Fire continue to bolster front line, add Guly do Prado

The Fire have signed strikers David Accam and Kennedy Igboananike this winter but still needed to add a different element to their attack with all of the main attackers (including Magee, Amarikwa, and Shipp) standing under 5'-10". Frank Yallop now has some versatility on his bench with the addition of 6'-3" Brazilian forward Guly do Prado.

The 33 year old veteran had bounced around in Italy for several years before landing in the UK with Southampton, where he has played since 2010. do Prado scored 23 goals in 118 appearances with Southampton before his departure last May. He will not occupy a Designated Player spot and the Fire still have one such opening remaining on the roster. His signing brings the total number of players under contract to 22 with six of eight international spots spoken for.

Current roster (signed players)

Defenders: Adailton, Cochrane, Doody, Gehrig, Jones, Larentowicz, Palmer

Midfielders: Cocis, Fernandez, Nyarko, Ritter, Shipp, Stephens, Watson

Forwards: Accam, Amarikwa, do Prado, Igboananike, Magee

Goalkeepers: Johnson, Kann, Reynish

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  • The biggest question it seems is, What formation will Yallop try to play. Then you can start filling names into slots.

    G, what do you think the chances that both Magee and Quincey are both on the team to start the year?

  • In reply to KChance:

    Amarikwa will be around I think. He's relatively inexpensive and probably better suited as a substitute.
    It will be difficult to move Magee right now due to the injury recovery. He's probably not fit until a month or two in.

  • This was a surprise, though the website's been suspiciously quiet so I felt something was coming. A third foreign forward was not what I expected though. He played consistently and recently in the Premier League, he's a big guy which we were lacking, and does not seem to have significant injury issues. Downside is he's 33. But I don't get to see the Premier League that often, so I'm not familiar with him to be honest.

    Anyone seen him play for Southampton?

    Guillermo, any word on defensive and midfield reinforcements?

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Both of those positions are still on the shopping list.

  • That forward grouping is stacked. Two DP's, our best forward from last year in Q, a seemingly solid player in Guly and even Magee once healthy. Damn, well done Yallop.

    That said, the D and M groupings seem quite thin still to me, another DP (hautpman willing) and a first round pick in the draft should help. Can't decide if we need a DP CB or a DP CM more...both areas could use a difference maker. If we could add another DP at one of these positions and another higher end guy at the other plus the draft pick, I could start to feel pretty good about the roster going into the season.

    So 1 more DP, 1 more above ave. signing, and a draft pick. Oh, and the DP should be a "name" player to amp up community excitement for the team... :)

  • In reply to Tweaky:

    Shane Murray just posted a story on the site about Yallop's plans that is very tantalizing. Something to the effect that they're planning to use the last DP slot on a big-name player who will really excite Fire fans and help the team out on the field. He says the guy's under contract but they're working hard on it, etc.

    IF they can pull off getting a really brand name D/M into Toyota Park, BEFORE preseason, who is here for spring training, I'll be pretty satisfied with the moves on paper. But how they do on the field as a team is another thing.

    One thing Yallop said in the article was that he's happy with their progress but you never know how guys are going to acclimate to a new country, mesh in the locker room, etc. And as intriguing as these guys are, there are a lot of other teams that are pulling some interesting moves, and then there's the question of defense as well...

  • In reply to Modibo:

    I'll just leave this right here....

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I don't know if Maloney is the big name guy Yallop was referring to in that article, but he sounds like he'd be a nice addition if he's healthy and in form. For the excitement of it, I have to say I'm hoping for more.

    Thx for the heads up on that article Modibo, good to hear Yallop has a few more guys lined up and eyes on a big prize.

  • In reply to Tweaky:

    There is an offer on the table for Maloney.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I've seen him play in the Prem and FA Cup. If he is still the player I remember, he will bully MLS. But, you'll have to convince him to come over first. Seems like the kind of guy that likes playing local, hanging out with his friends at the pub, and holidays at mums.

  • I would be happy if the Fire players would just learn how to trap a ball:

  • In reply to FrontRow:

    I'm sure once they learn how to do that, they will be on a plane to Europe.

  • In reply to waamsy:


  • I was wondering about this the other day, and imagine I'm not the only one, so here's a good update on the CBA negotiations:

  • In other news, LA Galaxy reveal they have signed Steven Gerrard.

  • In reply to waamsy:

    it's just shocking that Gerrard ended up in LA...

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    As a Liverpool fan I might break my Toyota Park boycott for the LA game this year.

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    In reply to Jeff S:

    Jokes on you. Galaxy don't play in Chicago this year.

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    In reply to Jeff S:

    Boy are you going to be disappointed when you take a closer look at that schedule.

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