Rolfe officially re-signs; Fire pass in re-entry round 2

As expected, the Fire announced today that Chris Rolfe has agreed to a restructured deal with the club. As usual terms were not disclosed but it's apparent that Rolfe accepted a lower salary while gaining a longer term contract. Logan Pause is also expected to officially re-sign with the team in the near future. Rolfe made $248,333.00 last season according to MLSPU and Pause earned $197,833.00 and both will make less than they did in 2013 as Frank Yallop continues to work a more manageable budget number. Rolfe certainly would have drawn interest from other clubs if he was still available.

Fire pass in Re-entry

The Fire didn't select anyone in round 2 of the Re-Entry draft but it's possible one or two of the names now available as "free agents" could end up in Chicago. Yallop mentioned during last Saturday's town hall meeting that they are interested in a couple of players and could bring them on even if they don't select anyone in the draft.

Shaun Francis was drafted by San Jose and former Fire forward Chad Barrett was selected by Seattle. Here are the players that were selected today:

Fabian Espindola: DC

Dwayne De Rosario: TFC

Mehdi Ballouchy: VAN

Shaun Francis: SJ

Chad Barrett: SEA

Nana Attakora: DC

Brandon Barklage: SJ

Corey Hertzog: SEA

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  • Isnt picking someone in this draft a better choice than waiting until the draft is over and going for them? There isnt a difference in picking someone in the 2nd round than waiting until its over right? Seems too risky to me.

  • Taking a player in round 2 would help the team from a negotiating stand point since they'd own his exclusive rights. Players who aren't drafted after round 2 are free to cut a deal anywhere in MLS. A player selected in round 2 is pretty much stuck with the team that chooses him unless his rights are dealt.

  • If the team can drop $20 mil on a new soccer center, they should have a couple of mil to get top flight players.

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    the $20 mil may what the soccer center is going to cost but i highly doubt andy is going to foot the entire bill. just like he did with the 2nd star club.

  • fb_avatar

    This draft just looked like the De Rosario sweepstakes. Who was going to take a flyer on the former MVP. Kinda fun, but really, this seems pointless to me. Should just head straight to free agency if you ask me. Will there be a day when MLS ever releases its noose on the clubs?

  • In reply to waam:

    The CBA expires when the tv deals do. That will be an interesting battle to watch.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    which is 2015, according to case anyone else was curious.

  • fb_avatar

    Oh yea, glad to have Rolfe back for his rebound year.

  • If the Fire can fork over $20 million for a soccer bubble and two turf fields across the street from Gordon Tech, why can't they afford an English radio outlet? Why, until last year, were they scrambling for TV coverage? Why can they not get their players on talk radio programs as guests? On ESPN 1000, I am sure Jurco would like to interview Fire players. He actually likes soccer. The Fire have a new coach with a new approach and a new staff. I would like to see a new owner. When does the Fire's contact with Toyota Park expire? I would love the Fire to build a stadium on the lakefront where the numb-skull city staffers are pushing a DePaul basketball arena. That is a disaster waiting to happen and should not be pursued. DePaul needs a campus arena, not a shuttle bus to no man's land next to McCormick Place. It we be nice to have someone buy the Fire and build a stadium in the City.

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