Anangonó loaned to LDU Quito

Dilly Duka wished him luck this afternoon via twitter (the sentiment has since been removed) and a keen eyed supporter (@chow3) tweeted a link to this article out of Ecuador breaking the news that Juan Luis Anangonó was headed back to his native country on a one year loan.

Another one bites the dust.

The Fire will send their latest Designated Player bust off to the same club that took on Federico Puppo in January of 2013. Liga Deportiva Universitaria or LDU Quito has signed Anangonó on a one year loan that will likely end his stint in Chicago. Anangonó scored 4 goals in 28 appearances since signing with the club last July 23. The Fire shelled out a seven-figure transfer fee to acquire him last summer in a deal that occupied a DP slot and helped hamstring the new technical staff this season.

With Anangonó out and budget space cleared via the Chris Rolfe deal, Frank Yallop and Brian Bliss now have some wiggle room to add reinforcements when the secondary transfer window opens on July 8.

The relevant questions now are, will the additions be significant or will they be a repeat of the bargain attempts to fill the roster with "designated" players like Anangono, Puppo, and Sherjill MacDonald and will the mid summer moves still leave the Fire short of the playoffs again?

UPDATE: Official release lists the loan terms through the end of 2014.

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  • So this frees up $ for DeMarcus Beasley?


  • In reply to JKxZ:

    Personally can't see this happening. He'd help the team no doubt, but at left back we have Sega and Cochrane. He's better than both but they are at least a serviceable duo.

    I suppose he could play left wing still too but Duka, Alex, Shipp, Joya and Pineda are all possibilities there, so these are two of our least needed positions to upgrade...imo.

    With Anangono out, we really need a the very least for depth if not an out and out upgrade. Our central D could use an upgrade for sure, and a central midfielder (attacking preferably).

  • In reply to Tweaky:

    Agreed. Beasley is not a fit for their immediate needs. It would make some fans happy to see a familiar face back but it's a little backward to place Beasley over a striker, attacking mid, or center back.

    Ditto, Jermaine Jones.

  • 2 thumbs up, nice move. But boy have the Fire left themselves thin up top for the time being...

  • This move is only as good as the one the Fire makes with the space. MacD, Puppo, and Anangono should NOT be hard acts to follow, but the FO seems to outdo themselves on an all-too consistent basis.

    OK, Bliss and Yallop. You have some wiggle room. Whatever it takes to stem the ties, make it happen.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    You forgot Collins John and Nery Castillo. ;)

  • In reply to Tweaky:

    Call me the eternal optimist. At least Castillo and John had some marketability.

  • Not really confident

  • If we were under the Leon years, this would be cause for concern (as it was...many times). Yallop and Bliss have brought in talent, so I'm cautiously optimistic that the trend will continue.

  • Guys

    I know that we all should like yallop but honestly he has not brought much to the team. Why in the earth did the team hire a guy that was just dismissed from a mls squad. Apparently he had lost the confidence from the San Jose players and he seems to be on his way of repeating his San Jose failure. I put three loses squarely on yallop and his staff. They are the first game of the season lose to chivas . The Anongano penalty kick loss and the game in Denver. I would grade Yalllop with a d+ at this place in the season.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    Yallop cant make players make a pk. Its not his fault that centerbacks dont make players in the box. Its not his fault that Magee hasnt done anything all season. That D+ is a ridiculous rating. Sure the Fire arent winning games but they are usually in the match the entire time. There hasnt been very many matches where the Fire look completely out matched. He has got the best out of Quincy and Shipp. If we made those 2 PK's in injury time and our defenders didnt completely fall apart against RSL we would have 9 more points and be sitting in 2nd place in the East with a game in hand. I know that we are in 9th but everything is not all bad.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    My understanding is that after helping San Jose to the Supporters Shield in 2012, Yallop asked for a contract extension midseason last year and was denied. Instead of play out the season, he decided to depart.

    I've never seen players speak poorly of Yallop so I think your argument is uninformed.

    He and Bliss are likely doing all they can with the salary space they have and now that they've cleared some room, hopefully they can make a signing this summer, with a cleaner salary structure going into next season.

  • He hasn't got the best out of Shipp and Quincy.. they get the best out of themselves. Lou Holtz used to say he wasn't a great motivator, he just picked motivated players. You can't win without the horses.

    Go young and fast and tough and forget about the guys on their last legs.

  • Guys other than frank klopas I would take any other coach in the league as a replacement for yallop, he has shown absolutely nothing.

  • After watching so much WC soccer, I was pretty bummed by the poor showing on Wednesday. But I've already put it behind myself. I'm not so sure that Yallop is a great coach but I'm sure he's better than Klopas.

    It's going to take a while to fix the Fire and I see the Fire slowly but steadily making progress in player selection and salary agreements. It's been too long and there's no buzz about the team because there's little reason for the general public to even notice the Fire.

    But if things continue to develop as they have I believe that by this time next year we will be seeing results. I haven't felt that strongly about the future of the Fire in years. I can wait a while yet before giving up.

  • In reply to Arklow:

    I kinda agree. For being at the bottom of the table, I actually feel better than I did the last two years when it was fight-for-the-playoffs theme. I think it's Frank's optimism/confidence vs Klopas' intense desperation.

    Anyway, I think this transfer window is a huge straw dangling over the camel's back right now...

    Old question: with Gentile no longer on the Fire roster, what would his status with Charlotte technically be? Free agent?

  • Great article on Pro Soccer Talk by Richard Farley about Fire DP's. Hope Fire management reads it !!! Compares Fire to Chivas USA.

  • There is a clear problem with this team's defense. The goal they gave up was shameful. Our inability to coordinate a back line has been a Fire constant (apart from Arne F's time) for too many years. Why they gave Anibaba and Berry away is beyond me (I know it was a cap thing. Until someone shows me the math, I don't understand that). Supposedly. Yallop is a defensive coach. I don't see it. I hope the Fire finish strong, but I have no hopes of them going far. Pub to Pitch buses are great. Now what?

  • Picks tonight

    FC Dallas over Philadelphia
    Colorado over Columbus
    New York over Houston
    Real Salt Lake v New England draw
    Los Angeles over Portland

  • fb_avatar

    As much as I would love to see Beasley back I don't think he fills a need at all. I would most like to see a true D-Mid and a top Forward. If we are going to shell out big money that is where it needs to go. Big Red isn't a true D-Mid and some performances show that. I feel like both him and Joya are more box to box players who wouldn't necessarily fit in a diamond, but might fit into a 4-2-3-1. However, we generally play better with 2 forward so a diamond seems appropriate. We have found someone in Shipp who can slot into that roaming creative roll that Blanco did so well. We can all see Shipp will be something special so I say let him develop in that slot. But this means we need a top class forward and a dominant D-Mid. Just my thoughts....I think Jermaine Jones would be a decent pick up. But that likely means letting Big Red go....and we still need a forward other than Quincy and Magee.

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