Fire v Impact match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Anibaba, Berry, Soumare, Segares

M Duka, Pause, Larentowicz, Lindpere

F Alex, Anangono

Bench: Tornaghi, Jumper, Thompson, Videira, Paladini, Amarikwa, Rolfe


GK Perkins

D Brovsky, Ferrari, Nesta, Camara

M Mapp, Bernier, Arnaud, Bernardello, Nyassi

F Paponi

Bench: Bush, Lefevre, Martins, Romero, Smith, Warner, Di Vaio


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  • Mike Magee is out with right calf tightness

  • He needed a rest. Hasn't looked the same for the last couple of games. I expected he would sit tonight. Rolfe can use the rest too. Makes me nervous about this match with Patrick also out. Will be interesting to see how this lineup responds.

  • Lot's of empty seats again.

    Sorry, but sick of the continual lousy distribution by SJ. It's a turnover every time, even with no pressure.

  • Wow. Did not expect a W out of this one. I think the announcers were right in that luck went against the Fire on Wednesday (though there were lots of other issues as well) while it went for them tonight. Exhibit 1: Lindpere with another goal this year; exhibit 2: Nesta's crappy tackle on Duka that resulted in a goal (though Duka gets credit for his persistence, in the absence of skill on the play).

  • Glad they won nice goal by Duka in particular. Concerned he went out holding his ankle. Looks like another "concussion "

    On the other hand early line on Anagono is he gets an A for effort ... But he sucks he will be on the bench just like every other young player they signed from Latin America. Terrible first touch and does not seem to posses inate scoring ability. Had some nice chances but clumsily handled the ball. he did this on we'd also. I know it's early but first touches are pretty good indicators no matter what shape you are in.

  • Anangono looked pretty bad. I didn't see him play any defense at all kind of reminded me of Bill Murray in Space Jam.

  • Fire played a decent first half, but seemed to be hanging on in the second, although they were missing several key players. Any update on Duka?,he played a pretty good game until he went out.
    Thought the starting 11 looked fairly sharp with the exception of Alex and Anangono, kind of looks like he plays up to his name "gono"..

  • As much as I tried to shake it, Anangono's play reminded me of MacDonald. The difference is that Anangono made much smarter runs than MacDonald does, something that translated live but probably not on tv.

    They're waiting til today to evaluate Duka, but FK said he was icing the ankle post-game.

    The thing that seemed to be the difference to me last night was that, in spite of the pressure Montreal was putting on (especially in the 2nd half), and the huge skew in favor of Montreal on the stat sheet, Chicago never really looked like they were panicking. For as much pressure as they were under, they looked far more composed than say, the Vancouver game a few weeks back.

    Perhaps that's an indicator heading into the final 1/3 of the season. One can only hope.

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