Fire v Union match day

Starting line ups


GK Johnson

D Palmer, Soumare, Hurtado, Segares

M Alex, Watson, Larentowicz, Shipp

F Magee, Amarikwa

bench: Reynish, Cochrane, Franco, Ianni, Ritter, Ward, Fondy


GK MacMath

D Gaddis, White, Edu, Williams

M Cruz, Okugo, Lahoud, Nogueira

F LeToux, Casey

bench: Blake, Fabinho, Fred, Carroll, Brown, Wenger, Wheeler

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  • The draw was a fair enough result but the referee earned it.

  • Guys. There is not one member of the fire on the all star team. When in the earth are fire going to have at least one decent dp. The transfer window has been open for almost two weeks . Isn't it time to make a big move. Just a suggestion why not break the mold and sign the best mexican midfielder available. Someone should contact mrs HAuptman and remind her what the McKaskey lady ( owner of the bears) did when michael her son screwed up the team. She fired him and brought in more success orientated guys. This might be a good idea for her husband.

  • fb_avatar

    The Fire deserved better, a very weak call by the ref.
    Drop another 2 points. Can't understand why Yallop pulled Amarikwa before Magee who was pretty much useless for most parts of the game.
    Should have shown more fire and energy in the first half, might have produced a victory. Still with several victories in a row could push the team into playoff position, but they have to show something soon and can't rely on teams ahead of them losing, they need to step up to the plate now.

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