First cuts announced as Fire head to Arizona

Frank Yallop said there would be cuts at the conclusion of phase two of training camp in Bradenton and the club announced several today. The listed players who are not travelling to Arizona on Saturday are all of the "unsigned" variety. The list includes draft pick Bryan Ciesulka, open tryout winner Freddie Braun, David Meves, Tim Ward, Daniel Jackson, and Andrea Campbell.

Grant Ward, Patrick Walsh, and Marco Franco are the "unsigned" players still standing and will travel with the team for phase three. This doesn't mean that some "signed" players aren't in danger of release particularly since Orr Barouch will join the team in Arizona, stiffening the competition for a spot at back-up forward.

Since most MLS contracts are not guaranteed or semi-guaranteed, clubs can release signed players during pre-season without being subject to carrying that contract for duration of the year. Clubs also have the option of releasing players on semi-guaranteed deals before July 1 thereby avoiding a "cap" hit for the remainder of the season. Additional cuts sometime soon would not be surprising as Yallop looks to trim his roster to 29 or 30.

Mexico v Bosnia-Herzegovina in Chicago

One of El Tri's final World Cup warm-ups will be played in Chicago. Mexico will face Bosnia-Herzegovina on June 3 at Soldier Field. Hopefully they're not wearing these hideous new away kits.

Red Stars tryouts

The Red Stars will hold open tryouts for the 2014 season on February 27-28 at the Max McCook Athletic and Exposition Center. Players interested in giving it a shot can click here for more info.

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  • So how is Gulley still with the team?

  • In reply to penapirata:

    He's one of the guys on a very thin bubble.

  • How did one of the top nationally rated17 y/o's turn into a zero?

  • He was a US U-17 player that was very successful in his home region. He's had trouble adjusting to the next level against better competition almost since day one. Part of his issue was work ethic and training effort and that led to very few appearances even in reserve games. They tried a loan move to see if he would adapt at the NASL level but that didn't happen either. At some point you've got to perform and he just never has.

    I think Yallop wanted to bring him in to get a look and see if he could develop but he's finding out the same thing the previous regime thought about him. He's probably not an MLS player. It happens....he's not the first or the last homegrown signing that didn't work out. There have been a slew of them since the rule was instituted.

  • I wonder what the return of Barouch means for Rolfe. I expect a couple veterans to be give way to younger players.

  • In reply to Bumsteer:

    I expect not much in that case.

  • I expect Barrouch to not make the team. He didn't do much in Israel, nor in his first Fire stint. He seems quite slow. I expect Gentile, Amarika , Rolfe, JLA, and Magee to be the forwards.

  • In reply to Celt:

    We shall see, I think that Yallop will give him a far shot.
    Overall, he didn't do that badly while he was here and seems faster than JLA who hasn't shown that much either. The team can't afford JLA's contract if he is a non-producer.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Anangono is considerably quicker than Barouch.

  • Pretty impressive feat to have this many academy players commit to division 1 schools.....

    Three of them have already played in reserve matches. (Farina, Lillard, Myall)

  • Make that Martin Alba also appeared in one reserve game.

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