About those cf97 rumors...

This past weekend seemed to be chock full of Fire related rumors and speculation. The hottest of those rumors centered around an alleged "bust up" between Mike Magee and Frank Yallop that took place before the Chivas USA match which led to the league's reigning MVP being benched for the first two games of the season. While there may be more to the story surrounding Magee's absence from training camp during preseason than either side is letting on, the injury that has kept him from participating in the first two matches of the season is legitimate. There was no bust up before the Chivas or Portland games that led to what many are speculating to be a message sending benching or an absence resulting from lack of progress on contract negotiations.

Magee took to twitter and offered a pretty comical response to the rumor.


The Fire resumed training today for the home opener against New York. Magee is optimistic that he will be available on Sunday after participating in full training. Brian Bliss recently acknowledged that there have been some conversations with Magee and his representation regarding a new deal but that has played no part in his being withheld from playing in the first two games.

Rumor #2 Lolo is nono

Another rumor surfaced on Sunday night regarding 20 year Argentine midfielder Leonel "Lolo" Miranda. The story goes that the Fire are on the verge of paying $500,000.00 for 50% of the player's rights. We discussed this one in the latest Fire Confidential Podcast and it seemed a little far fetched at the time considering the Fire are likely trying to avoid further South American loan deals of this sort.

This one can be washed away as well. Lolo Miranda has not been pursued for a place in Chicago. The Fire roster currently stands at 28 including Orr Barouch who is on the Disabled List. The club is still hoping to work out a loan deal for Grant Ward pending more information on his surgery and recovery time from a broken foot. Additional moves would have to be made to clear space for another player.

About those moves

Yallop and Bliss may not be done making changes however. Word is the Fire are shopping several veterans and gauging interest around the league via trade proposals. Who those veterans might be shouldn't be hard to surmise since they're currently on the bench and occupy rather significant precious cap dollars. Apparently several high priced players would be available for the right price and allocation money seems to be the preferred compensation but with rosters already set that may not be so simple to accomplish.

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  • So you can say those rumors are just "nonsense"? ;)

  • Referee lockout is over. A deal has been reached on a new CBA and they should be back this weekend.

    The replacement refs actually weren't terrible.

  • Lovel Palmer suspended 2 games for his "violent conduct" foul on Urruti at the end of the first half. Harsh.


  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    That is mighty harsh. He should have kept his arm down, but Urruti played it up.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    So who's on the wings Sunday?

  • In reply to BrianC.:

    I think Guillermo probably nailed it. I would say Rolfe on the wing normally, but I think we'll see a straight 4-4-2, with Watson and Larentowicz central, and Joya/Shipp outside. Magee next to Amarikwa. That's what makes the most sense at this point, given the personnel available.

  • It's harsh when you consider that Dempsey got the same suspension for what I would consider a worse act. So is Lovel's act the same as Dempsey, or is Dempsey getting a break because he is Dempsey? Got to love MLS - they need to keep their "superstars" on the field at any cost.

  • This seems like the league is really looking to make a name for themselves. Similar to a ref trying to show his authority. The whistle blew and the player continued to pursue the ball and put his foot in on a tackle. Palmer used his open hand to back him off. The league is saying that should have been a straight red. Insane...

  • Ordinarily, I would say MLS officiating sucks, but it isn't that good.

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