Fire v Real Salt Lake match day

Starting line ups


GK Johnson

D Palmer, Hurtado, Soumare, Cochrane

M Nyarko, Larentowicz, Joya, Shipp

F Magee, Anangono

Bench: Reynish, Ianni, Segares, Pause, Pineda, Watson, Barouch

Real Salt Lake

GK Rimando

D Beltran, Borchers, Schuler, Wingert

M Beckerman, Morales, Grabavoy, Mulholland

F Plata, Saborio

Bench: Attinella, Mansally, Maund, Stertzer, Velasquez, Garcia, Sandoval

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  • Release Soumare tonight.. he plays half-ass and then wants to dribble like Messi. Doesn't mark.. badly positioned.. not what you want from a CB.

    This game was a complete joke and crap defense, absolute crap.. there needs to be changes out there.. some accountability.

  • It's time to boycott Fire games. This was pathetic. A true Fire fan does not support this crap. I feel sympathy for those who went tonight. You should get a refund.

  • Out of town. Unable to watch live. But monitored the score. Have to say I could feel this result coming all the way. I have to agree. As good as Soumare plays overall, his predictable game deciding gaffs have got to go.

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    Sourmare wasn't the only defender that was outplayed, there were several others as well. Thought the Fire played fairly well into the 70th minute or so, even after the first goal it still looked like the Fire would at least pull out a tie. For once Anangono wasn't the worse
    Fire player on the pitch. The team needs a centerback at this point more than a center midfielder, while the offense isn't that great the
    Achilles heal game after game has been the defense. If Duka is ready to play, he should have been a starter.
    More and more Frank the 2nd. is looking like Frank the 1st.

  • In reply to Ron Stone:

    Completely agree with this. We played well until the Nyarko sub. He should have taken off Joya instead. He was dead at the 70 minute mark. Nyarko didnt do anything all match but he didnt look like he needed to come off. Joya did. Palmer and Watson got worked on the last goal. 3 little triangle passes by Salt Lake and they were through and sent in a ball. The back four was so unorganized the entire match. 2 players would step up while the others would track their man leaving huge holes for them to run through. Plata was able to control the ball, turn, and then put the ball in the corner. This was all INSIDE the box. That cannot happen. It was a rough finish to the game. A good 70 minutes completely ruined by the last 20.

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    In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    You're right about the Nyarko sub, he wasn't that great but still was a threat in that he couldn't be left unmarked. Joys should have been subbed out first because that was the point the wheels started coming off the wagon.
    The point about Nyarko is that he's a solid defensive player, there were many games in the past several seasons where Nyarko although in the midfield proved to be the team's best defensive player. In that respect he reminds me of Demarcus Beasley who's
    professional career was nearly over until he morphed into a halfback. Given the glaring deficiencies in the rear guard, moving Nyarko into a defensive role should be considered. It may not work but it wouldn't be any worse than the current situation with the four
    stooges (lucky us we have four instead of three Larry, Moe, Curley, and WTF) on the back lines

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    Should have read Achilles heel, not heal, typo

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