Klopas out as coach

As reported by various outlets tonight, Frank Klopas is out as coach of the Fire. Klopas was named as Technical Director in 2008 before taking over for Carlos De Los Cobos behind the bench in May of 2011.

It seems a failure to qualify for the playoffs this weekend was the deciding factor in the move and signals what will probably be the first acknowledged change in the Fire technical staff this offseason. President of Soccer Operations Javier Leon will likely be reassigned within the Andell organization which doesn't bode well for Vice President of Soccer Ops Guillermo Petrei.

The search for a new face at the top of the technical staff has been under way for several weeks now and that search will now include a coach.

Welcome to the offseason. It's going to be a long one.

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  • I sure hope Andy has a good plan moving forward.

  • I do as well. However, given the teams recent track record they will probably go into the season with an interim coach and look for the replacement during the summer transfer window after exhaustive searches in the northern regions of South America, only to bring in a head scratching choice we have never heard of with potential upside hoping to right the ship and hopefully limp into the playoffs.

    Being a fire fan is like watching Titanic, you know it is going to end badly but you keep on watching anyway...

    Thank you Frank for all you have done for Chicago soccer.

  • In reply to DerSting:

    this is great, my thoughts exactly

  • I hope Frank stays as ambassador or something. Frank is Chicago football, simple as that.

  • Continuity shall begin anew, eh? Here's hoping the TFC-like sweep doesn't produce TFC-like results.

  • fb_avatar

    Mixed emotions here. I was not on the 'fire Frank' bandwagon until those simple-minded substitutions this weekend. It's like each player only has one alternate. Personally I would have out Rolfe in for Rios and Amarikwa for Anangano, leaving Duka and Nyarko on the pitch.

    My cousin who's not even a soccer fan moved to Portland and sent some jealously-inducing pics from one of their games packed with soccer fans. I go to Fire games and it's 50% a family outing. Chicago..err Bridgewater just has no soccer atmosphere. Sigh....

  • In reply to Jeff S:

    Did you attend the playoff games in '09? There was plenty of atmosphere then. Winning creates atmosphere.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    True, but that shouldn't be the primary attraction. The stadium is in the wrong location (meant to type Bridge'whatever' earlier) and always has been. I attended many games during the Blanco years and that was completely different atmosphere then the past few seasons. At least then need to stop changing the roster so much, as far as I'm concerned we should keep the team as it is. Give JLA the first half of the season to perform or get out and then we get a real DP.

  • I agree that I hope this doesn't turn into another Toronto. I would have preferred to see more continuity, i.e. Klopas moving upstairs. But I need a couple hundred million before I can arrange that.

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