Atouba waived - Fire down to 28 man roster

Yazid Atouba, a second round pick last season who impressed enough in 2013's training camp to earn a few minutes early on in the year was waived today. The move gets the Fire down to 28 players on the active roster, which is where Frank Yallop has indicated he'd like to be to start the season. Staying at 28 will enable the Fire to potentially use two "on-budget" slots as allocation funding towards the salary cap.

Orr Barouch has not trained with the team as he recovers from a broken foot so it's apparent another transaction will need to be made as soon as the Grant Ward loan deal is finalized. A move for the Tottenham midfielder will get done so there's still one more move to announce in order to stay at 28.

In other no surprise news....

Sports Illustrated's Brian Strauss claims that Mike Magee's absence from camp two weeks ago was indeed due to an issue revolving around new contract negotiations. Strauss claims Magee is in line for a Designated Player contract in the $450,000.00 to $500,000.00 per season range. Magee and the Fire have agreed to keep this under wraps as a new deal is hammered out which explains some of the odd silence last week.

Either way, it should come as a shock to no one that Magee is getting a substantial raise after an MVP season. The route to that raise has just been less than smooth.


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  • I know he is still under contract this year. Do you know if they would be re-negotiating his contract for this season or would it be starting next season?

  • In reply to DavidP:

    It will start this season......allegedly. ;)

  • It's was a bit odd to see Magee and EJ written up in the same article. They are so different in so many ways. I'd expect EJ to be the one sitting out in protest, in fact, while Magee trained and waited for a deal to get done.

    I guess Magic Mike is getting his payday in the end. Let's hope his production on the field this year warrants it.

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