Fire v Earthquakes match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Tornaghi

D Anibaba, Berry, Soumare, Segares

M Nyarko, Larentowicz, Alex, Duka

F Rolfe, Magee

Bench: Kann, Thompson, Videira, Lindpere, Paladini, Santos, MacDonald


GK Busch

D Beitashour, Hernandez, Ring, Morrow

M Martinez, Cronin, Baca, Ballouchy

F Jahn, Gordon

Bench: Bingham, Gargan, Cato, Garza, Tracy


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  • Any chance we can swing a deal to get Gargan back, especially considering he doesn't start even when half their team is injured/suspended/on national team duty?

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    I don't know if Gargan is the answer, but they definitely need to add an experienced player to that backline to steady, reassure, and guide the young guys. Gonzo has become a great fixture, but doesn't seem to provide the influence of Arne Friedrich.

    Against a better team, those defensive mistakes last night would almost certainly be more costly. On the other hand, San Jose, only scored on mistakes that shouldn't have happened. So our back line must not be TOO bad!

  • Glad to get the win, Duka is looking pretty good and I'm glad the 3 goals came from players not named Magee. Magee being the only finisher is a huge problem because other teams can focus all their efforts on defending him. Magee's pass to Rolfe was ridiculously great and I'm glad Rolfe was able to make the most out of it. I was disappointed that Santos decided to be selfish in the box because Magee would have scored the 4th goal. I'm actually optimistic, when we were down 1 nil, I wasn't worried, when it was tied 2-2 I was eagerly anticipating the 3rd goal but not worried that it wouldn't come. Earlier in the season being down 1 nil, I'd expect a loss and have hoped for a 1-1 tie, that's how little faith I had in this team.

  • It's kind of sick to see Gargan and Busch playing against the Fire, it would have been o.k. if the team received something for them, but they were castaways. Wonder how striker X will fit in with the new lineup, that's if the team signs another striker. After the last several games there seems to be a greater need for another experienced defender.
    Tornaghi played a fine game, neither of San Jose's goals were his fault.
    It seems that the offense has gotten itself together with the addition of Magee and the emergence of Dilly Duka (easily man of the match). Don't know how an addition on offense would work out with the new chemistry, who would be the odd man out, probably Alex.
    Although San Jose had an edge in possession, the Fire had a huge edge in quality of play and opportunities. Solid game for the team.

  • Fire were solid in the attack on the wings. Look blah down the middle. Offensively good enough to make a run. Defensively not so much

  • Went to the game last night. Totally agree that when we were down, I felt 100% confident we would come back. Magee's pass to Rolfe was incredible. I am excited about the future. I think Frank has turned this team around. The Oduro trade is the best move the team has made in 6 years. I am thinking this team can go pretty far in the playoffs. Also, the fireworks show was totally lame.

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