Fire Reserves beat Columbus 5-3

The Fire Reserves defeated the Columbus Crew 5-3 to improve their Reserve League record to 2-5-0. The match featured a switch to a 4-3-3 formation and the first appearance in game action for trialing center backs Yamith Cuesta and Elias Vasquez. The starting line-up also saw a return to the pitch for team captain Logan Pause.

Sherjill MacDonald scored the first goal in the 21st but missed a penalty in the 79th after begin taken down in the box. Maicon Santos drew a penalty as well in the 59th but he converted his chance from the spot. Quincy Amarikwa and Brendan King also scored for the Fire.

MacDonald combined with Victor Pineda to force an own goal in the 83rd and Atouba set up King for an easy tap in that seemed to put the Fire ahead comfortably before two late goals narrowed the margin.

Fire line-up

GK Kann

D Jumper, Cuesta, Vasquez, Videira (Thompson 53')

M Lindpere (Atouba 46'), Pause (Bone 58'), Paladini

F MacDonald, Amarikwa (Pineda 73'), Santos (King 62')

Bench unused: Del Santo, Leon

Scoring Summary

CHI- 21' MacDonald

CLB - 35' Finley

CHI - 35' Amarikwa

CHI - 60' Santos (PK)

CHI - 74' King

CHI - 83' Columbus own goal

CLB - 87' Finlay (PK)

CLB - 89' Finley

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  • So Hunter Jumper playing left back? Ha. Ironic after we had to signed Francis to play in a real game since Frank had no confidence in Jumper there.
    And who says our front office doesn't do anything? Is that Javier Leon on the subs bench? ;)

  • In reply to jtrevolt:

    I've actually liked Jumper better at centerback when I've seen him....I think we may have talked about the topic in an early season episode of Fire Confidential Podcast.

    As for the bench....that's Academy player Joel relation. ;)

  • Two MLS games tonight. I like Colorado over New England and Chivas USA with Carlos Bocanegra over TFC.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    Riveting match-ups!

  • New Fire Confidential Podcast coming up with Javier Leon.

    New player signing is imminent. Stay tuned.

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    My productivity at work is now at a standstill. PRAY DO TELL!

  • In reply to colbyaw:

    No kidding. Dropping a bomb like are we lil folk supposed to stay focused at work!?

    @john...yes, maybe guillermo told us previously not to expect too much just to make it super exciting when forlan is introduced! ;)

  • In reply to Guillermo Rivera:

    I really, really don't want to get my hopes up only to be dashed, but...

    I am now internally debating the meaning of 'imminent' and could use some input.

    Is it 'imminent' along the lines of, even though I can leave work a little early today, I should stay at work right now hitting refresh, because I don't want to risk missing the announcement while in transit home?

    Or is it 'imminent' along the lines of, I should hurry home (ordering a pizza on the way) so I can sit at my computer at home all evening and repeatedly hit refresh all night?

    Or is it 'imminent' along the lines of, head home now, stopping on the way to stock up on groceries, so I can bunker down all weekend at home on my computer hitting refresh?

    Or is it 'imminent' along the lines of, I should pop some xanax to try and relax, because we've got a few days (or more) to wait and see?

    This is not healthy...

  • In reply to colbyaw:


  • If its Forlan I will recant all that I have said against Hauptmann and swear not to criticize him for the rest of the season.

  • No worries, no Forlan scarf meals for Guillermo either. :)

    The Chicago Fire is looking for low impact players in a variety of
    positions. Talent and soccer I.Q. not required
    Contact Javier Leon for further details

  • In reply to lonecoyote:

    Wish there was a 'like' button on here... Although, it really should read "talent, soccer I.Q., and fitness not required."

  • Episode 39 w/ Javier Leon should be live. Lots of good info in this one.

  • Oops, forgot the link....

  • Listening now, liking what I'm hearing so far (and F#*k Off Portland!)

  • Or was that Poland?

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