Fire v Sounders match day

Starting line ups


GK Johnson

D Palmer, Hurtado, Soumare, Segares

M Ward, Larentowicz, Ritter, Joya; Shipp

F Amarikwa

bench: Reynish, Cochrane, Ianni, Alex, Pineda, Watson, Anangono


GK Frei

D Evans, Marshall, Anibaba, Gonzalez

M Neagle, Pineda, Alonso, Pappa

F Martins, Barrett

bench: Hahnemann, Scott, Azira, Kovar, Cooper, Okoli, Weaver

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  • I'm kind of curious to hear why Hurtado thought flying in with two feet, in the box, already on a yellow was a good idea? He deserved that red card and he cost us that match yesterday. Any tackle that you can make with two feet, you can make with one. He didn't even need to slide to clear that ball. It was a very stupid play.

    On a different note, Harry Shipp is our best player. He needs to have the ball on his foot, in the middle of the field as often as possible. His performance last night was the best I have seen by anyone in a fire kit. Not just this season but in the last 5 years at least. He was everywhere. His passes were top quality and I don't think he made a single mistake. I don't know what that means for Magee when he comes back, but Shipp deserves to play in that withdrawn forward/attacking mid spot. When he has the ball, good things happen. He should be getting at least an 8 in the rankings...

  • Shipp, best Fire performance in last five years? I think Magee had some gems last year. Is Shipp's play going to last? Now that he has brought attention to himself, he may not get the kind of space he had last night. However, this might free up Amarikwa.

    The Fire worked very hard last night, but let slip numerous opportunities. How many of you freaked at Amarikwa's point blank blunder. Others had great chances too.

    At least it was a good effort in front of a 16K+ crowd, despite all the silliness of the red cards.

  • Well, that was at least interesting to watch. And what a blast to see our youthful midfield holding its own against Seattle. So much potential but success still just a bit beyond the reach....

    While results are no better than previous years in Andy's reign, I am enjoying this season. Hope is swelling in my heart as I watch this team coming together around the seeds of the future. Maybe by next year we can home-grow some defense and a beast striker.

  • Guys there are a few good players on the fire but in order to advance in the increasingly tough Mls a team needs to have all players and coaches on the same page. The Fire no matter how much effort they give are way behind the competition. You can't enter every year with the only DP on the team the worst player on the field. Why does the Fire have only one DP when they are allowed 3.

  • Anangono has to go, cannot afford him with his lack of production,
    also haven't been that impressed with Magee so far.
    Shipp and Amarikwa have been the standouts the first half of the season, hopefully we can get Alex, Nyarko, and Duka back into the starting lineup.
    Ritter and Joya are not quite ready for prime time, would have expected the team to be in better physical shape than they are now.
    Currently can't see the team making the playoffs without changes in the offense and defense.

  • Picks tonight

    New England 1 New York 1
    LA 2 Chivas USA 0

  • couldn't agree with Brokerman more. it is telling that a market like Chicago has one, always crap, Dollar menu DP. Hauptmann lacks ambition and is not a fan of the game. The collective nature of the MLS allows his franchise to increase in value while costing close to nothing to run so he has no incentive to sell. the trajectory of MLS means he can sit still and do nothing and watch his investment increase in value.

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