Final 2013 ratings - no surprise, Magee tops the list

Looking back at the 2013 season and its numerous missed opportunities one can only imagine what could have been with one more point earned somewhere/anywhere pushing the Fire into the playoffs. With Supporter's Shield winning New York already out of the picture, the East is still the toss-up it was during the regular season. Sporting Kansas City and Houston played to a listless 0-0 draw last week and will face off this Saturday with a place in the MLS Cup Final at stake. The Fire boasted the best record in MLS over the last five months of the campaign but that wasn't enough to get them into postseason competition. The numbers are a clear and painful reminder of where points were lost however.

Focusing on the individual player ratings for each game makes it evident that the Fire need to improve in some areas in order to avoid repeating the slow start that doomed this year. One area of particular concern is in defense where they allowed the second highest total of goals in the East. Only bottom dwelling DC United was worse. Three of the starting four defenders are hovering too close to the theoretical "meh" line at 5.0. In reality all four need to improve if they are to contend in 2014.

Individually it was no surprise that Mike Magee earned the highest overall average rating and he should be among the finalists for the league's MVP award. Whether or not voters punish him for the failings of the club during the first 10 games of the season (when he was in Los Angeles) remains to be seen but the sentiment among some media is that the MVP should come from a playoff side. His 15 goals in 21 games for the team with the best record in the league while he was part of the club wins it for him in my book.

Sean Johnson also enjoyed a solid year according to the average ratings despite the struggles on the back line. The numbers don't provide any big surprises but rather reaffirm that Patrick Nyarko, Jeff Larentowicz, and Quincy Amarikwa were also solid contributors when called upon over the course of the season.

Here's a look at the mid season ratings.

And a link to the full 2013 season ratings.

Player ratings

Mike Magee                   5.91

Sean Johnson               5.75

Quincy Amarikwa      5.64

Hunter Jumper           5.50

Gonzalo Segares         5.47

Patrick Nyarko           5.47

Egidio Arevalo Rios  5.44

Jeff Larentowicz        5.38

Dilly Duka                     5.35

Mike Videira                5.33

Juan Luis Anangono  5.31

Austin Berry                5.24

Logan Pause                 5.23

Alex                                 5.23

Daniel Paladini            5.20

Paolo Tornaghi           5.17

Jalil Anibaba               5.15

Bakary Soumare        5.14

Chris Rolfe                   5.06

Joel Lindpere             5.00

Corben Bone               5.00

Maicon Santos           4.93

Wells Thompson        4.88

Yazid Atouba             4.67

Sherjill MacDonald  4.62

Steven Kinney           4.50

Shaun Francis            4.00




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  • The Carolina Challenge Cup won't feature the Fire in 2014. They'll end pre-season in Arizona next year.......

    Ave Maria is also out with Brandenton, Florida looking like the early pre-season home.

  • The Atletico Madrid pipeline appears to be alive and well. Both Dilly Duka and Victor Pineda are set for training stints.....

    Good to see Pineda is still in the plans.

  • fairly surprised to see gonzalo as the 3rd rated regular. i remember debating on Ives' site last offseason with someone, who was saying the Fire should let him go and he was done and too old. i actually used these same stats from last year to argue he was still having a positive impact and was worth keeping around. anyway, i'm sitting here now patting myself on the back for "winning" that argument. :)
    what to do with chris rolfe? that's my big question. he's a fire guy and has been solid over the years, but last year was really quite bad for him...and he gets paid a lot. what would you do if you were sitting in frank's chair?

  • In reply to Drew:

    Segares can still play but I think he's lost a little something since returning to the club. Quality outside backs are hard to come by in MLS. There just aren't that many.

    I still think Rolfe can be productive as well and I'm willing to write off 2013 as a bad year.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I too think Gonzo has lost a little something. But it's not been much. I'm hoping it's just an enthusiasm thing and a new season with a new coach and a good start (can't recall the last time that's happened) will lead to a great season for him next year. His biggest problem seems to be that he sometimes gets discouraged and seems to lose his self control. But could you imagine our backline this year without him?!? I wouldn't even want to think about it.

    Looking at your overall ratings for the season reminds me AGAIN how we really should have seen more of Hunter Jumper. He has EARNED playing time that he's not received.

    My heart wants to agree with you on Rolfe but my head keeps saying "What?!?" It's going to be a bit hard to commit on faith with that price tag. I would love to see him turn it around next year but I'm not sure I see it happening.

  • Orlando City SC was just announced tonight as team #21, will join the league along with NYCFC in 2015.

  • Book it: Fire plays the home openers at NYCFC and Orlando in 2015.

  • In reply to Modibo:

    If that happens, a Mickey Mouse 2-pole might have to make the trip =)

  • Forbes report values the Fire at $102 million......

    Estimates also show a $3.2m operating loss.

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