Gentile loaned to USL's Charlotte Eagles

The Reserve League doesn't provide enough games and minutes over the course of the season to give younger players the time on the pitch in live competition needed to develop. With that in mind, The Fire have loaned striker Giuseppe Gentile to USL-Pro side Charlotte Eagles. The club acquired Gentile via waiver draft this past January and he has had some impressive moments scoring a brace in a reserve match against New York on March 24. He also tallied the first goal of preseason on February 2 against Florida Gulf Coast University.

Gentile attended UNC Charlotte before leaving as an underclassman and being selected in the waiver draft. The Fire will be able to call him back for possible US Open Cup or Reserve League match competition.

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  • According to the info on the Fire site, he's also originally from Charlotte. Sounds like a good move all around, as the Eagles surely know about him and must be comfortable with his abilities on the field. Hopefully that translates into playing time and good experience.

    Just for the record, Guillermo, any notes on the success of past loans by the Fire? I recall Kellen Gulley, whose time on loan turned out to be something of a bust (mainly because he didn't pan out as expected anywhere he went). But I can't recall many, if any, other loan arrangements by the Fire.

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    Straight cash, homie!

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    Well there's a big nobody.

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    Good move for Gentile, will get more playing time to develop,
    has upside potential, no comparison with Gulley who evidently
    has mucho downside potential.


    It's Facebook-official now!

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