Transfer window talk fuels Beasley speculation

A Washington Post report earlier in the day regarding DaMarcus Beasley negotiating a return to MLS via a DP contract set off the social media speculation merry-go-round with some fans hoping to see the former Fire star back in Chicago. Beasley enjoyed an excellent run with the USMNT at the World Cup as a left back but other reports suggest he also has offers to continue playing in LigaMX, where he last was seen with Puebla.

Whether Beasley can still play at a high level is not in question but one has to consider how much he would help the Fire under a designated player contract. Another outside midfielder occupying a big chunk of cap space wouldn't be the most prudent use of budget space that's already tight to begin with. Patrick Nyarko has resumed jogging and appears to be on the way back. At $284,500.00 guaranteed he's occupying a good amount of budget space. Dilly Duka isn't playing and the Fire are looking to move him and his $190,000.00 guaranteed bill so some room will be cleared if the Fire are able to move him.

A trade involving Duka would allow Chicago to clear additional space needed to move for a designated player, presumably at the forward position where the Fire are currently lacking in depth. The Chris Rolfe deal cleared up enough room to add Razdan Cocis, who is not a designated player and loaning Juan Luis Anangono cleared a little bit more but it seems the Fire are still trying to work through cap/budget issues in order to complete their shopping in this window. Moving Duka, or possibly Alex or Patrick Ianni would also aid in easing budget concerns. Alex is slated to earn $133,700.00 guaranteed and Ianni is at $150,000.00.

Adding another high priced outside midfielder to the squad, even one that was popular back in 2004 shouldn't be the focus in this transfer window when lead forward, attacking midfielder, and centerback have been the positions of concern all season (and seasons before this one). Bringing in Beasley would help but it wouldn't solve any of the glaring needs that have yet to be addressed and would still be on the table in the next transfer window if something isn't done now.

Beasley has shown he can still play at a high level and would certainly help a contender in MLS right now but there has to be a question about how much he would help the Fire at this moment. On and off the pitch. As good as Beasley was last month in Brazil, there's still no reason to believe that he'd make them into a contender if the existing issues in other positions continue to go without addressing. Then there's the off field concern. Despite his success with the USMNT, Beasley probably doesn't captivate the casual fan enough to justify a designated player move at this point. As a supplementary player on a ready made title contender maybe. As a designated player on a team that only has three wins this season and sitting eighth in the Eastern Conference, not so much. The Fire need to consider big moves with players who will not only help win on the pitch but generate some excitement off of it. A percentage of the diehards who remember him fondly may be in favor of it, but let's be honest, Beasley isn't going to be a big draw even among the newcomers who packed Grant Park and Soldier Field to cheer on the US a few weeks ago. At least not for more than one trip to Bridgeview.

If the Fire could land Beasley on a non-DP deal it would certainly behoove Yallop and the technical staff to pursue a move. As it stands, that's not going to happen. Signing him to a DP deal wouldn't make sense given the team's situation now and for the foreseeable future. It would seem that moving or trying to move some of the spare parts currently on the roster and taking up considerable budget space before making a deal for someone of substantial accomplishment at the target forward or attacking midfield spots would serve the team better this year and going forward into 2015.

Brian Bliss told the Tribune this afternoon that acquiring Beasley had been discussed but isn't something that's likely to happen given the financial constraints. “We’ve talked about it, but the numbers are probably a bit out of our range,” said Bliss. “We’d like to pursue it but I don’t think it makes sense for us.”

He's correct.

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  • First order of business, imo: getting the contracts that aren't serving the team off the books. Considering the state of affairs, this is of utmost importance so that Yallop and Bliss can then mold the team to their liking without being significantly cap strapped.

    Second order of business: signing the right piece for a medium to longer term. Easier said than done, as we've seen the team struggle for what seems like an eternity on making the right big move.

    I'd love for the team to shoot up the standings and make the playoffs, but since I consider it a long shot at this point, let's get our house in order to make a more realistic run at a complete team this off season and into next year. That starts now - make some good trades, and perhaps sign one more guy who can be a part of building something for far beyond just this summer.

  • In reply to Tweaky:

    Sounds about right. They're not winning MLS Cup this year.

  • So is "Keane like money" a bit out of range also?

  • If they are looking for salary space dump Magee, that would help out a lot to get someone competent and consistant, Magee just isn't worth what the team is paying him.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Speaking of dumping salaries, what happened to Lobring?

  • I'd rather have Ricardo Costa, central defender, who just rescinded his contract with Valencia.

  • Well I was secretly hoping for Alexis Sanchez, but since Arsenal stole him from us in the last minute.... Its hard for us to hear stuff like cap restraints and moving salaries around when you see the likes of Seattle, NYRB, LA, and now even Toronto touting "Keane money." I think we're a little tired of having a mediocre squad.

  • In reply to waamsy:

    I think most fans feel that way. No one is going to believe that "Keane money" will be invested in the team until it actually happens.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Serious you think AH regrets saying that about Keane money? All he did was create high expectations that he hasn't been able to deliver. If I were him, I'd regret letting that out of my mouth. I'm just amazed sometimes at these people with crazy money and how flawed their business thinking is.

  • Washington Post's Steve Goff reports the Fire are not in the running for DaMarcus Beasley.

  • Guys I was recently with a mls exec. I asked about the fire he began to laugh. He said that the team should never be run by HAuptman he is California guy that is using his wife's money to run his pet project. The fact that they do not have even one dp was also a conversation full of ridicule. I am starting to wonder is yallop any better than the other frank. Is his last team any better than his present team? Did HAuptman choose yallop because he knew he would tow the company line of cap space issues and building for the future. Honestly is the current team any better than last years team. The only current player that probably could be noticed by anybody other than the fire is ship and he came to the fire as a home grown player.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    I think it's safe to say that Hauptman has thus far proven himself to be in over his head. I don't think it takes an MLS exec to declare that, but of course it's interesting to hear that's the chatter.

    Let's give Yallop a chance here. He could prove to be worse than Klopas for all we know, but he inherited a crap squad with serious financial constraints. You may not want to hear about it, but it's reality...he can't just wave a magic wand and make it disappear and suddenly have a top 3 roster. Next year at this time, it'll be time to seriously start to evaluate the job Yallop has done and if he's moving the team in the right direction or not.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    Andy is a vulture capitalist. I just don't think he cares about the team just what he can put into his pocket. He only cares about profit and how much profit he can make with minimal investment. As long as he owns the team that is what we will see on the field, a low end product with the promises for a high end product.

  • Tweaky I am glad that you do not run my company. Isn't it odd that old Hauptman runs after a coach that was coaching perhaps the worst most disorganized team in the league and beats everyone else to sign him. The word at the time was that Vancouver was just about ready to sign him but Hauptman beat everyone to the coach that everyone wanted. Question wouldn't everyone like to have the current Vancouver coach rather than Yallop. He put together a team that lost its most important player and without a word replaced him with a number of players that are fast exciting and best of all competitive in the very tough western league.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    I'm with Tweaky on this one. Yallop sat at our table at the Fire kickoff luncheon and addressed the roster issues. He said that he has the final say on personnel decisions. But his ability to create a roster of his choosing was limited by the guaranteed contracts on the books for 2014. He said that those problem contracts were expiring at the end of the season.

    I think that Yallop's ability to put together a competitive roster cannot be judged until the start of next season. If what he says about the current salary situation is true, then we should give him a chance to assemble his own roster after he has dumped the players that do not fit in his system and we can see how he manipulates the salary cap to the Fire's advantage. If the Fire stink once he has had a chance to put his blueprint in place, then it will be on his shoulders.

  • Tweaky is probably right, given the limits Yallop is working under.
    The current team is half Yallop and half Klopas, he hasn't the time or money to make the changes he needs to make. I'm disappointed in some of his starting player choices at times, but willing to give him the benefit of doubt.
    Next year will tell the tale either Yallop is the coach we hope he is
    or not and the commitment of Hauptman to give Chicago a winning team. If Yallop can't pull it off because of the lack of leadership of the CEO, what top rated coach would be willing to work under such conditions.

  • Wynalda's available and I think he would do a terrific job. Plus, he has a soft spot in his heart for the Fire because he played for the team when they were worth a damn. I fear rather than competing for MLS Cup, we're competing with the Goats for laughingstock.

  • In reply to Doug:

    I put Wynalda's personality/ego at a few notches above Eddie Johnson. Yeah, he produces results, but when I read up about the imprint he's made on the Silverbacks as far as their play and the mentality, I could only say, "Mmm, no." We'd become more San Jose than San Jose, as far as physical play goes.

    Additional note, I'm with Tweaky, et al. Let's see what FY does. I mean, with what he was given, he's made tough-to-beat and confident enough that going down 1 or 2 goals doesn't instill panic. A successful team (yeah I know- we're not winning, but we can get there,) needs that.

  • The pick for tonight.....

    Fire 1 San Jose 1 of course


  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Holy hell did you miss that one. At a loss for words after that ludicrous display.

  • Episode 61 is up. Chatted about Philly, San Jose, DMB, and the roster moving forward.

  • Yallop is a moron, taking off Shipp and Amarikwa , should have taken Magee off first, team completely collapsed after Shipp and Amarika left the game. Fondy contributed as little as possible.
    Can't understand as badly as the Fire played why Duka can't crack
    the lineup, he couldn't do any worse. Didn't mind seeing Ward come in, should have been a starter in the first place. A real sorry effort
    for a sorry soccer operation.

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