Fire partner with ESPN 1000 for weekly radio show

It's been a long time coming.

The Fire will finally have a presence on English language radio via a weekly live radio program on ESPN1000. The show will air Saturday mornings at 7:00 am and will be hosted by former Fire TV play by play man Fred Huebner and will feature current TV color analyst Kevin Egan as a regular contributor. The program will feature guests, player/coach interviews, and listener call ins and will run for one hour.

Fans have long desired a live outlet providing Fire content and discussion and although it's not the English language radio match play-by-play call that some are looking for it does provide a vehicle for soccer conversation on a big market level. With the World Cup taking place this summer it's likely that the other sports talkers in town will blissfully continue to ignore that anything could possibly be encroaching upon the interest in countless hours of last place baseball conversation and will continue to essentially ignore the world's most popular sport and sporting event. That won't be the case at ESPN1000. The new program will be cross promoted with World Cup content that will be carried this summer on the station. With ESPN holding the television rights, their local radio affiliates will also produce some content. The show will be heavily centered around the Fire and MLS but supporters of soccer in Chicago will also have a local outlet for open discourse about the World Cup during MLS' summer break.

The program will air live and will be available for download in podcast form on ESPN1000 and at shortly after it initially airs. The current agreement calls for the program to air every Saturday during the regular season and possibly into the playoffs. If it's received well there is a potential for adding programming in the offseason. The club is also exploring the potential for English language radio broadcasts for games. "We are having a dialogue with ESPN as well. We could potentially get (time) on a digital channel and we'll explore that but we first want to start with the show and build a presence," said Fire COO Atul Khosla regarding game broadcasts.

Listener call-ins will make up a portion of the program that should give fans another voice outside of social media and internet message boards. "We're looking forward to the conversation because it will allow us to have a further dialogue with the fans," said Kholsa.

In 2014 soccer fans in Chicago will finally have a voice and the opportunity for live interaction via a major outlet capable of reaching across the entire market.

Long overdue.

Fire trade for Cochrane

The Fire have acquired left back Greg Cochrane from the Los Angeles Galaxy in exchange for a conditional 2016 Superdraft selection. Cochrane was the 38th player drafted overall in 2013 and appeared in twelve league matches, starting nine. As far as depth pick ups go this is a pretty solid one and probably means that trialist Patrick Walsh won't be joining the squad.

Cochrane also fits into an off-budget salary slot which helps the Fire. He was listed at $35,125.00 in guaranteed compensation by MLSPU last season.


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  • I am glad that this show will be aired. Fred H is a huge soccer fan. I will be honest, I didn't think he was a great play by play announcer, but I really liked his passion for the game and for the Fire. I think this show with Kevin Egan will be worth a listen.

    Regarding the game on Saturday night, I thought Ship showed that he has the speed for MLS. My only worry is that he is not physically strong enough to be in the middle. I think he has a great upside. Of all the young guys, Joya seems the most solid bet to get significant minutes this year. I like the way he plays both ways. When possession is lost, he is lightening fast to retake possession. He will give other teams fits in the middle. No more sitting back and parking the bus if this kid is on the field.

  • Awesome, it's about time. Hopefully this turns into more Fire talk on radio and tv.

  • In reply to DavidP:

    Kudos to Atul Khosla, Jeff Crandall, and FO for getting this done. It should do well and will serve as a pretty good advertisement for the Fire and soccer in Chicago.

  • Shoulda picked up Fire Confidential--but Guillermo & Jeff probably wouldn't agree to wake up that early on a Saturday morning to do a show!

    Seriously, though--I listen to a bunch of soccer podcasts and you guys do an exemplary job. You guys should be on the radio somewhere in this town.

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    Thanks Roti!

    Fire Confidential may pop up in a few more places this year.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Thanks Roti, much appreciated.

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