Magee wins MVP award

The Fire's failure to qualify for the playoffs in 2013 didn't hurt Mike Magee after all. Some voters in the media felt that the Most Valuable Player in the league had to come from a playoff club and apparently switched their votes but that didn't stop the remaining voters from overwhelmingly supporting Magee as their choice. By winning the weighted total easily over LA's Robbie Keane, Magee easily outdistanced his nearest competitor for the award.

Here's the breakdown of the votes:

Player (Club)      % of Club Votes       of Media Votes      % of Player Votes       Weighted Total

Mike Magee (CHI)         34.69                     37.33                          26.79                            98.81

Robbie Keane (LA)       22.45                     24                                 12.11                             58.56

Marco Di Vaio (MTL)  14.29                     10.67                          10.46                             35.42

Tim Cahill (NY)              12.25                     12                                  6.42                              30.67


Magee had the best and most influential year overall and deserved to win the MVP award although a case could be made for Keane. The Fire boasted the top record in MLS after acquiring him from Los Angeles and that was no coincidence. Voters agreed.

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  • Damn, the good news just does not stop! Mike Magee is the league MVP and now this guy Tim-othy D. Fisher is making $97/hour! Calvin's got a job, ya'll!!!

  • In reply to c0quito18:

    Spam is the only thing I'll edit here.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    You're the goods GR. This is a good consolation prize to close out a disappointing 2013 season. February can't come fast enough!

  • fb_avatar

    As it should be. The 'season MVP' should come from the regular season regardless of the team's finishing spot.

    Only downside is it's unlikely Mike will have that type of season again so in 2014 the overall strength of the team is even that more important if we want it to amount to anything.

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