USOC match day - Fire v Orlando City

Starting Line Ups


GK Johnson

D Anibaba, Berry, Soumare, Segares

M Nyarko, Alex, Larentowicz, Duka

F Rolfe, Magee

Bench: Tornaghi, Lindpere, MacDonald, Paladini, Santos, Thompson, Videira

Orlando City SC

GK Gallardo

D Songo'o, Burke, Boden, Valentino

M Pulis, Mbengue, O'Connor, Molino

F Dwyer, Tan

Bench: Kempin, Diakhite, Duke, Chin, Alexandre


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  • Curious game. i thought the fire would look a bit better, seem really calm, even letting orland have good posesion thru minutes at a time

  • In reply to Adam25:

    Could be a couple of reasons for that. One - three games and eight days and two- Orlando City is no pushover.

  • Wow, Rolfe with some great goals here. Awesome, however I would say they deserved it even before the cards came out. I'm sneakily rubbing my thumbs together now that we're in the semi's at home against DC. Finals here we come? Portland and Real will not be pushovers, and you can be sure they will be fielding a very good team in the Final. I think we go all out to win this trophy now. Go Fire! Don't disappoint.

  • In reply to waamsy:

    Rolfe scored two quality goals, either of which could have been flubbed. Yes, the coverage on the header was weak, but he still placed it perfectly. And his little chip of the keeper showed good timing and anticipation with Larentowicz. His chip was cool and above all, on frame. He made it look easy but there was a lot of room for error. I think that a different 'keeper could have stopped that shot - Johnson, for example - but he needed to beat the keeper in front of him and he did.

    The last two goals may have seemed gratuitous, but to me they showed two excellent things. First, they didn't just kick back and play out the clock - there was a hunger there for more, as there should have been playing a third division side down to 9 men. Second, we have better timing to put guys through behind the defense. I mean, if we can put Lindpere through on a breakaway, that's a good sign. It was not happening at all earlier in the season. Yeah, Orlando was tired and down 2 men, but if winning is about exploiting an opponent's weaknesses, we found that one and took advantage.

    No, all the problems are not solved. But going into the bye week, we have a very solid run with a hot goalscorer, a reinforced defense, and a sweet taste in our mouths. Hopefully this was the reawakening we needed with Rolfe. There will be injuries and other problems, but having renewed confidence can help get us through to the playoffs assuming this run is not a flash in the pan. As for the USOC, I am not even thinking about Portland/RSL - I'm very, very wary of DC. They're down, and we'll be at home, but there are signs that they're figuring things out. And if anyone can inspire them in a do-or-die match, it's Ben Olsen. Especially since he must know that their MLS season is done at this point. They'll be very dangerous - it's exactly the kind of match that DeRo lives for.

    But I'll think about that later. Good job, guys!

  • Oh yeah, I failed to mention our two stalwarts as well, Magee and Nyarko took some really pro chances at goal. Lindpere took advantage of an Orlando that went napping in the final minutes. Loved it. Especially after that last red.

  • I was glad to see the Fire kept playing. Normally in Open Cup games, the Fire goes up a goal and plays bunker ball for the next seventy minutes. Orlando played a spirited game in the first half. Number 22 appeared to hold his own. (potential draft choice down the road?) By the second half, Orlando seemed gassed. Their speedy forward had slowed a bit. It was shame that turnout was light despite the pleasant weather. Section 8 was enthusiastic and provided some nice atmosphere.

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