Fire/MacDonald part ways

The Fire have cleared an international roster spot enabling them to officially add Arévalo Rios by mutually agreeing to part ways with Sherjill MacDonald. The Fire unsuccessfully sought a transfer or loan deal for the Dutch striker but were not able to find a taker. By agreeing to part company, MacDonald can now presumably return to Belgium and cut his own deal with a new club.

MacDonald was signed as a Designated Player on July 24, 2012 and contributed 4 goals and 5 assists over 27 games since joining the club. After an impressive start to his MLS career, he tailed off in the last month of the 2012 season and struggled to find his form this season after apparently coming into preseason training camp with fitness issues. According to MacDonald, a calf problem also hampered him this year.

Rios will be added to the roster and will be eligible for selection pending the receipt of his international transfer certificate and P-1 visa. Expect Rios to make his Fire debut this weekend in New England.


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  • Eating the salary was worth it to remove dead weight from the roster so Rios could contribute this season. It's the consequence of a mistake in signing him, no doubt, but hopefully it won't be too little too late, and will help salvage the season and get the Fire back into the playoffs.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    so mutually agreeing to part ways means they bought him out? i didn't read it that way, but i suppose that makes sense. i hope they were at least able to buy him out at a discount from his full salary.

  • Glad they got rid of the dead weight, but I still think it's a double down on this one (like they usually do). Rios has to work into the team and quick since this is their answer, and Anagono, to getting the team in the playoffs (and make a run).

  • Rios has looked legit in practice, and I'm hopeful that once Magee and Anangono are alongside one another up top, good things are going to happen. That's the hope, anyway.

  • so let's assume full health, fitness and the new players are considered integrated by frankie. what's the ideal starting line-up?

  • So it sounds like they paid off the remainder of his salary... for how long? Just the rest of the season, or longer?

  • In reply to Modibo:

    It's the "Summer of Sherjill"!

  • Not the best way to do business...

  • Altidore hat-trick and Tubby McGee gone from the squad? Best soccer day in a while.

  • This reminds me that the FO HAS managed some good deal in the past few years:

    Rogers is not currently in the Galaxy's 18. Too bad for Rogers, but you know Magee would still be a key player. Combine that with the production that Duka has shown, and you have to say that the whole Rogers / Oduro deal probably goes for the Fire (though Oduro looks like he's made some progress with Columbus in becoming more well-rounded as a striker).

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Probably goes to the Fire? You could argue that Duka for Oduro probably goes to the Fire. That trade came out to be Magee and Duka for Oduro and it has to be the trade of the season, if not the past couple seasons. Oduro couldnt beat Big Mac for a starting spot last season and we got 1 really good wide midfielder in Duka and a MLS All Star in Magee. Getting Soumare back and then getting Rios, I think the FO is doing pretty well this year. We have a solid team that is capable of making a good run. Thats what is needed in this league.

  • I watched some clips of Rios and he seems really good at getting the ball back and setting up the counter attack. For a team who gets most of their goals from counter attacks he might be really good for us.

  • In reply to john:

    That's exactly what stood out to me as well. He's also defends in MLS style already.....physical, pressure defense seems to be his game. The technical staff is very excited about him.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    plus he's uruguayan, so he has that going for him as well!

  • It may not be the best way to do business, but these are the risks a team takes. Look at other major league teams in other sports and many have been burned too. Signing veteran players is risky. I am happy to see the Fire do something rather than wear this albatross for the rest of the season. The Open Cup loss is stinging more than just the faithful fans and it may have jolted the front office to make a move, regardless of the immediate cost. The long term costs are obvious every time the camera pans a partially filled Toyota Park.

  • I'm positive about the Rios signing, kind of like picking up a younger and healthier Pardo, someone that helps solidify the defense but also
    can distribute from the back, probably the best player the team has at this point, outside of Magee. Should help in several areas.
    With Rios in, it looks like Alex will be the odd man out.
    Lineup should be Magee, Rolfe/Anagono, Duka, Rios, Lindpere,
    Laretowicz, Anibaba, Berry, Soumare, and Segares.
    Some intersting options, particularly after Nyarko comes back.
    Will have a stronger bench, will Rolfe replace Duka with Anagono in?. Only real weakness on the bench is the defense with is thin in quality and numbers. Maybe the Rios signing makes up for letting go of Gargan. Will have capable subs either way. Will probably see less of Amarikwa, Santos, and Paladini when Nyarko returns.

  • Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. To me, he's got a willing engine, but his transmission can't get him there fast enough. That was in Serie A, so who knows what that will translate to here. He is skilled with the ball, and looks to be a good bruiser. Besides the lack of pace, lets hope he can keep his game consistent for a few more years.

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