the team.

    6. Don't switch the TV coverage every year and don't wait until 2 days before the season to announce the coverage that is there.

    7. Don't support or retain a coach that clearly cannot prepare his players for each game. Also, don't hire a coach whose middle name is Walter.

    8. Don't hire a coach whose teams were relegated twice in England as a player and folded once in MLS. Not a good history.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    With regard to the stadium location - nobody seemed to really complain when there was a good team on the field in 2008 and 2009. There was no way they were getting a stadium built within city limits back then. It just wasn't going to happen.
    If they put an entertaining, winning team on the field again - people will find their way to Bridgeview.

    And it's easier for me to get to. ;)

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Agreed. If the team is winning and playing well, people will make more of an effort to get to games. I hear similar excuses for other teams, a lot from the Revs, but people seem to make it just fine to a patriots game.

  • In reply to cf97TID:

    Not to be snarky, but let's not compare NFL games to MLS games. It's obviously an entirely different league and fan base.

    I actually agree with Krasov. The Fire are currently the MLS case study of what not to do and how not to run a franchise.

  • "BrianC. said 2 weeks ago
    Reading through this entire thread, six days after a loss is five too many to be left stewing.

    Sure could use a win. "

    ^^^^^what I said then.

    Guillermo, you and Jeff have a rough job right now. Bless you both.

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