Yallop on DP's, Cubo, end of season and more; Palmer re-signs

Frank Yallop met media yesterday to discuss the final days of post-season training and the team's plans going into 2015. Players will conclude training this week and sit with the technical staff today and tomorrow at which time decisions for options and renewals will be discussed.

After a disappointing season, Yallop said that moves can be expected but stopped just short of saying that wholesale roster changes would be made. "We need some help in the first eleven. I was pleased with the overall efforts of the whole team but our quality and our talent maybe wasn't enough in the areas that are important," he said. While he wouldn't let on as to which positions needed to be upgraded he did say that the club was willing to splash some dollars to add quality. "We're looking to spend some money and get some players in," said Yallop. "We're hoping we can sign all the guys we've got targeted but it's a lot easier on paper than it is when you actually get in front of people".

The team was apparently willing to shell out big dollars during the summer window for Jermaine Jones and Silvio Romero and Yallop indicated that those funds will still be available this winter. "We have the resources to sign who (we) like but it depends obviously on the financial side of it. There's a limit but it's a pretty good ceiling for us to go and get players. I'm excited about that. We're not sitting here going, we've got six hundred thousand to go get a player, you've got some real numbers to go sign guys. Two or three hopefully."

Yallop also indicated that Chivas USA's Erick "Cubo" Torres would be a player that would be "very interesting" if he were to become available. Torres reportedly is looking to return to Mexico with Chivas De Guadalajara but MLS has a buy option in his contract.

The cap issues that slowed Yallop and Brian Bliss from many big changes last winter are apparently cleared away with numerous players either out of contract or on options. Although a complete overhaul isn't likely there will be roster and cap space available now. "We've got room to make some moves and I think that's important. We're not cleaning everybody out where we're going to have a brand new team. You can't do that and I don't want to do that. I think some guys came up with some credit this season and we want to keep those positive guys and make sure that we're building and trying to get stronger with every move we make. We have room and scope to change things up," he said.

Yallop will depart on Sunday for a planned 10 day scouting trip that will start in Sweden where he will get a closer look at a player the club has been looking at for a while. The trip will include stops in the UK and South America.

The Fire's expansion protected list is also close to being finalized but Yallop indicated there were one or two players on the bubble due to contract considerations. It seemed those decisions would be made by Friday.

Palmer re-signs

One player that won't be going anywhere is Lovel Palmer. The right back had one of the better overall seasons on the team and the club announced yesterday that a new contract had been agreed to. The Fire had an option on Palmer for 2015 and have been in discussions with him about renewing for some time now.


  • Yallop commented on he condition of the pitch at Toyota Park and indicated that discussions are underway with the Village of Bridgeview to correct those issues going forward. "It's on going. We only rent the facility so it's never easy to get things completely done and dusted when you want it done. The big thing for us is we need it better for next season so it's ongoing. We expect it to be sorted out for sure this offseason for the main field and the practice field. We're having talks right now and we feel it will be back up to par".
  • Check out the newest edition of the Fire Confidential Podcast where we discuss the upcoming roster changes, player contracts, and take a look back at 2014.

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  • Don't sign guys that would rather be someplace else. I can't see that working out well.

  • Bumsteer--you took the words right out of my mouth! You need more than a contract, you need commitment.
    Also, you're looking for technical skills and you start in Sweden?? Please, there is only one Zlatan! The "restart" isn't beginning well.

  • Glad to have Palmer on board for next season. By my estimation, they only have a few starting 11 positions locked up. Should be a fascinating offseason.

    Guillermo, are you going to do a post on the roster and what sort of offseason moves you'd like to see them make, or expect to see them make?

  • In reply to Tweaky:

    I'll have something along those lines.

  • Orrin Schwarz lays the hammer down......


  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Nice article by Orrin.

    I only take issue with this:

    "If the next time the Fire plays at Toyota Park it is still the only team in MLS without a DP on the active roster, fans should ask for their ticket money back."

    We will know BEFORE we buy our tickets if there is a DP on the roster. So, instead of asking for our money back, just don't buy tickets in the first place.

    I refuse to step into Toyota Park until after the Gold Cup next year. And I will only go then if they are in the Top 5.

    There is no sense in giving the club my money when there are other options for spending my soccer-watching time.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Thanks for the link, GR-- great article. I am convinced that the Fire ownership is not only disliked by the fans but is also considered a "light-weight" by the rest of MLS ownership. The fiasco with Jermaine was their way to send the signal, "You're out of your league, little man! Go play elsewhere!" The back room games they played to keep JJ from the Fire was pretty obvious. Don't expect any help from MLS owners in bringing big DP names to the Fire until AH is gone.

  • FY has an infectious enthusiasm, I won't lie. I listened to him on espn last Saturday and felt my mood actual change in a positive way. I'm sure between him and BB, they'll bring in, at the least, some decent players. What I'm still unsure of is the execution once they've got 'em.

  • With the numbers off-the-field going up in relative terms for the Fire (attendance, TV numbers) in spite of putting a stinker on the field, what real incentive does AR have to fork over the dough for 2-3 quality DPs? If it's me, and I'm looking at those numbers without reference to the rest of the league or the team's results, I'm saying, "hey, nice WC bump. Let's see how we can add to our marketing budget to try to keep the fans coming in after the WC bump year. It's probably cheaper than chasing DPs and there's a more direct line between input and output in the bottom line."

    "I don't care where a player is from, as long as he costs 33-50 percent more than the average player I"d pay for in that positiion to just build depth. We'll get a little marketing push from him since he'll be a former youth international or rode the bench during one Champions' League / Copa run for a team that didn't survive the first round."

    "If we get a couple of these guys together, but make sure their salaries are juuuuuust over the DP salary, not loan limit, then we've satisfied the fans and can sit on our hands the rest of the season while driving fans into the stadium through promotions."

    If anything about this changes significantly, wake me up. I'm sleepwalking, just like the Fire has been through a solid 4-5 seasons.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    I don't think that strategy is going to satisfy anyone.

  • If they're spending money, I think this guy might appreciate getting it as long as it's on time:


    Also, if Yallop is going to Scandinavia, it would be nice if he came back with a guy who I won't name, let's just say his name is Z. Ibrahimovic. Wait, that's too easy, let's call him Zlatan I.

  • In reply to c0quito18:

    Sneijder would be great.

    That second guy is a pipe dream.

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