Fire add veteran forward Robert Earnshaw

After coming up empty in their search for a forward during the transfer window the technical staff has been plying the free transfer market in hopes of finding some help. With plenty of international spots spots available and only three strikers on the roster it was just a matter of time before they found someone.

That someone comes in the person of former Toronto FC striker Robert Earnshaw. The Welsh international scored 8 goals in 26 games for TFC in MLS last season before having his option declined last winter. He then signed a short term deal with Blackpool in the Championship, England's second division, but only appeared in one match.

Earnshaw isn't going to be the impact player the team has been lacking but he is a considerably better option than Matt Fondy. He will be available for selection pending receipt of his P-1 Visa and International Transfer Certificate. Earnshaw is 33 years old and should challenge Quincy Amarikwa for starts once he is fit and available.

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  • "Earnshaw is 33 years old and should challenge Quincy Amarikwa for starts once he is fit and available."

    I should hope Mike Magee as well...

  • In reply to BrianC.:

    Yeah, Magee really needs others to create for him and plays no defense. Would have rather kept Boruch.

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    Wait a second. Barouch > Magee? Don't be ridiculous...

  • Weekend picks

    Houston and Philadelphia draw
    Real Salt Lake over Seattle
    Montreal and Chicago draw
    Los Angeles over Columbus
    Portland over New England
    Sporting KC over Toronto
    Vancouver over Chivas USA
    San Jose and FC Dallas draw
    DC United over Colorado


  • Magee is the one to be challenged, not Amarikwa,
    unimpressive signing, don't understand why they cut Barouch
    then later signed a Chivas reject, what did they expect, don't blame Fondy but the F.O. who apparently has no sense of direction.
    Currently Magee's only contribution is taking penalty kicks otherwise
    he's been close to useless

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Well I'm glad they made a move at forward, I'll give 'em that. But the whole transition was botched, that's for sure.

    As for Magee, even his penalties have hardly been much of a contribution. It's been a really tough year for him, I just hope he can rebound some next year. I do hold some hope that things will be different for him next year after the MVP and holdout are behind him.

  • I like this signing. I know his best days are behind him, but I think he can contribute. I would rather have him challenge Magee for the starting spot than Amarikwa, especially in games where we have a 2 forward formation. Maybe that would light a "fire" in Mike in an attempt to try to get him back to 2013 form.

  • So when is he going to be fit, October?

  • I'm listening to the Saturday morning radio show/paid advertisement on AM-1000 this morning and just wondered if anyone else noticed the line in the Wintrust commercial about how Wintrust didn't want to build a company with its headquarters SIX STATES AWAY.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    That is why there is a disconnect between Andy and his customers.

  • The usual suspects have been begging for an ownership change for several years. Is there really anything we can do? The only thing that will bring in new ownership is if we can convince Andy that he can sell the team for more than he paid for it. Someone needs to explain to the ownership groups that are trying to add teams on Las Vegas and other locales that they can buy the Fire for a lot less than the entrance fee for a new team. I still would rather have Rocky Wirtz buy the team. Can you imagine how John McDonough would do with bringing the fire a fan friendly experience along with a top notch soccer staff to run the team. C'Mon Rocky, make an offer!!!

  • The most positive thing about the Earnshaw signing is that he has a much better track record than most of the recent signings by the Fire during the past 3 or 4 years. The question is how much does he have left in the tank, then we can ask the same question about Magee. The biggest concern I have about taking Amarikwa out
    of the starting lineup, is who would provide the activity and excitement on top. Without Amarikwa, watching the Fire would rate half a notch below watching paint dry.

  • Amarikwa has to stay on the field. His work rate and energy provides leadership by example. Any update on Nyarko? His return would provide some help to the attack. They could move Magee back to center mid with Shipp.

  • fb_avatar

    He is a FORMER Welsh international, who was washed up before he came to MLS, and got cut. Why did they get rid of Barouch? Because he was making good money. I sent the front office a email a few weeks back that I won't be renewing my season tickets after five years. One of the VP's called me and told me of all the signings coming in the transfer window. Guess what?
    No one wants to play for the Fire, they are a joke from top to bottom. I guess they just saved me a lot of money! Oh yea, #Klopas I mean #Yallop, and #Hauptman out!!

  • Earnshaw? Damn! I was hoping Sherjill MacDonald was coming back since it appears he had been pushing for a transfer out of Westerbo. He said he had missed training because of eating bad mussel soup!

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    Holy crap, that is an awesome story. Thanks for sharing.

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