Spurs 2 Fire 0 - international friendly

The Fire dropped a 2-0 decision to the Premier League's Tottenham Hotspur in a friendly at Toyota Park. The game itself didn't provide much of interest for Fire supporters other than a first glimpse at new acquisition Razvan Cocis and a possible preview of a line up change. Jeff Larentowicz started the game at centerback in a move that Frank Yallop referred to as his "prerogative" to get a look. The performance of Bakary Soumare and Jhon Kennedy Hurtado was disconcerting enough to give the head coach reason to drop the team captain from midfield into the backline.

As for the game itself, the first Tottenham score came as a result of a miscue or apparent miscommunication in the back. Sean Johnson's pass to Jeff Larentowicz was received in front of the goal but the captain was dispossessed and Lewis Holtby fed Harry Kane for an easy goal in the fifth minute.

The Fire stuck around for most of the half but Sean Johnson made two outstanding saves to keep the score where it was. The best chance for the home side came in the 25th minute when Brad Friedel dove to save Matt Watson's well struck attempt from 27 yards.

Wholesale changes in the second half led to a pretty uneventful second forty-five minutes. Robert Saldado fed a ball over the top that Bakary Soumare couldn't deal with and Aaron Lennon got in behind him to beat Kyle Reynish for the final tally.

Razvan Cocis made his Fire debut in the second half and played 31 minutes before making way for a substitution. Yallop said after the game that he didn't want to push him as he regains his fitness. He wouldn't rule him out for the club's next match but it isn't likely his regular season debut will come that early. Catch post game comments from Cocis here.

The Fire will take on Vancouver in a game that matters at Toyota Park on Wednesday night.

Line up


GK Johnson (Reynish 46')

D Palmer (Kinney 46'), Larentowicz (Soumare 46'), Ianni (Hurtado 46'), Segares (Cochrane 46')

M Ward (Duka 55'), Ritter (Cocis 46')(Franco 77'), Watson (Pause 46'), Shipp (Joya 46')

F Magee (Alex 46'), Amarikwa (Fondy 46')


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  • Picks today.....

    Vancouver over FC Dallas
    Portland over Montreal

  • It's one thing to get beat, but to give it away from sloppy play is really inexcusable for professionals. Same thing as our defenders in the WC.. poor or weak clearances that hand it to the opponent on a silver platter are not the mark of a good team.

  • Hey, there's Monday night football on tonight.

    Seattle over Los Angeles


  • Guys if the fire was going to be treated like other mls clubs in huge cities they should actively trying to sign someone like hernandez from Man U. It would easily be a sign that the owner is going to put the team on an equal footing with the other teams in the league. Folks can say all they want about cap space and so forth but per my calculations they have the room. The question does HAuptman have the stomach to compete against the big boys in the league. If he does not he should trade the team with whoever wants to buy chivas but the league would probably refuse that deal. Or he should try to put the fire in the nasl and continue his California management. His style fits that league.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    The fact that MLS doesn't care to force Hauptman to either sell the Fire franchise or make a competetive operational effort speaks volumes about MLS's contempt for Chicago's soccer fans.

  • Does MLS not care about the Chicago market? I think it does, but I also think for whatever reason MLS is focusing its energy on expansion rather than maintenance of the current teams. MLS should know better based on its prior expansion fiascos. If I were either an up and coming player or a soon to be retired player, I would not want to come to a league that requires players to travel from South Florida to Vancouver. Why MLS feels it needs to have a footprint in every region of the US/Canada is beyond me given the difficulty and costs associated with travel is beyond my comprehension. I would be far more interested in seeing the Fire, Columbus, DC and New England improve their stadium situations then expand in Atlanta,Orlando and Miami. Also, what is magic about a 24 team league? Will the league expand the schedule?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    One word for expanding markets.....television.

  • Did the new television contract provide that MLS will expand to 24 teams? I can see why they would have a bigger revenue stream with more teams, but does that increase in revenue justify the expansion?

  • In reply to Krasov:

    TV and TV revenue is going to drive MLS' growth. In order to justify higher fees for programming they're going to need to reach more markets for bigger numbers. $70-$100 million dollar entry fees don't hurt either. 24 is pushing the limit IMO.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Most of us are watching EPL and more on TV and finding the quality of MLS play somewhat lacking and the quality of MLS TV video often very poor. They're not going to beat the odds through dilution.

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