Brian Bliss named as Fire Technical Director

Frank Yallop needed someone with knowledge of MLS' inner workings and an eye for talent as his right hand man and he apparently got that with the hiring of former Columbus Crew Technical Director Brian Bliss. His resume includes a six year stint as TD in Columbus before taking over as interim coach to close this season and six years as an assistant in Kansas City. FC Dallas was reportedly also considering him to fill their vacant head coaching position.

With the Re-entry draft upcoming and several player (re)negotiations to complete Yallop and Bliss will be busy over the next few weeks. One other task that should be resolved shortly is the naming of assistant coaches. The fact that names haven't been announced yet leads one to believe that candidates for at least one of the positions are still involved in the playoffs. Are there any familiar names on the Real Salt Lake or Sporting Kansas City staffs that would fit in with Chicago?

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  • I think this is good news for the Fire. Bringing in an entirely new soccer staff is what this organization needs. Frank's staff was basically DLC's staff. It showed by how the team was unprepared and the strategy deployed didn't work. A new staff will bring a new approach. I am all in favor of trying something new. It will not shock me if we see a few former Quakes and Crew players showing up during the preseason.

  • In reply to Krasov:

    Looks like this Crew member ain't pulling a Kotter

  • Looks like Shipp can be claimed as a home grown player if the Fire wish to sign him.

    Now if the Fire make the move, will he ever see first team minutes, or will he languish on the bench undeveloped like the other home grown talent.

    Let's hope that this Frank and staff can make a difference with this aspect of the team. It would be nice to groom some young talent and have it pay dividends.

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    I believe they are planning in signing Shipp. Have been for a while.

  • Episode 46 of the podcast is live. We kicked around quite a bit of the recent happenings around the club and took 'em for a spin.

  • MLS will release the full list of players eligible for the Re-Entry draft today. Phase 1 of the draft will be held on Thursday.

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    I saw Jeff Lawrentowicz at the Target by my apartment. I wanted to tell him that I hope they bring Pause back to spell him from time to time. But instead I just gave him a sheepish nod as I passed him in the aisle.

    Hope they can bring Pause back. I don't see him going anywhere else. Looks like I'll have to look for a Lawrentowicz shirt at the locker room sale this Saturday so I can have him sign it when I run into him next!


    Do I here the winds of change?

  • In reply to DerSting:

    I think you do hear the winds of change.

    The names that jump out at me are Pause (though recent news makes that not really surprising), Paladini, and Rolfe. I get why in each case, especially if the goal is keeping the salary cap down through renegotiation. On the other side, it's significant to see Brendan King and Steven Kinney as players whose options they picked up. I guess Yallop's comfortable enough with them at their cost despite have little to no time to assess them in training.

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