Fire 2014 mid season ratings review

It's that time of the year. The Fire have reached the mathematical half way point of the season and we've accumulated the individual player ratings for each match to reach an average grade through 17 games.

At this time last year, the club was sitting in eighth place in the Eastern Conference with a 6-8-3 record and 21 points. This year's 3-4-10 mark leaves them in the eighth place again with 19 points. Any of this sound familiar?

The complete game by game breakdown can be found here (2014 half season ratings), and the recap for each individual match is available in the "2014 Fire Schedule & Results" tab above.

Player                                      Rating

Sean Johnson                         5.82

Quincy Amarikwa                 5.73

Harry Shipp                             5.69

Gonzalo Segares                    5.57

Patrick Nyarko                      5.56

Alex                                           5.46

Bakary Soumare                    5.43

Jhon Kennedy Hurtado     5.31

Grant Ward                              5.29

Jeff Larentowicz                   5.25

Victor Pineda                        5.25

Lovel Palmer                         5.21

Logan Pause                           5.20

Greg Cochrane                      5.18

Matt Watson                          5.18

Mike Magee                            5.09

Benji Joya                               5.00

Chris Ritter                            5.00

Steven Kinney                      5.00

Dilly Duka                               5.00

Chris Rolfe                             5.00

Matt Fondy                           5.00

Juan Luis Anangono         4.80

Patrick Ianni                        4.67

As has been the case for most of the last several seasons, the numbers are indicative of a team treading water below the playoff line. Mike Magee's early season absence, slow start, and struggle to get back to 2013 form has left him in the lower half of the ratings and the Fire will obviously need him to pick it up a notch if they're going to make another late season run.

Oh, and there's always that mid season transfer rush. The last two Designated Player strikers additions have ended up near the bottom of the list the following season after being acquired and out the door by the middle of the next summer. Will a new technical staff prove to be more successful with DP additions?

The secondary window closes August 6.

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  • I expected to see Shipp near the top, which he is, but after the second game of the season I was hopeful for some of the other rookies - particularly Joya. His injury was poorly timed, as he's going to have more competition from Cocis now. With all due respect to Cocis and what he could bring to the team, it would be unfortunate to see a promising U.S. youngster potentially lose time to an over-30 import.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Modibo - If he's better, who cares? We aren't a developmental team, let's win some games. I'd love for Joya to be some savior, but I haven't seen him outshine the other many middlin' midfielders.

    Interesting to see Magee's rating so low. I wonder if this is partially from expectation, since this is a subjective rating system. But boy, that's a huge problem to have one of your highest paid players and last year's mvp being rated as a borderline starter at this point.

    Final real stand-out here for me in Larentowicz. I know it's close, but I'm quite surprised to see him rated lower than Hurtado, Soumare, (especially given our defensive issues this year), and even someone like Alex.

    Most everything else looks right to me, esp. Johnson, Amarikwa and Shipp as our top 3 players this year.

  • If Cocis was better he would have a better resume and the fire wouldn't have signed him. I have hope with a younger player then with a clearance bin player.

  • I think Magee's rating was generous. Joya's biggest problem is that he tried to do too much and would give the ball away needlessly. If the line-up going forward will be: Magee and Quincy up top. Shipp, Big Red, Cocis, and Alex (Nyarko when he returns) with the usual suspects in back, the team could learn to gel. I honestly think that they are playing more attractive soccer this year. The movement off the ball is 10 times better than under Frank K. There is no doubt in my mind that if they has a better back line, the points would be there. I do wish that Sean J would start counter attacks more quickly rather than waiting for the lines to clear and then booming a punt to nowhere. I liked Fundy's ability to hold the ball up at the end of the Revs game. He is no solution, but he did what Anongano failed to even try to do. If the Fire can win tomorrow, they could get on a roll.

  • Weekend picks:
    Portland over Colorado
    Sporting KC over Los Angeles
    New York over San Jose
    Columbus and Montreal draw
    Chicago over Philadelphia
    FC Dallas over New England
    Houston and Toronto draw
    Real Salt Lake over Vancouver
    DC United over Chivas USA


  • Por-Col Tie
    KC-LA Tie
    NY-SJ NY
    Clb-Mon Clb
    Chi-Phi Phi
    Hou-Tor Tie
    Dal-NE Dal
    RSL-Van RSL
    DC-Chv Tie

    I must have missed a week or two, b/c after the midweek games, I'm at 61-78, 5 unaccounted. (This is why I refuse to manage other people's money.)

  • In reply to BrianC.:


  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    by your respective records, i wouldn't be questioning his predictions ;)

  • In reply to Tweaky:

    good point.

  • Zusi and Besler just announced as DP's on ESPN, contracts through 2018. Sounds like the upcoming CBA negotiations just got a little more interesting.

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