Fire v DC United match day

Starting Line Ups


GK Tornaghi

D Anibaba, Berry, Soumare, Segares

M Lindpere, Alex, Larentowicz, Duka

F Rolfe, Magee

Bench: Kann, Francis, Videira, Pause, Amarikwa, Santos, MacDonald


GK Willis

D White, Woolard, Korb, Kemp

M DeLeon, Thorrington, Kitchen

F Nyassi, Silva, Ruiz

Bench: Dykstra, Jeffrey, Riley, Porter, Townsend

Note: Patrick Nyarko is out with strep throat. Chris Pontius was originally in the DC line-up but he was a late scratch and was replaced by Sainey Nyassi.


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  • Guys the DVD squad should be an easy victory. When do they plan on introducing the new guy. It always takes a couple of games to get fit and time is not on the fires side in regards to the playoffs.

  • In reply to brokerjohn:

    Early this week if I were to guess.

  • Welcome back Rolfe!

  • Can now confirm the DP forward is Ecuadorian.

    Who could that be? ;)

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Did Diego Forlan change his citizenship? :)

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Ecuadorian, 2 Spanish nicknames, I'm going to guess Gerardo aka Rico Suave

  • In reply to john:


  • Four goals through 58 minutes. I'm not sure what to do with myself.

  • In reply to Jeff Krause:

    Joel Lindpere and Chris Rolfe were great, this team looked so talented tonight, where the hell have they been all season?! I know DC are bottom feeders but they got completely schooled, it was beautiful!

  • In reply to john:

    Yes, makes you wonder why this team has underachieved all year. Hopefully Linpere, Rolfe, and Duka have figures things out albeit a little late. Great aggresive play by Larentowicz even if Woolrard sucks.
    Here's hoping the new DP is the Next montero and not Nazarit 2.0. Or the next Pupo, McDonald etc. His goal totals from last year not encouraging

  • In reply to MikeRUZE:

    They seemed to be clicking as a team, I realize that they were playing a lousy team but DC is actually pretty good on defense. 4 goals that could have easily been 6 was impressive. They played to a level that I didn't think was possible from this team. That was an example of the type of game worth paying money to see and the type of attractive attacking soccer that we've been told they are trying to play. Now that they have revealed themselves anything short of is unacceptable, I don't expect 4 goals a game here on out but I expect that kind of focus and intensity.

  • In reply to john:

    There is nothing "pretty good" about DC United. They were awful. If you have Daniel Woolard as a starting center back, your team has some big issues. That guy couldn't even get into our 18 when he was with us.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    They haven't given up a lot of goals lately, last thrashing they had was from Houston in May. Maybe calling their defense pretty good is a stretch but right now I'm probably blinded by my rose tinted glasses to make a fair judgement.

  • In reply to john:

    DC's performance last night was one of the worst I can remember seeing by a MLS side. They were flat out terrible. I couldn't imagine supporting them through this season...

  • Jeff Crandall is reporting tonight a sort of confirmation of what we've been talking about these last few days. The new DP signing is *allegedly* Juan Anangono. In addition, Javier Leon confirmed tonight that the club is looking to loan out MacDonald for the duration of his contract.

  • Guys the big Mac should never ever been offered a contract. With his lack of speed he would have difficulties playing for Jim Kelly at cod. Who was the brilliant mind that decided to keep him. I am not sure if many on the board attended the preseason booster dinner. When they announced The big Mac I could not believe how fat he was. I knew it was going to be a long season.

  • fb_avatar

    What a difference from the last home game we attended against SKC. Looked like an entirely different team out there which came to play. That being said, DC is in the basement with 2 wins this season and a stronger team would not have allowed half of those goals. Big Red running around a defender like Nyarko? But this is a good way to turn around from the last few losses and show that we should be higher in the standings.

  • I was glad to see Mac not get any minutes last night. It was wonderful to see. Also glad that he is on the way out hopefully.

    Tornaghi looks pretty bad IMO. He is always playing at the top of the 6 no matter where the ball is. Is that some new technique that nobody in the history of goal keeping has ever used before? Their goal was because of that and the save on Thorrington's deflection was also because of that. I believe Johnson would have caught both of those shots and not just tipped them over the bar. He was the only problem that I saw last night. I had no problem with Duka's back heel and Magee's because there was zero chance of that coming back to hurt us because DC was so awful last night. Now we get to play those jokes again in the Semi in a couple weeks and should stroll to the Final. Open Cup should be priority number 2 right now. Slightly behind getting Mac as far away from this team as possible.

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