Fire add forward Fondy

The recent releases of Orr Barouch and Giuseppe Gentile combined with the loan move sending Juan Luis Anangono to Ecuador made it obvious that the Fire would need to add forward depth some time soon. Former Tottenham striker Cameron Lancaster trialed with the team last week but he's longer in Chicago.

With that in mind, the Fire announced today that they have signed former Chivas USA forward Matthew Fondy. The 24 year old attacker was waived by Chivas on June 26 after making only 8 appearances over two seasons. He played in one match this year as a substitute. He's also played for the Pittsburgh Riverhounds and the Los Angeles Blues in USLPro.

This is a move to fill out the off-budget roster after the departures of Barouch and Gentile. The transfer window opens on Tuesday and it's a near certainty that more moves are coming if not next week, then in the very near future. It doesn't seem likely that Frank Yallop and Brian Bliss will sit still with a 2-4-9 record and something substantial needing to be done if the season is to be salvaged.

The next month should be an interesting one, even if the results on the pitch aren't there yet.

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  • I'm surprised they didn't sign Fondy as a DP.

    With expansion teams signing the likes of David Villa and Kaka, another half-a$$ed DP signing will further cement the Fire in the "irrelevancy" section of MLS.

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    I think Yallop/Bliss will legitimately try to add someone substantial. Let's see what they do.

  • Picks tonight:

    Toronto over DC
    Vancouver and Seattle draw
    Chivas USA and Montreal draw

  • GR, If they don't sign someone who is 90% of Kaka or Villa, then what are we to think? I think there have been as many negatives and positives since Yallop has arrived so we are basically in the same spot. There is argument we are in a worse spot given our record. When will the DP (if there is one) going to be announced. I will not be convinced that the Fire are committed until I see a DP signing before the season starts. I hope the Fire get a new owner and quality public transportation to the stadium like an Orange Line extension.

  • Orange line extension? Now you're talking dream land. ;)

  • According to this article, Tigres is looking to sign Robinho but the Fire and Orlando City are also interested.

    Thoughts on Robinho?

  • 32 goals in 144 appearances for Milan from 2010 to 2014. Meh.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    That's Puppo like numbers.

  • You can throw out all the names you want, as long as we have our current owner all the Fire fans can expect is the Kane County Cougars of MLS. Any owner that allows the field to look like it has has no pride in his team. There will be no big signings this year, just band aids. There are so many issues with this team no one knows where to begin. The fans are desperate for any hope of a team that resembled what they once were and there pleas go unanswered.

  • In reply to DerSting:

    The field condition is more of a Bridgeview issue than it is a Fire issue. It's been bad all year.

  • The owner can call and say I am concerned with the field conditions, fix it and send me the bill...

  • In reply to DerSting:

    But the owner could only do that if he were allowed to add: "not to exceed $125.00." And since we all know his limitations, we might as well say he can't.

    Perhaps we could start a new tradition of showering the goal area with grass seed to celebrate our goals.

  • Ha! With our current strike rate the goal area might well become a permanent desert

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