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It's hard to believe that half of the 2013 season is behind us already but indeed it is. The 17th match of the campaign this past Sunday marked the numerical half way point of the Fire's 34 game regular season schedule. A dreadful start combined with an impressive run (despite the result on Sunday) leaves the Fire in eighth place in the East at 6-8-3. At the same point last season the club was riding high at 8-5-4 and going into the transfer window looking for an upgrade at...yes you guessed it....striker.

The acquisition of Mike Magee changed the club's fortunes for the time being but the Fire are yet again looking to improve their attacking options up front in this year's transfer window. It may be unrealistic and a bit unfair to expect that Magee will continue on this blistering run of form so it's imperative that the club add an impactful reinforcement, either at striker or attacking midfield who can ease the load of responsibility that Magee is sure to face in the final 17 games this season. Patrick Nyarko has been solid as always and the improvement of Dilly Duka in recent weeks bodes well for the future but the Fire aren't more than a club merely capable of making a playoff run at this point. In order to challenge for something more substantial than just a playoff spot it seems the club will need to find that ever elusive impact player. If it doesn't happen in this window there's a strong possibility that the same conversation will be taking place come July of 2014.

As always, mid-season ratings take into account the average "player rating" score for each player over the first 17 contests to calculate an individual mid-season average rating. To no one's surprise Magee is the highest rated player with an average of 6.33 and according to the numbers Sean Johnson and Gonzalo Segares have been very consistent. It should also come as no surprise as to which performers lie near the bottom of the rankings. Choosing wisely now will avoid a repeat of this same scenario and discussion come next July.

You can find a complete game by game breakdown by clicking on the "Fire Schedule and Results" tab which includes a link to each match recap.  The overall individual player average ratings are as follows:

2013 mid season ratings (click here for game by game totals)

Player               Rating

Magee               6.33

Johnson           5.64

Segares             5.56

Videira              5.50

Amarikwa        5.50

Pause                 5.43

Nyarko              5.38

Larentowicz    5.31

Paladini             5.31

Anibaba            5.29

Soumare           5.29

Berry                  5.24

Duka                    5.20

Alex                   5.08

Santos                5.00

Jumper             5.00

Bone                  5.00

Rolfe                  4.94

Thompson      4.86

Lindpere          4.79

Atouba              4.67

Tornaghi          4.67

MacDonald     4.62

Kinney              4.50



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  • Official word on the fate of yet another failed mid season DP acquisition, Alvaro Fernandez.....


  • I think the Fire, with how much it has floundered in the DP market, and with results, really needs to land a high profile DP. The trying to get cheaper ones who perform hasn't worked. Need to go ahead and look for another Blanco type that will help generate buzz.

  • In reply to lijien:

    I think the recent DP failings have left an awful taste in Andrew's mouth that he may be afraid to try to go after a high profile player.

  • Guys. The best trade that the fire make is replace Klopas with any successful division coach in the country.

  • The official announcement on the signing of left back Shaun Francis.


    He will assume one of the two remaining international spots on the roster.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    and forlan will take the other? ;)

  • In reply to Drew:

    One can dream

    Cuesta is better than Forlan anyway. ;)

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Pretty crazy when were are getting our DP from USL-Pro! At least try NASL, Javier!

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Or as Galavision would put it: Jamaica-USA Shaun Francis

  • A quote from the Fire's remaining DP.....

    “At this point, if I play, I play. If I don’t play, I don’t really care anymore,”


    This experiment can't end soon enough.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Wow! I think I know why he sucks now, they shouldn't even have him on the bench after comments like that. He is the Anti-Magee, worst attitude ever.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    What a friggin' sham. I cannot wait for MacDone to leave.

    "I don't really care anymore"?!? Clearly this guy has no PR advisors. What does this say to any future team? He may or may not like the team, but clearly he lacks any inner drive or sense of the implications of what he says in the eyes of other teams or coaches.

  • If he sees the pitch again after that I will have lost all respect for Klopas.

    The F.O. Really needs to improve in the DP department.

  • Any word on starting line up for the CA match tonight?

  • I keep seeing Magee and Rolfe in that sleeveless lightweight training jersey. I would love to get one. Anyone know if they are available anywhere?!?

  • Wow! A MacDonald goal!

  • He's on a hot streak which probably means he'll be around for awhile.
    If another team wants him let him go, screw any transfer fees, just let him go. Is Francis our big signing for the summer? Tonight at times he looked great and other times so far from great, which means he should fit in well with the current backline.

  • fb_avatar

    I'm surprised to see Nyarko that low. SJ has been great this year. The more he improves, the more I feel we might lose him. Lets hope he doesn't harbor any European dreams. Rolfe needs to pick it up... I know they have been marking him closely, but stars need to overcome that. If he can manage 10 goals this year in total, I would say he might have had a successful season. might....

  • In reply to Kao Xiong:

    Nyarko started a little bit slow which drove his number down a bit. He's been excellent after the first month or so.

    I believe Johnson's original MLS deal expires this December so losing him could be a real possibility although I haven't heard of any interest from overseas yet.

    10 goals for Rolfe would be huge considering he only has 1 in league play right now.

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