Fire v Dynamo match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Anibaba, Berry, Soumare, Segares

M Alex, Larentowicz, Rios, Duka

F Rolfe, Magee

Bench: Tornaghi, Jumper, Lindpere, Nyarko, Pause, Amarikwa, Anangono


GK Hall

D Sarkodie, Boswell, Brunner, Taylor

M Garcia, Moffat, Creavalle, Davis

F Barnes, Bruin

Bench: Marscheider, Ashe, Driver, Lopez, Ching, Johnson, Weaver


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  • why you look so nervous on tv?

  • In reply to Adam25:

    Must have been the camera angle. ;)

  • Every time we get a lead at least the last fifteen minutes of the game is played entirely in our box. Not a recipe for winning.

    So fucking sick of watching this garbage team.

  • That had to be one of the most disappointing matches I've watched all season.

  • Frustration is entering "all time high" territory. Missing high percentage scoring chances, defending for 90 minutes, not sitting your big new DP to start the match......all culprits today.

  • I'm tired of defending till we die because we tend to die. This is a strategy and it is pathetic. I think the team Frank inherited needed to do that. This team does NOT need to do that and is built to go forward. He takes his best playmaking wingers out in Duka and Alex and brings in Patrick who lets his man go to give away the score. Frank's strategies are pathetic. We need a coach who is not afraid to attack with a lead.

  • I thought we dominated this match. Houston looked terrible today and I think everything changed when we brought Lindpere. He should not have been brought on if Klopas wanted to hold the lead. He offers nothing to this team. Pause would have been perfect to hold in the middle. On another note, Alex was fantastic today. Winning the ball back, keeping it and beating players all over the field. I think he had the best performance by any Fire player all season tonight.

  • It should have been 4 nil at half. We had many golden opportunities to score that were wasted. One good thing is that Rios seems to be a flipping monster, I really hope we sign him for next year. Anangono didn't impress me today, maybe he's not getting enough time. I never ever want to see Lindpere in there unless every other option has been used.

  • 1. Sean Johnson kicking the ball to the midfield isn't an offense and hoping we will come up with the ball isn't an offense, it's a preference for randomness over copetence.
    2. Did you notice in the last ten minutes Kinnear was on the sidelines pointing to left side of the field instructing his team to attack to the left. Two minutes later a goal. Methinks Kinnear saw weaknesses on the left side of the field.
    3. Can anyone really be surprised that we finally gave up a goal in the last few minutes? We've run out of gas in virtually every game I've seen. We've been lucky, but eventually one was going to get through.
    4. I don't really get the Dilly love. He's a good player, but gets pushed off the ball easily and has a knack for running into doubleteams.
    5. Rios is the best player on the field and will be in any game in the MLS.
    6. No one would be complaining if we had put some shots on the net in the first half
    7. Houston was slow, tired, and played the only game they could. It was choppy and rough. We blew a big opportunity.
    8. What bothers me most about the Fire is they didn't go into the season with a solid team and have scrambled to build one during the season. I give them credit for doing a great building job, but what were the doing in the off season? In some sense, there is no sense of urgency.

  • In reply to billj:

    One of the problems is that they scramble every season, signing players in the July window in hopes of turning things around. Been doing it since their "rebuilding" year in 2010.

  • Their intl scouting seems to consist of signing random young players from South America who never work out and waiting to see what veteran intl player approaches them that wants to play in Chicago. I think Pardo, Arne and Rios scouted the Fire more than the Fire scouted them

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